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Are Your Parents To Blame for Your Poor Money Habits?

Managing money can be tricky. Adopting good money habits while getting rid of the bad ones can be a struggle. But these habits might be learnt before we even know it.

We interviewed 1,000 Singaporean adults to find out how our parents influenced the way we manage our money later in life.

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Singaporean Travellers Reveal the Airlines with Most Delays and Cancellations

Flight cancellations and delays affect millions of passengers across the globe each year, causing many travellers disappointment, inconvenience and frustration. We asked 1,700+ Singaporean about flight disruptions, and they answered.

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Bots vs Bodies: Insurers in Singapore can do more to provide the “phygital” experience customers really want

As the insurance industry in general pivots towards digitisation in 2021 and beyond, customers have much to gain in terms of the services, cost savings and personalised experience that will come by way of this. Yet, in an industry deeply entrenched in legacy business practices, with it’s heavy reliance on advisors and face to face meetings, it is important to ask questions that relate to where customers want change and where they don’t.

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The MoneySmart Guide to Cheaper Car Insurance

As we drive into a world of rising fuel prices and inflation, we see evident consumer behaviour changes. Drivers used to accept bloated car insurance premiums in the past, as they are mandatory expenses. But today, consumers are more vigilant about every expense. That’s why for this paper, we’re zooming in on car insurance.

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