Compare the Best OCBC Credit Cards in Singapore 2023

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We found 8 OCBC Credit Cards for you!
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High Spend on Dining
Cashback on Everyday Dining
Cashback Cap per month
Min. Spend per month
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on Online, Offline, Local and Overseas spend
S$1 = 10 OCBC$
with 18,000 OCBC$
S$50 Titanium cash
Rewards to Miles Conversion
10 OCBC$ = 4 Miles
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Cash Back
Up to 10%
Cash Back Cap per month
Min. Spend per month on Total Purchases
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on Online, Offline, Local and Overseas spend
S$1 = 10 OCBC$
with 18,000 OCBC$
S$50 Titanium cash
Rewards to Miles Conversion
10 OCBC$ = 4 Miles
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Cash Rebate with Monthly Bill of S$1,000 and above
Cash Rebate Cap per month
Min. Spend per month
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Earn Miles That Don't Expire
Cash Back on Eligible Spend
on Overseas spend
S$1 = 2.1 Miles
on Local spend
S$1 = 1.2 Miles
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on Online Entertainment
3 Travel$ per S$1 spend
on Online Food Delivery, Online Retail & Groceries
1.5 Travel$ per S$1 spend
on Local Spend
1Travel$ per S$1 spend
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when monthly bill is above S$1,000
1% Cash Rebates
monthly instalment payments
Interest Free
payments split into
3 or 6 months
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Best OCBC Credit Cards 2023

Best ForBest OCBC CardSummary
Families, homeownersOCBC 365 Credit CardBest OCBC cashback credit card for groceries with 3% cash rebate; dining and food delivery with 6% cash back; S$800 minimum spend per month
Families, homeownersOCBC Plus! Visa Credit CardBest OCBC cash rebates credit card for groceries at NTUC FairPrice and Unity with 7% rebates, dining and staycation promotions
Families, homeownersNTUC Plus! Visa Credit CardBest OCBC cash rebate credit card for groceries with 12% cash back at FairPrice, Lazada, and dining promotions
Young adults, fresh graduates, studentsOCBC Frank CardBest OCBC cash back credit card for young adults and graduates with 6% cash rebates for online and contactless spend
Frequent flyers, travel enthusiastsOCBC 90N CardBest OCBC air miles rewards credit card with Agoda promotions
New homeowners, young familiesOCBC Titanium Rewards CardBest OCBC rewards credit card for online and in store shopping with 10 OCBC points per dollar
New homeowners, young familiesOCBC CashfloBest OCBC 0% auto-instalment payment plan credit card with 1% cash

OCBC Credit Card Promotions 2022

OCBC credit cards run generous dining, travel and online shopping promotions.

OCBC dining promotions

Receive buffet discounts and 1-for-1 deals when you dine out and pay with an OCBC credit card. Current food promotions include 1-for-1 Set Menus at Mitzo Restaurant and Bar, 10% off set menus with complementary longevity buns at Peach Garden, 1-for-1 sliced cakes and 25% off whole cakes at tcc,1-for-1 Steamed Dim Sum items at Tim Ho Wan, and more. Also, receive 6% dining cash back when you use the OCBC 365 credit card.

OCBC travel promotions

Enjoy online hotel and staycation promos, discounts and free upgrades with OCBC’s travel partners. Current hotel promotions include 15% off stays and complimentary Silver tier member upgrade at Ascott Serviced Residences and Hotels, up to 32% room rates at Millennium Hotels and Resorts, promotional rates at Fairmont Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, Oasia Hotel, Pan Pacific, Fullerton, St. Regis, Warehouse Hotel, and more.

OCBC shopping promotions

Get promos and discounts at your favorite online retailers. Current shopping promotions include S$8 off Shopee orders, S$10 off Qoo10 orders, S$10 off ezbuy orders, S$8 off Lazada orders, 27% off Zalora bill, 20% off Under Armour apparel, 10% off Fitbit devices, and more. Also enjoy discounts on OSIM devices and Mayer appliances, and earn vouchers from Grab, Pet Lovers Centre or Zalora via OCBC’s digital rewards platform, Stack.

How do I Waive OCBC Credit Cards Annual Fee?

OCBC credit card annual fees are usually waived for the first 2 years upon card application. However, when the free annual fee waiver ends, you have to meet annual minimum spending requirements to qualify for further fee waiver. If you’ve had a good credit history and relationship with the bank, request for an annual fee waiver by calling the OCBC customer service hotline at 1800 363 3333. For more details about your OCBC credit cards’ terms and conditions and annual fee waiver, call 6438 6088.

Summary of OCBC Annual Fee Waiver

OCBC Credit CardFee Waiver (Years)Annual Fee
OCBC 365 Credit Card2S$192.60
OCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card1S$107.00
NTUC Plus! Visa Credit CardN/AFree
OCBC Frank Card2S$80.00
OCBC 90N Card1S$192.60
OCBC Titanium Rewards Card2S$192.60
OCBC Cashflo Credit Card2S$160.50

OCBC Credit Card Rewards

There are 3 main types of OCBC rewards points: OCBC$ points for most rewards credit cards, Travel$ for the OCBC 90N credit card, and Voyage Miles for the elite OCBC Voyage credit card. No matter which OCBC rewards programme you’re on, all rewards points will only be awarded for every S$5 spent. That means if you spent S$4.90 on a purchase, you will not receive any points. To check your OCBC rewards points, login to OCBC ibanking and select the “Rewards” category.

OCBC$ Rewards Points

If you’re an OCBC rewards credit card user such as the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card, you earn OCBC$ rewards points from your transactions. Redeem your OCBC$ rewards points for cash rebates, Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Miles, or vouchers on OCBC’s digital rewards platform, Stack. OCBC$ points earned expire in 2 years.

OCBC Cashback

If you’re using OCBC cash back credit cards such as the OCBC 365 Cashback credit card, OCBC Frank Card, and OCBC Cashflo credit card, your cashback earned from transactions will be directly credited to your credit card statement in the next month.

OCBC Rebate

If you’re using an OCBC cash rebate credit card such as the OCBC Robinsons Group credit card or OCBC Best Denki credit card, you will first earn OCBC$ rewards points from your purchases before you redeem the points for cash rebates via the rewards catalogue. For OCBC Plus! Visa and NTUC Plus! cash rebate credit cardholders, you earn rebates in the form of LinkPoints instead.

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How to Apply for an OCBC Credit Card

Step 1

To apply for an OCBC credit card online: visit the OCBC website, click on your credit card of choice, and click on the “Apply now” option. You will then be presented with two options for card application: you can login to SingPass MyInfo, or complete an online registration form where you’ll be asked to fill in your personal information and required documents such as salary slips.

Step 2

Once you’re done with the application, you can check your OCBC credit card application status by calling the customer service hotline at 1800 363 3333. If you met the credit card’s stated requirements, submitted the correct documents, and have a good credit history, the chances of your card approval will be high.

Step 3

If you already have an OCBC credit card and are applying for a second card, you can apply via ibanking for instant approval and receive a digital credit card for immediate use. If you’re applying for a supplementary card, you will need to pick up a copy of the hardcopy application form and submit it at one of the OCBC branches.

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How to Cancel an OCBC Credit Card

To cancel or deactivate your OCBC credit card in Singapore, you can fill up the OCBC “Services for Credit Card” form which you can find online in PDF. In that form, you will find a “Terminate my Credit Card” section. Fill it up, print it out, and you can either mail it to OCBC or bring it to your nearest OCBC branch. Do remember to utilise all your OCBC rewards points, transfer your air miles, and pay your credit card bill in full before you terminate your credit card. If you still have other OCBC credit cards, your OCBC$ rewards points will pool and remain in your rewards account.

OCBC Credit Card Overseas Activation

To activate your OCBC credit card for overseas use, simply login to your OCBC ibanking account or send an SMS.

Cash Withdrawal via ATM

If you’re going overseas and would like to use your credit card to withdraw cash via ATM, you need to activate the credit card’s magnetic stripe feature by logging into your OCBC ibanking account, select “Customer Service” and “Overseas Card Use”. When you’re in the “Overseas ATM Withdrawals” page, check the ATM cash withdrawal function. You will be able to deactivate your credit card for overseas use in the same way. Before you go, remember to update your mobile number to receive real-time SMS updates on your credit card overseas transactions.

Overseas Retail Purchases

If you would like to use your credit card while overseas to make retail purchases, you will need to activate the credit card’s magnetic stripe feature via SMS. If you’re in Singapore, you need to send an SMS to 72323. If you’re already overseas, send your SMS to +65 9327 2323 instead. The activation SMS should be: MAG NRIC/Passport Last 4 digits of card number start date in DDMMYY end date in DDMMYY activate. Here’s an example of the activation SMS: “MAG S1234567X 1234 260820 310820 activate”. Here’s the SMS to deactivate your credit card for overseas use: MAG NRIC/Passport Last 4 digits of card number deactivate. An example of the deactivation SMS: “MAG S1234567X 1234 deactivate”.

How to Pay OCBC Credit Card Bill

Check OCBC Credit Card Bill

First, how to check your OCBC credit card bill? Login to the OCBC ibanking website and select “Your Accounts”, followed by “Overview”, “What You Owe (Liabilities)”, and “Amount Due”. Alternatively, login to OCBC mobile banking and look under “What You Owe”. You can also send an SMS to 72323 or +65 9327 2323 if you’re overseas: BAL space space . Finally, you can call OCBC customer service hotline 1800 363 3333 or +65 6363 3333 if you’re overseas.

OCBC Credit Card Due Date

Next, when is your OCBC credit card bill due? Due dates may change from month to month, plus or minus a day or two. If you receive physical bank statements per month, you will find your credit card balance or payment due date stated. If not, login to the OCBC ibanking website or mobile app, look under your accounts and cards to find the month’s credit card balance due date. Make sure you pay your credit card bill in full on time lest you incur late payment fees of S$100.

Pay OCBC Credit Card Bill

Finally, if you’re an OCBC banking user paying an OCBC credit card bill, simply login to the OCBC ibanking website or mobile app. Find “Payments and transfers” or “Bill payment” and you will be able to select your OCBC credit card bill. If you’re paying for your OCBC credit card bill from another bank, such as DBS or MayBank, you can just login to the DBS ibanking or Maybank2u ibanking websites, find the Payment category and select payment to “Other Banks’ Credit Cards”. You will be asked to add the credit card details to your list of regular ibanking payment recipients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OCBC’s credit card interest rate?

The interest rate for OCBC credit cards is 26.88% per annum. That means, if you don’t pay your credit card bill in full this month, the amount which you didn’t pay on time –– called balance –– will be charged interest for every month that you continue not to pay for it. How much is the interest? OCBC’s credit card interest rate is 26.88% per year, which you can divide by 365 days to get an effective interest rate of 0.074% per day. If there are 31 days this month, you multiply that daily interest rate to get 2.28% per month, which is also what you will be charged. OCBC Plus! Visa and NTUC Plus! Visa credit cards’ interest rates are 26.76% per annum.

What is the best OCBC credit card for a student?

OCBC does not have a student credit card, unlike other banks that may offer S$500 student credit cards with no minimum income. Fresh graduates may consider the OCBC Frank Card, which is largely marketed at young adults. Like all other credit cards in Singapore, you need to have an annual minimum income of S$30,000.

How do you contact OCBC?

The OCBC customer service hotline is 1800 363 3333. To call OCBC Singapore from overseas, dial +65 6363 3333.

Is it better to get an OCBC Visa or MasterCard?

There are 5 OCBC credit cards with Visa, namely the OCBC 365, OCBC Voyage, OCBC Frank Card, OCBC Plus!, and NTUC Plus! Credit cards. There are 6 OCBC credit cards associated with MasterCard, namely the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card, OCBC 90N, OCBC Cashflo, OCBC Arts Credit Card, OCBC Platinum, and OCBC Best Denki. Visa and MasterCard are credit card networks, basically technology middlemen to make sure your transactions go through. As you tap or swipe your credit card, they identify the transaction –– is this an online payment? Which merchant category code does this shop fall under? Is this transaction eligible for cashback, air miles, or rewards points? With that being said, the way Visa and MasterCard categorises merchants may differ –– which affects the rewards you may receive. As long as your spending habits compliment the way Visa or MasterCard categorises its merchants, then that’s the better option for you.

How do I pay bills with my OCBC credit card?

In order to pay bills directly from your OCBC bank account or OCBC credit card, you have to log in to online banking with your access code and PIN. Under “Payment & Transfer”, select “Pay Bills” and then “Pay Billing Organisation”. You will be able to select the organization to pay bills to and the amount payable. Before the transaction is complete, you will likely need to key in a one-time password (OTP).

How do I reset my OCBC credit card PIN?

If you forget your OCBC credit card PIN, you can call 1800 363 3333 to reset it, or fill in the online form at You will need to fill in your card details, card PIN and personal details to receive a one-time password that will enable you to receive your credit card pin.