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Everything Useful About Car Insurance

Find out about car insurance with MoneySmart as we simplify the process for you to compare and pick the most suitable plan.

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Tips On Getting The Best Car Insurance

What comes first to mind when getting car insurance is the annual premium which suits you, and that depends on several factors including your age, gender, marital status, occupation, make and model of your car, etc.


Pick a suitable coverage

Whether it’s Third Party Only (TPO) car insurance or Comprehensive car insurance,the coverage will vary according to the usage frequency of your car and other factors.


Get a NCD Protector

The NCD ( is a discount off your premium if you do not have to file any car insurance claims for the year, resulting in savings.


Determine your premiums

Insurers usually consider certain factors when determining your premiums, however, you can have a say in this too by choosing your excess type, workshops, etc.

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Find out which providers have pre-existing coverage of up to $1,000,000 or more for claims relating to pre-existing medical conditions such as injury or illness sustained during the trip.

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How To Make A Car Insurance Claim?

This coverage can be in the form of cash benefits or other modes of reimbursements for medical costs in the event of emergencies or a COVID-19 diagnosis while overseas.

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Renewing Your Car Insurance

Most providers reduce their overseas coverage drastically for senior citizens over 70 years old in Singapore. Here are the travel insurance plans with the best coverage for elderly folks.

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What is Commercial Car Insurance?

Travel insurance is a vital safety net for anyone going overseas but it becomes even more important when you're pregnant. Here's what you should know about travel insurance and pregnancy coverage.
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How Much Does Car Insurance Premium Cost In Singapore?

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