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The MoneySmart Guide to Cheaper Car Insurance

As we drive into a world of rising fuel prices and inflation, we see evident consumer behaviour changes. Drivers used to accept bloated car insurance premiums in the past, as they are mandatory expenses. But today, consumers are more vigilant about every expense. That’s why for this paper, we’re zooming in on car insurance.

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What do consumers want from their car insurance policy?

Value for money

With rampant inflation, Singaporeans are more determined than ever to get the most bang for their buck. But how do consumers define “value”?

A fully digital purchase

It’s 2022 and consumers expect to be able to purchase everything online – and this includes car insurance, a fairly straightforward product.

The ability to make claims online

Although 50% of consumers still make claims through agents, there is a growing demand for a convenient, time-saving online claims process.

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