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No idea which insurer will give you the car insurance coverage you need? Policies and premiums may differ depending on the type of coverage you require. Here's some information to get you started.


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How To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance Premiums

3 tips to lower your car insurance premiums.

  1. Don't auto-renew your car insurance.

    Over a third of drivers in Singapore lose out on potential savings with their car insurance premiums due to auto-renewals with their current provider. As an existing policy holder, you may not always be given the best premiums for the next year of coverage. Don't make the mistake of feeling pressured to auto-renew car insurance due to lack of information or time.

  2. Compare at least 3 car insurance quotes.

    Our car insurance study* revealed that MoneySmart customers can save up to $620 on their annual premiums when they compare car insurance quotes before purchasing a policy. Insurance providers focus on different coverage benefits, so compare the various quotes based on the coverage you need and the premium it will cost.

  3. Increase your policy excess.

    You can pay a lower premium by increasing the insurance excess on your policy. The excess is basically the amount of money you have to fork our from your own pocket before the insurance provider will cover the rest of the cost, in the event of an accident. Your policy quote will have a standard excess amount stipulated as a requirement, and you can offer to increase that amount of excess for a lower premium.

Car Insurance 101

What you need to know.

If you own a car in Singapore, car insurance or motor insurance is compulsory but doesn’t come cheap.

Our free car insurance calculator will help you find the best and cheapest price on the market.


What exactly does car insurance cover?

Good on you for asking this! Most Singaporeans buy car insurance just because it's compulsory here, without even knowing what it covers.

When you own a car, dangers lurk around every corner. Apart from the ever-present threat of a car accident, your car may be stolen by car thieves, even burnt in a fire. As most car owners would know, repairing such extensive damage can be extremely expensive.

Car insurance is meant to cover such scenarios. You pay an annual premium for the assurance that the insurer will foot most of your car repair workshop bill if these things happen.

Another potential cost for that car drivers seldom think about is a financial liability to third parties.

Put simply, if you get into an accident and are sued for damage to another person or their property, car insurance will pay out some or all of the bill.

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