Compare the Best Citibank Credit Cards in Singapore 2020

Compare all available Citibank credit cards in Singapore based on what you can get out of your spending, be it cashback, rewards or air miles. read more
We found 6 Credit Cards for you!
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MoneySmart Exclusive
Cash Back on Eligible Spend
Min. Spend per month
Cash Back Cap
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MoneySmart Exclusive: Get up to S$300 Cash or Grab Credits! Applies to new to bank customers. Valid till 07 Apr 2020.
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MoneySmart Exclusive
Local Spend
S$1 = Up to 1.2 Miles
All Foreign Currency Spend including Retail and Online
S$1 = 2 Miles
Selected Online Hotel and Flight bookings
S$1 = Up to 10 Miles
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MoneySmart Exclusive: Get up to S$300 Cash or Grab Credits! Applies to new to bank customers. Valid till 07 Apr 2020.
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MoneySmart Exclusive
Cash Back on Dining, Groceries & Petrol
Cash Back Cap per category, per month
Min. Spend per month
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MoneySmart Exclusive: Get up to S$300 Cash or Grab Credits! Applies to new to bank customers. Valid till 07 Apr 2020.
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MoneySmart Exclusive
on Online Spend*
S$1= 10X Points
on Shopping Spend
S$1= 10X Points
on All Other Spend
S$1 = 1 Point
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MoneySmart Exclusive: Get up to S$300 Cash or Grab Credits! Applies to new to bank customers. Valid till 07 Apr 2020.
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Cash Back at Selected Grocery Stores
Cash Back Cap per year
Min. Spend per month
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on Lazada
10X Reward Points
on Dining, Travel, Entertainment & Commute
5X Reward Points
on Everything else, no cap
1X Reward Points
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Citibank Rewards Redemption

With such attractive credit card sign-up promotions, it’s easy to apply for a gazillion credit cards and shop till you drop. If you’ve accumulated a truckload of Citibank Rewards points, here’s a quick guide on Citibank Instant Rewards redemptions: You can use them to redeem cash rebates, swap for vouchers and discounts, and/or transfer them to your air miles account.

Citibank Rewards cash rebate

You can redeem your Citi Rewards points for cash rebates in blocks of $10, $20 and $50 (conversion rate is 4,200 points or 1,400 miles = $10). SMS the following to 72484: RWDS last 4 digits of your card number CASH10 or CASH20 or CASH50.

Citibank Rewards catalogue

You may choose to swap your Citi Rewards points for merchandise, vouchers, travel bookings (flights and hotels) and even cash credits. Head to the Citibank Rewards Catalogue for redemption and updates on the latest deals and promotions

Citibank miles redemption

Your rewards cards can also help you earn air miles (5 rewards points = 2 air miles). There is an administrative charge of $25 for each transfer of points to miles though, so make sure you accumulate enough points before you request to transfer them to your frequent flyer account.

Citibank Credit Card Interest Rate

If you meet the minimum payment amount (shown on your Citibank credit card statement) by your statement due date, the retail interest rate applied to your outstanding balance is 26.9%. If you don’t, your account is considered past due, and the interest rate is 29.9%.

If it’s your first “offence” and you generally have a good credit standing, Citibank may lower the interest rate to 20.9%, but it’s entirely at their discretion.

Citibank Cash Rebate

If you’re using a Citibank cash back credit card, you earn bonus cash rebates on eligible purchases from selected merchant categories like dining, petrol and more. This cash back will automatically offset your balance (you don’t have to do anything to “redeem” them).

Don’t confuse it with Citi Rebates, which are earned on top of your miles, rewards and whatever privileges your card entitles you to. Citi Rebates are like cash (1 Citi Rebate = $1), and can be used to offset your next purchase at participating merchants. The rebates never expire and there is no cap. You may check your Citi Rebate balance at the cashier or by calling CitiPhone at 6225 5225.

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Citibank Singapore Hotline

Having trouble with your Citibank credit card or just want to request for an annual fee waiver? Give Citibank a ring at 6238 8833. There is no dedicated Citibank credit card hotline, but the general Citibank customer service hotline (as above) operates 24-7.

You can expect a reply within 2 business days and an update within 14 business days. If the hotline officer is unable to help you, you may ask (politely, of course!) to speak to a hotline manager and/or be redirected to the Customer Experience Unit.

Citibank Credit Card Overseas Activation

Activate your Citibank credit card for overseas use if you are traveling soon - you will be able to sign for your purchases (standard foreign currency exchange rates apply) and withdraw money at ATMs. By default, all new cards are deactivated for overseas use unless you selected otherwise during application. Activation (or deactivation) can be done immediately via SMS, the Citi Mobile app and Citibank Online website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a Citibank annual fee waiver?

An annual fee is just a yearly fee imposed on cardholders for well, simply owning your credit card. Most credit cards come with the first year waived. Subsequently, you can request for an annual fee waiver by calling the general Citibank customer service hotline at 6238 8833.

How to pay Citibank credit card bill?

There are several ways to pay your Citibank credit card bill: Those with Citibank accounts can do so via online banking or the Citi Mobile app. If you don’t have a Citibank account, you can pay your bills via FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) and Citibank SMS Pay. For the last one, you will need to do a one-time application to set up and authorize Citibank to collect payment from your nominated bank account.

How to cancel Citibank credit card?

Cancelling your credit card will affect your creditworthiness, and may make it harder to get a credit card in future. However, if for whatever reason you’ve already decided to break up with your Citibank credit card, you will have to call CitiPhone at 6225 5225 to request for your card to be canceled. Tip: Always pay your outstanding debts and redeem your points first - you don’t want to have to pay interest and have your hard-earned rewards forfeited!

How to redeem Citibank cash back?

If you’re using a Citibank cashback card - such as the Citi Cash Back Card or Citi SMRT Card - you don’t have to do anything to redeem the cash rebates. Once you hit the requirements to be eligible for the cash back, it will automatically be reflected in the current month’s statement.