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Best Cruise Travel Insurance Singapore

Cruise holidays are great for multi-generational families. You can get entertained by round-the-clock activities within a contained environment. There’s much less walking than regular land tours, which make it senior-friendly; but, if you would like to dock and explore land destinations, you can do that as well. Planning a cruise holiday soon? Consider getting cruise insurance that comes with COVID-19 coverage.

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How to buy cruise travel insurance?

Most cruise companies will allow you to add-on insurance when you are booking your holiday. But the premiums for such plans are usually higher. In Singapore, most basic travel insurance plans cover cruise holidays. See below for 3 most affordable plans. If you are unsure or want to be extra careful, call in to enquire.

You also may have complimentary travel insurance with some of your existing credit cards. Do check if the coverage extends to cruise holidays.

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Compare Cruise Travel Insurance Policies (2024): 4-day Single-Trip

BenefitsStarr TraveLead Comprehensive BronzeAllianz Comprehensive BronzeErgo TravelProtect EssentialBubblegum Travel Insurance
4-day single-trip premium$30.27$41.60$22$23
Overseas medical coverage Up to $200,000Up to $1,000,000Up to $200,000Up to $150,000
Trip cancellation Up to $5,000Up to $15,000 Up to $10,000Up to $5,000
Loss/Damage of Baggage Up to $3,000Up to $7,000Up to $3,000Up to $3,000
Emergency medical evacuationUnlimitedUp to $1,000,000UnlimitedUnlimited

How to select cruise travel insurance?

Medical evacuation

Compared to a typical holiday, compensation for medical evacuation is important when you are travelling on a cruise. Medical facilities onboard a cruise are probably not as good as those available in hospitals, so you want to reach a hospital or medical facility as soon as possible during a medical emergency.

Protection against bad weather conditions

Also, being on a cruise ship means that you are more susceptible to weather conditions. You might want to look out for trip cancellation ahead of your travels, and purchase travel insurance as soon as you book your cruise holiday.

Coverage for island stops

You might be docking in different countries on a cruise ship. Make sure that your travel insurance provides coverage for all the stops you will be making.

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Compare travel insurance plans in Singapore

Check providers on MoneySmart to find the best travel insurance plan with COVID-19 coverage, lost baggage, medical emergencies, flight delays, pre-existing conditions, pregnancy claims and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need special travel insurance for a cruise?

No, most regular travel insurance plans cover cruises in Singapore.

How much is travel insurance for a cruise?

It starts as low as $16.20 for a 3-day trip.

Can you buy cruise insurance after booking?

As long as you are in Singapore waters, you can buy cruise insurance from a Singaporean insurer.