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AIG Car Insurance Singapore

With a well-regarded reputation under their belt, AIG motor insurance plans in Singapore come at 5 varying price points. Whether you’re working with a limited budget or looking for a feature-packed plan, you can choose from AutoValue, AutoPlan, Autoplus, AIG Car Insurance Complete or AIG Car Insurance Collision Only.

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Why you should choose AIG motor insurance

Policy Lifetime Repair Guarantee

Repairs for accident damage at AIG authorised workshops give you lifetime workmanship and paintwork repair guarantee.

Complimentary Courtesy Car

AutoPlus policyholders are entitled to a complimentary courtesy car without any limit on the number of days.

Brand New Replacement Car

Exclusive to AutoPlan and AutoPlus, a new car of the same model and make will be provided if the vehicle is damaged beyond repair.

Available Car Coverage

50% NCD Protector

Policyholders of 50% NCD are entitled to the same discount on their first claim in the same policy year.

Flexible Policy Excess

Increase your policy excess to reduce your policy premium, or lower your excess to reduce the amount you need to shell out.

Age Condition Policy

Get a lower premium by limiting the age of drivers to 30, 35, or 40 years and above.

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AIG Car Insurance Singapore Review

Features & Benefits

  • 24-hour hotline for claims enquiries
  • Cover for lock and key replacement
  • Up to $10,000 personal accident cover for passengers
  • Coverage for damage caused by flood or windstorm
  • Medical coverage of up to $500 for driver and passengers

AIG is best known for

  • Free courtesy car for drivers when cars are being repaired. This is great for those who are heavily dependent on private transport.
  • Reliable 24/7 assistance on the road

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How to apply for your Car Insurance plan

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Applying for a Car Insurance Policy through MoneySmart

Step 1

Answer Some Questions

If you find downloading insurance policy brochures and comparing them side by side a hassle, use our intelligent system to do the car insurance comparison for you. Answer some questions online and we'll have you going.

Step 2

Speak To Our Insurance Specialists

After you submit your answers, our expert insurance specialist team members may drop you a call to clarify your needs and explain your options to you. Seize this chance to ask our friendly colleagues the burning questions you may have about car insurance!

Step 3

Apply And Purchase Your Car Insurance

Once you have spoken to our insurance specialists, considered your options, and planned your finances, you are ready to apply for your car insurance plan with our guided assistance.

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AIG Car Insurance Claims

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How do Claims work?

You may report accidents and seek assistance by calling AIG’s 24-hour Auto Assist or through the AIG SG mobile app.

  • If you need an ambulance, call 995 immediately, or call 999 for police assistance.
  • Don’t move the vehicles unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Get the particulars of all parties involved such as NRIC/FIN, telephone number, address, motor insurer and vehicle number.
  • It’s also important to take note of the date, time and place of the accident.
  • If you have an in-car camera, you may provide the footage of the incident to get a waiver of up to $1,000 on your accident repair excess.

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More things to know

AIG Car Insurance Refunds & Cancellations

To cancel your policy, you must notify AIG in writing and return your original Certificate of Insurance. After confirming your cancellation, 80% of your pro-rated premium will be refunded.

AIG Car Insurance Hotline

For AIG car insurance breakdown assistance and other emergency services, call the 24-hour Auto Assist hotline at +65 6338 6200.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AIG do car insurance?

Yes, AIG offers comprehensive car insurance plans such as AutoValue, AutoPlan and AutoPlan.

Can car insurance be refunded?

Yes, you may be refunded 80% of your pro-rated premium. However, you will not be entitled to a refund if you haven’t returned the original Certificate of Insurance, failed to pay the premium due, and have an outstanding claim at the time of cancellation.

How do I report an accident to my insurance?

You may report an accident by calling the 24-hour Auto Assist hotline, submitting a report online, or through the AIG SG mobile app.

What is accident claim?

Accident claim is the cover for medical expenses, damages and other expenses resulting from an accident. The coverage is dependent on the benefits stated in your policy.

Can I renew AIG car insurance early?

Yes, usually up to 45 days before car insurance policy expiry date. In the event that you need earlier renewal, contact AIG at 6419 3000 to check their specific terms and conditions.

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