Best OCBC Rewards Credit Cards 2018

Updated August 2018

Earn reward points as you spend! Redeem your points for shopping or dining vouchers, movie tickets and more. Compare the best OCBC rewards credit cards in Singapore to find what suits your lifestyle needs.

OCBC Robinsons Group Credit Card
Very Good
OCBC Robinsons Group Credit Card
Very Good

S$2 = 3 Robs$

on Overseas Spend

S$2 = 1 Robs$

on All Other Spend

S$30 Vouchers

converted from 4,800 Robs$

Rewards Features

  • $2 = 1 Robs$ (outside Robinsons Group of stores), S$2 spent overseas = 3 Robs
  • $200 Robs$ = S$1 off, 4,800 Robs$ = S$30 off. Receive a 25% Robinsons bonus discount letter with min. spend $500 at Robinsons, Marks & Spencer

Annual Rates

Principle Annual Fee
Supplementary Annual Fee
Fee Waiver
1 year fee waiver
Annual Interest Rate


Singaporean Minimum Income
Non-Singaporean Minimum Income
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