Best Credit Cards for Recurring Bill Payments in Singapore 2021

Pay your recurring electricity, utilities, telco and town council bills with these credit cards for rebates or rewards. Read More
We found 5 Credit Cards for you!
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Best Credit Card for Recurring Bills Singapore (2021)

A major part of adulting is to pay your own bills. After you land your first job, you may start to pay telco bills and insurance premiums. Then, when you own your first home, you take on more bills to pay for water, electricity, Wi-Fi, conservancy fees or MCST, etc, etc.
Ugh, adulting is not fun. When it comes to recurring bills, the trick is to charge them to a good credit card for recurring bills. You won’t forget to pay them and you can even earn some cashback or miles to ease the pain.

Credit CardRecurring Bill PaymentsMin spend
Maybank Friends & Family 5% / 8% off bills from Starhub, Singtel, M1, Circles Life, MyRepublic, Netflix, any other telecommunication or paid TV subscriptions $500 / $800
UOB One Up to 5% cash rebate on all spend including recurring telco and electricity. Excludes town council payments $500 / $1,000 / $2,000
UOB Delight 3% cash rebate on telcos, town council payments, Singapore Power, SPH, UOI insurance $800
OCBC 365 Credit Card3% cashback on recurring bills from Starhub, Singtel, M1, Circles Life, MyRepublic $800
Maybank FC Barca 1.6% cashback on all local spend, excluding insurance and town council payments None
HSBC Advance Credit Card1.5% cash back on recurring telco and utility bill payments with no min. spend None
POSB Everyday Card1% cash rebates on recurring Starhub mobile/ digital cable/ broadband bills and in-store purchasesNone

Which credit card should you use to pay recurring bills?

When thinking about the best credit card for paying recurring bills, you need to think about 3 things. Does the card cover all types of bills: telcos, electricity retailers, town council and subscriptions? How much cashback do you qualify for? If you already have a main card, what are some options without minimum spend that you can use to pay bills?

Almost all bills qualify

UOB Delight: 3% cash rebate on telcos, town council payments, Singapore Power, SPH, UOI insurance
Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Card: 1.6% unlimited cash rebate on all local spend

Highest cashback

UOB One Card: Up to 5% (min spend $2,000 consistently in a quarter)
Maybank Friends and Family: 5% ($500 min spend) / 8% ($800 min spend)

No minimum spend

HSBC Advance: 1.5% to 3.5% cashback on telcos and utility bills
Citibank SMRT Card: 1% cash rebates on recurring telco bills, town council payments and insurance premiums paid through Citibank One Bill

UOB One Card

At first glance, the only feature that stands out for recurring bill payments is that UOB One Card offers up to 6% on SP utilities bills. But given that many Singaporeans have switched to electricity retailers by now, this isn’t that attractive.

UOB Delight

The UOB One Card is not the only card from UOB that offers rebates on recurring bills. UOB Delight offers 3% SMART$ rebate on Singapore Power and recurring bills for telcos, Prudential Insurance and United Overseas Insurance (UOI), Town Councils and SPH newspapers (min spend $400 per month). Fill up the UOB Bill Pay form to activate.

OCBC 365 Credit Card

OCBC 365 Credit Card offers 3% on recurring telco and electricity bills. The minimum spend for the card is $800, which is manageable if you charge everything to it.

Maybank FC Barca Card

If you’re not interested to play calculation games to maximise your credit card spend, the Maybank FC Barca card is an effortless card to own, offering 1.6% cashback on all local spending, no exceptions.

HSBC Advance Credit Card

The HSBC Advance Credit Card also provides cashback on telco and utility bills, but it’s only worth it if you consistently spend $2,000 on all purchases and you are an HSBC Advance banking customer. If you satisfy these 2 criteria, you get the maximum of 3.5% cashback on all spend categories.

Maybank Family & Friends

After the terms and conditions were revised in 2019, the Maybank Family & Friends is a powerful card to own, offering cardholders up to 8% rebate on groceries, dining, transport and petrol, telco bills, Netflix subscriptions and other paid TV, Learning & Retail (Popular, Toys ‘R’ Us, Yamaha Music). All other purchases outside of these categories earn you 0.3% cash rebates.

How do you set up recurring bill payments?

Setting up recurring bill payments is easy to do. Some banks have a one-stop bill payment service that you can use to fill up information on all your bills, such as UOB Bill Pay and Citibank One Bill. You need to download and print the relevant service forms, fill up the necessary with legible handwriting and mail it back via Business Reply Service.
For Town Council, download the Recurring Credit Card Payment Scheme Form from your respective town council’s website to activate recurring monthly payments via Visa or MasterCard. You simply have to print, fill up and send it over to your town council.
Organisations like electricity retailers and MVNOs usually already obtain your credit card details at the point of sign-up, so the bill payments would automatically recur every month.
So, take some time to list down all the bills that you currently pay for and figure out a way to automate them through recurring bill payments. Don’t put it off!