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MoneySmart Financial is an MAS-licensed General Insurance broker. We help you to find the best car insurance policy from our comprehensive list of 10 different insurance partners.

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“Getting my car insurance renewed was easy and hassle free. I managed to get a policy with better coverage for a slightly cheaper price.”

Michelle Alphonso

HR Director

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Get The Best Car Insurance Quotes in 3 Easy Steps

Simply provide us with your car information, and we'll provide you with all the available car insurance policies that you can apply online for. All you have to do after that is select your preferred policy and hit apply. It's that simple.

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Why Choose MoneySmart Financial for Your Car Insurance?

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We’re Comprehensive And Convenient

MoneySmart Financial is partnered with 10 insurance providers in Singapore. But finding the best policy can be difficult and extremely tedious, especially with so many insurers out there.

We do the heavy lifting for you by finding the best quotes and making the application process as fuss-free as possible.

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We Help You Make it Happen

Your car insurance journey doesn't end after you buy your policy. MoneySmart Financial will ensure that we follow you along that journey, especially when it comes to the most painful part of all - claims.

Our General Insurance Specialists will help ensure your claims are processed and help you to renew your policy every year. We help make it happen so that you can drive without worry.

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We're Determined to Find What's Best For You

Every year when you have to renew your policy, we'll help you get better service, coverage and help you save on your car insurance premiums.

Because we work with 10 of the biggest car insurance providers in Singapore, you can rest assured we'll do our best to find you the best policy available.

Best of all, all our services are free!

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DISCLAIMER is an insurance comparison platform that helps you discover the best insurance quotes from multiple insurers according to your needs. MoneySmart Financial is a licensed Broker governed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. We set out to carefully provide you assistance regarding any General Insurance related advice or purchase.