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MooMoo Singapore

Looking to invest in stocks in Singapore? Can't decide between a cash account or margin account, a commission-free account or a no platform fee account? Whether you are a beginner learning to invest or a seasoned expert in trading, we’ve compiled the best online brokerages available in Singapore for you.

What is Moomoo?

Moomoo is an online trading platform by the Tencent-backed Chinese parent company, Futu, that allows you to trade on SG, HK, and US markets.

Who is Moomoo best for?

If you're a smaller investor, consider taking advantage of Moomoo's sign up promo – open an account, deposit S$2,700 to receive a free AAPL share.

Key Features

You'll have access to trade blue-chip stocks such as Tencent, Apple, and Facebook across US, HK, and SG markets, ADRs, Exchange Traded Fund (ETFs) and REITs.

Moomoo Review- Should you consider Moomoo?

Low commission and platform fees

You'll get to enjoy unlimited commission free stock trading for US, HK, and SG markets with no custodian fee for 180 days upon sign up – the duration can be extended if you refer friends to trade with Moomoo. Otherwise, commissions are at US$0.0049 per share (with a minimum of US$0.99 per order of US stocks and ETFs), and US$0.0049 per share (with a minimum of US$0.99 per order of US ADRs).

Exclusive sign-up promotions

Since its launch in Singapore on the 22 March 2021, Moomoo has been offering attractive sign-up promotion bundles which are still ongoing today. Upon sign up and deposit of at least S$2,700 (there's no minimum deposit for normal sign ups), you will receive 1 free AAPL share, up to 20 free TWTR shares, 180 days of unlimited commission-free trades, free Level 2 market data (US stocks), and free SGX Securities Level 1 real-time market data.

Wide range of analytical tools

Whether you're trading on Moomoo's desktop or mobile apps, you'll have access to an AI-powered market monitor to view changes in volatile stocks, advanced charts with 62 technical indicators and 22 drawing tools to support your investment strategy, custom alerts based on the price and indicator movements that you are following, a Stock Academy with beginner guides, and technical and fundamental analysis guides.

Moomoo Fees

Commission Fee

Moomoo is offering a commission-free trade promotion for 180 days upon sign up. Otherwise, usual commission fees are at US$0.0049 per share (with a minimum of US$0.99 per order of US stocks and ETFs), and US$0.0049 per share (with a minimum of US$0.99 per order of US ADRs).

Withdrawal Fee

Moomoo (or FUTU SG) does not charge any withdrawal fees. If you would like to make a cash withdrawal from your account, simply login to your trading app, click on "Brokerage Account", select which currency account you're withdrawing from, scroll down, and click on the "Withdraw" option.

Platform Fee

Moomoo charges platform fees, namely HK$15 per order for HK trades, US$0.005 per share (with a minimum of US$1 per order) for US stocks and ETFs, and 0.03% of trade value (with a minimum of SG$1.50 per order) for SG stocks.

Should I invest during a recession?

Investing during a recession can be an opportunity to buy low prices and sell stocks at profit in the future.

Moomoo's Trading Platform

Moomoo's trading platform app comes in both desktop (for Windows and Mac OS) and mobile versions, and are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Moomoo's trading apps are licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Summary of Moomoo Fees and Charges

Moomoo is an online trading platform that allows you to trade across SG, HK, and US markets, offers low commission fees, and attractive sign-up promotions such as free AAPL and Twitter shares, and unlimited commission-free trades.

Moomoo vs Tiger Trade vs Saxo

Providers Comparison
Moomoo Moomoo allows you to access US, HK, SG markets and enjoy unlimited commission-free trades for 180 days after you sign up – after which, commission fees such as US$0.0049 per share (with a minimum of US$0.99 per order of US stocks and ETFs) will come into play. Moomoo is also known for the free 1 AAPL share that you receive upon deposit (of at least S$2,700).
Tiger TradeTiger Trade by Tiger Brokers doesn't charge any miscellaneous fees such as custody, deposit, withdrawal, currency exchange fees, and inactivity fees – which is great if you are not the best at tracking the endless list of fees. However, you will have to pay commission fees per trade.
SaxoAt Saxo, you'll have access to a variety of trading products such as stocks, ETFs, bonds, commodities, options, futures, funds, FX and CFDs. However, there are commission fees at 0.08% for SGX stocks etc. The entry-level Classic account comes with S$3,000 minimum funding.

Steps to open a Moomoo account in Singapore

Step 1

For fast application, you can simply scroll up to the top of this page and click on "Apply Now". You will be immediately led to the Moomoo Singapore's online application process.

Step 2

If you visit the Moomoo website click on the Downloads option on the top menu bar. Scroll down, and choose your trading platform app of choice – Windows desktop, Mac desktop, iPhone, or Android Google Play store. Click to initiate download.

Step 3

Once you have downloaded the app or installer package, go to your mobile's home screen, or your desktop's drive and open the Moomoo app on your device.

Step 4

You will then be prompted to login to your Moomoo account, or sign up for an account with your email. Once that's done, you are now in your Moomoo account and will see the trading app automatically launch. You won't be prompted to verify your email at this juncture.

Step 5

On the top left hand corner, click on your trading account ID to launch a personal details menu. Click on the option to "Verify" your phone number". A new FUTU webpage will pop up, prompting you to key in your phone number and verification code.

Step 6

To deposit funds to your Moomoo account, find the blue "Deposit" icon on the left hand side of the app. You will be prompted to create a FUTU SG account before you can deposit funds.

Moomoo Deposit and Withdrawals

Minimum Deposit

If you're opening your Moomoo trading account, do note that Moomoo doesn't require any minimum deposit. However, you can get a free AAPL share and other perks if you deposit at least S$2,700. You will not be charged any Moomoo deposit fees.

Close Moomoo Account

If you've decided to close your Moomoo trading account, do close all your positions and withdraw all your funds before you do so. Moomoo does not charge withdrawal fees. To close your Moomoo account, you will need to visit the Moomoo website, click on "Help Centre" and submit an email request to close your account.

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Moomoo Customer Service Hotline

To reach the FUTU Moomoo customer service hotline, dial 6439 1100 on weekdays from 9am to 6pm.

Moomoo Summary

In a nutshell, Moomoo is an online trading platform founded by the Tencent-backed FUTU Holdings Limited. Moomoo's Singapore desktop and mobile tradng platform apps allow you to trade on Singapore, Hong Kong, and US markets. Moomoo is best known for its attractive sign-up promotions such as 1 free AAPL share, Twitter shares, and unlimited commission-free trades after you open an account and make a deposit above S$2,700. Finally, Moomoo offers low commission fees, and doesn't charge deposit or withdrawal fees.

Frequently Asked Questionss

Is Moomoo safe?

Yes, trading with Moomoo is safe in Singapore. As with all online brokerages in Singapore, Moomoo is regulated and licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Its parent company, Futu Holdings Limited, is also listed on NASDAQ (NASDAQ:FUTU). You are also able to freely withdraw your funds (at no extra fees) and close your Moomoo trading account when you deem fit.

Is Moomoo a Chinese company?

Moomoo is a direct subsidiary company of FUTU Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong-based Chinese brokerage and wealth management company that was founded by CEO Leaf Hua Li. Li hails from Tencent where he's been since 2000 – and Tencent is the biggest investor of Moomoo today.

How do I withdraw money from Moomoo?

If you're looking to withdraw your funds from your Moomoo trading account, know that Moomoo does not charge withdrawal fees. To start your withdrawal, simply login to your trading app, click on "Brokerage Account", select which currency account you're withdrawing from, scroll down, and click on the "Withdraw" option.

What does Level 2 market data mean?

Level 2 market data is basically a more advanced set of buying and selling information that's not usually available in the set of Level 1 market data on tradin platforms. To be specific, Level 2 market data will show you all the orders placed on the market – including the institutions and retail traders' activities, market makers' bids, price, and number of shares they are going for.

What is margin account?

A margin account is often used by experienced investors and traders. It allows you to access advanced trading functions and products such as short selling, margin trades, leverage, futures, and options – all of which requires an equally advanced trader with sufficient experience to execute since it may incur way higher losses. If you're not familiar with these terms and are just starting out as a new trader, it is best to stick to a cash account until you are more proficient.

Can you buy crypto on Moomoo?

No, you cannot buy any major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), or BinanceCoin (BNB), or any other alternative crypto currencies such as DogeCoin (DOGE) or Tethers on Moomoo. You will only be able to trade stocks, ETFs, ADRs, and REITs across Singapore, Hong Kong, and US markets on Moomoo.