Best Credit Card Promotions in Singapore (2021)

With tons of real photos and reviews, is a favourite among Singaporeans who care about getting a good deal on their travel accommodation. Save a little extra on your next hotel booking with these credit card promotions.

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Citibank Promotions

Get S$200 Cash via PayNow!
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Get S$200 Cash via PayNow!

Citi PremierMiles Card

Local Spend
S$1 = Up to 1.2 Miles
All Foreign Currency Spend including Retail and Online
S$1 = 2 Miles
Selected Online Hotel and Flight bookings
S$1 = Up to 10 Miles

Citibank promotion: Citibank card members get up to 10% cashback on hotel bookings on No promo code needed, just book your hotel through the Citibank landing page. Valid until 31 Mar 2020.

When reserving, you need to make sure your Citi card is added and selected under "Eligible Cards". You will make payment to the hotel with this credit card.

This Citi promotion is valid with all Citibank credit cards. For travellers looking for miles, it's best to use the entry-level Citibank PremierMiles credit card which has a decent miles accrual rate.

Not only is there no minimum spending requirement and no cap, miles earned with this credit card never expire either. So you can earn miles at any pace.

AMEX Promotions

Get up to 32,000 KrisFlyer miles
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Local Spend
S$1 = 1.1 Miles
Overseas Spend
S$1 = 2 Miles
Grab rides
S$1 = 3.1 Miles

AMEX promotion: Get complimentary 1-Year GENIUS membership with your AMEX card. This entitles you to 10% savings and/or attractive benefits on selected properties on

To activate your GENIUS membership, head to and enter your AMEX credit card number to register. After registering, you can log in as a GENIUS member and see exclusive rates. This offer needs to be activated by 31 Mar 2020.

For travel lovers who are loyal to Singapore Airlines, we recommend using the AMEX KrisFlyer Credit Card. It has a low minimum income requirement, first-year annual fee waiver, and you earn miles directly in your KrisFlyer account.

The miles earn rate is not very high, but on the other hand, you save time, hassle and conversion fees. Do sign up before a big purchase so you can earn a very generous bunch of bonus miles.

UOB Promotions

Get up to $250 Cash Credit!
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Get up to $250 Cash Credit!

UOB PRVI Miles American Express Card

Local Spend
S$1 = 1.4 Miles
Overseas Spend
S$1 = 2.4 Miles
Selected Online Hotel and Flight bookings
S$1 = 6 Miles

UOB promotion: Get up to 10% cashback on hotels via You do not need to enter any promo code; just make sure you check out with a UOB credit card and make sure it's marked as an "Eligible Card".

As for which UOB credit card is best for purchases, that would have to be the UOB PRVI Miles Card. For an entry-level miles card, it's definitely a powerful one with very good earn rates. However, it does require you to keep tabs on your points - make sure you redeem them before they expire.

OCBC Promotions

Cash Back on Eligible Spend
on Overseas spend
S$1 = 2.1 Miles
on Local spend
S$1 = 1.2 Miles

OCBC promotion: Get up to 10% cashback on hotels via There is no promo code needed, just select the hotel you want and pay with your OCBC card.

You will get the cashback within 65 days of completing your stay. This promotion is valid until 30 Nov 2020.

OCBC's strongest travel credit card is the new OCBC 90°N Card. Like the Citi PremierMiles Card and DBS Altitude Card, it's a very beginner-friendly miles card that lets you earn miles that don't expire.

Perhaps the one edge the OCBC 90°N Card has is that there are no fees for converting your points to miles.

DBS Promotions

Get AirPods or S$200 cashback or 38,000 miles when you apply online and spend!
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Get AirPods or S$200 cashback or 38,000 miles when you apply online and spend!

DBS Altitude Visa Signature Card

Local Spend
S$1 = 1.2 Miles
Overseas Spend
S$1 = 2 Miles
Bus, MRT and Taxi rides
S$1 = 4 Miles

DBS/POSB promotion: As with most other credit cards on this list, you can get up to 10% cashback if you book through The deal is valid until 1 Jul 2020.

Make sure to enter your DBS/POSB card details at the reservation stage to make payment with the right card. You'll need to check the consent box on the page too. Thereafter, your cashback will be credited within 65 days from your stay.

If you don't already have a DBS/POSB credit card, you might want to get the DBS Altitude Card, a beginner-friendly card similar to that of the Citibank and OCBC miles cards here.

On top of the cashback from, you can earn an accelerated 3 miles per S$1 spent on all your online travel bookings with this credit card too.

HSBC Promotions

Local Spend
S$1 = Up to 1.25 Miles
Overseas Spend
S$1 = Up to 2.25 Miles
Welcome Gift
35,000 Miles

HSBC promotion: Similar to the other credit cards here, you can get up to 10% cashback when you book via The procedure is the same: You need to make payment with an HSBC card too. The promo runs until 31 Dec 2020.

If you want to earn points on your travel spending, the HSBC Revolution Credit Card is one of the best in town - despite not being marketed as a miles card.

It lets you earn 5X points (equivalent to 2 miles per $1) on online purchases including travel bookings, plus offline dining and entertainment. Like most miles cards, there's no minimum and no cap.

CIMB Promotions

Unlimited cashback on Wine & Dine, Entertainment & Recreation, Automobile and DFS purchases
Min. spend per month
Cash Rebate cap

CIMB promotion: With a CIMB credit card, you get up to 10% cashback on hotel reservations on if you book via Make sure to check out with your CIMB card number. You can make payment on or pay at the hotel with the same credit card. The promotion is valid until 1 Jul 2020.

If you are looking for a CIMB credit card, consider the CIMB World Mastercard. It's open to those earning S$50,000 a year and above. Unlike some of CIMB's other cashback cards, this baby is a breeze to use. You get a straight 1.5% cashback on anything with no minimum spend and no cap; this gets bumped up to 2% on dining, entertainment and recreation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which credit card is best for hotel booking?

It depends on which hotel booking website you use and what kind of credit card rewards you're after. If you're looking to earn miles - which describes the majority of frequent travellers - then miles cards like the UOB PRVI Miles Card and Citibank PremierMiles Card tend to offer accelerated earn rates when you use their cards to book on specific sites. If you do not want to be restricted to certain merchants, consider the DBS Altitude card for 3 miles per S$1 on all online bookings (including If you want cashback, look for a credit card with cash rebates for online spending. However, there may be restrictions like minimum spend requirements and cashback caps.

How do I enter a discount code on

With these credit card promotions, you do not need to enter discount codes! All you need to do is to access via the bank-specific landing page provided. After selecting the hotel you like, make sure to enter your credit card details at checkout. The booking s to be charged to your credit card in order for the cashback to come through. Typically, you get the cash rebate within 65 days of the end of your hotel stay.

What is the GENIUS discount on's membership programme is called GENIUS, and you can get a year's free membership with an American Express credit card. When you log in as a GENIUS member, the prices displayed to you are special rates not available to the public. You would typically get 10% off and/or extra perks at the hotels you book with a GENIUS account.