We’re rewarding MoneySmart customers with exclusive gifts!

Complete the steps below to earn your token and qualify for our promotion.
Promo ends Wednesday, 31 July 2024, at 11.59pm.


How To Get Your Token

Complete our questionnaire below to earn 1 token, which lets you participate in our promotion.

Please note that you must already have an existing MoneySmart account, in order to participate. No account yet? Sign up here.

Agree to receive promotions and tailor-made content from MoneySmart.

Accept the terms and conditions of our promotion.

Complete all 3 steps by filling in the questionnaire below.

What Happens Next?

Step 1

Receive your token

Upon validating that you meet all eligibility requirements, you will receive 1 token.

Tokens will be issued to you via email. Remember to check your inbox, and avoid marking us as spam!

Step 2

Await the results

Once you receive your token, you are automatically eligible to join our promotion.

By 20th August 2024*, those selected to receive our rewards will be notified via a second email, and the announcement will be made on our Instagram channel!

Step 3

Roll over to next month’s promotion

Didn’t receive a gift this round? No worries!

You’ll be rolled over to next month’s promotion, where you’ll have another opportunity to get rewarded.

Even more rewards are coming your way! You’ll soon be able to earn additional tokens, too. Stay tuned and follow us on our socials to get notified first.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information about this promotion?

To get the full details about our promotion, you can read our terms and conditions document.

Who is eligible to participate in this promotion?

All MoneySmart customers are eligible to join our promotion. Just complete the questionnaire, agree to receive our marketing communications, and accept our terms and conditions. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be in the running to receive our exclusive rewards.

What is the token for?

The token you receive for completing the questionnaire will allow you to participate in our promotion. If you do not receive a gift this round, your token will roll over to next month’s promotion, where you’ll have another opportunity to get rewarded.

What if I don’t receive a reward this month?

Once you receive a token, you are eligible for all our monthly promotions. So, if you don’t get rewarded this month, don’t fret! You’ll automatically roll over to next month’s promotion, where you’ll have another chance to get rewarded.

There’s no need to complete the questionnaire again.

When will the reward recipients be announced?

Reward recipients will be announced by 20th August 2024* via MoneySmart’s Instagram account. All recipients will also be notified via a second email.

*The date on which recipients are announced is subject to change based on the availability of the external auditor.

How many people can receive a reward?

There will be multiple reward recipients each month, depending on the number of gifts offered.

How will I know if I qualify to participate in the monthly promotions?

Once your entry is confirmed, you will receive a token via email. At the end of each promotion, we will select reward recipients from all successful token entries. The number of customers selected to receive a reward will vary based on the monthly gift allocation.

Is there a chance that I will drop out of the promotion?

A customer will no longer be eligible for our promotion if:
  1. They have already received a reward in a previous month’s promotion
  2. They revoke their marketing consent post-entry
  3. They request the complete removal of their MoneySmart account
  4. Their questionnaire responses are deemed invalid or fraudulent
  5. All monthly promotions have ended