What We’re All About

We're all about empowering you to make smarter financial decisions, as a trusted partner on your personal finance journey. Maximise all aspects of your money through our suite of useful tools and awesome content.

MoneySmart puts you at the centre of our services and has done so since we started in 2009. Amidst the countless financial products out there, navigating your way through all that marketing and technical jargon, while dodging overly pushy sales tactics is both tedious and confusing.

MoneySmart helps you compare all the very best personal finance products on the market, while also helping you apply for them quickly and securely. Our content is clear, casual and breaks down all the complex stuff so you don't have to. We even have a membership programme that gives you access to some of the highest cashback rates available off retail products, and more exciting benefits to come.

Yup, it really is all about you.

By aggregating and consolidating product information to a single platform for comparison that's personalized to your unique consumer profile, we have put the power back into your hands. Whether it's your loan, insurance or credit card, we make information easy to understand and products easy to apply for - all in one place. Our popular MoneySmart Blog also provides readers with awesome tips, tricks, news, reviews and commentary on all things money related that's written in a style to amuse, entertain and enlighten.

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What We’re Made Of

The MoneySmart Singapore Group

More commonly known as moneysmart.sg, we’re actually made up of Catapult Ventures Pte Ltd, MoneySmart Singapore Pte Ltd and MoneySmart Financial Pte Ltd (wholly owned by Catapult Ventures Pte Ltd).

MoneySmart Singapore

MoneySmart SG empowers your financial decisions with our handy comparison tools, objective analyses and useful content that covers various topics on personal finance. We give you what you need to reach your financial goals in a convenient, relevant and effective way.

MoneySmart Financial

As the financial advisory arm of MoneySmart Group Singapore, MoneySmart Financial houses the insurance advisory aspect of the business as well as our newly launched Insurance brand "Bubblegum". MoneySmart Financial Pte Ltd (MSF) is an Exempt Financial Adviser and Registered Insurance Broker licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”).

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