Etiqa Car Insurance

A fairly new contender in the highly-competitive motor insurance game in Singapore, Etiqa car insurance shakes things up with its 3 affordable plans. They cut to the chase by letting you decide the plan you need without the fancy product names – Third-Party Only (TPO), Third-Party, Fire & Theft (TPFT), or Comprehensive.

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Why you should choose Etiqa motor insurance

Why you should choose Etiqa motor insurance

5% Demerit Free Discount

Get an additional 5% discount if you’ve been driving with zero demerit points for the past 3 years. Just show your Certificate of Merit from the traffic police.

30-minute Claims Approval

Less waiting time on your claims with Etiqa Car Insurance’s award-winning claims team.

Authorised Workshops Island-wide

Enjoy top-notch service from recognised workshops that are conveniently located across Singapore.



  • Excess

  • Personal Accident Coverage

  • Medical Expenses

For a more extensive cover, you can opt for the Comprehensive plan. Aside from third-party, fire and theft cover, this plan includes personal accident benefits, medical expenses, and daily transport allowance, with car repairs exclusive to authorised workshops by Etiqa.
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Third-Party Only (TPO)

Third-Party Only (TPO)

The most basic and straightforward of the 3 Etiqa car insurance plans. What you see is what you get – Third-Party Only coverage. This is ideal for really old cars at the end of their COE lives. With this plan, you get covered for legal costs and expenses for up to $2,000.
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Third-Party, Fire & Theft (TPFT)

Third-Party, Fire & Theft (TPFT)

With the same benefits as TPO, the Third-Party, Fire & Theft plan offers additional cover in cases when your car gets stolen or damaged by fire or theft. Towing service of up to $200 is also included. This plan is a good fit for vehicles that are more than 8 years old.
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Available Car Coverage

  • Your Preferred Workshop

    Add-on for flexibility to choose a non-authorised workshop

  • Customisable excess

    Adjust your excess according to your needs; the higher the excess, the lower your premium

  • NCD Protector

    Protect your No Claim Discount of 30% or 40% (good for one claim only)

  • Overseas Booster

    Enhanced emergency assistance & coverage while driving in Malaysia and Thailand

  • Young Driver Excess Waiver

    Pay more to waive the high excess for young drivers (27 years old and below)

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ETIQA Car Insurance Review

Features & Benefits

  • Etiqa car insurance quote available within seconds
  • Claims approval within 30 minutes
  • Additional 5% discount for drivers who’ve been demerit-free for the past 3 years
  • Weekly Thank Etiqa It’s Friday Sale

ETIQA is best known for

  • Quick car insurance quote within seconds
  • Budget-friendly with basic benefits
  • Ongoing car insurance promotions for additional savings

Etiqa Car Insurance Claim

In the event of an accident, call any of Etiqa’s Approved Reporting Centres.

  • Make sure that you take note of the name, NRIC/FIN, telephone number, address, motor insurer, and vehicle number of all parties involved.
  • Take photos of the damaged vehicle and the accident scene.
  • Call the nearest Approved Reporting Centre for tow truck service and further assistance.

More things to know

  • Etiqa Car Insurance Refunds & Cancellations

    To cancel your policy, you must provide a 7-day notice in writing via registered mail. You will then be entitled to a refund that’s 80% of your pro-rated premium for the remaining period of your policy.

  • Etiqa Car Insurance Contact Number

    For motor-related claims, call +65 6331 9215, +65 6506 5407, +65 6331 9226 or +65 6331 9259. For general enquiries, call +65 6887 8777.

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  • Does Etiqa car insurance cover Malaysia?

    Etiqa car insurance policies only provide cover in West Malaysia, which includes KL, Malacca, Johor and Penang.
  • Can I purchase Etiqa car insurance online?

    Yes, you can purchase Etiqa car insurance through their online portal.
  • How do I cancel my Etiqa car insurance?

    You may cancel your policy with Etiqa any time during as long as you give a 7-day written notice and return the original Certificate of Insurance.
  • What is NCD car insurance?

    NCD is a discount applied to your premium based on the number of consecutive policy years without any claim.
  • Can I renew Etiqa car insurance after expiry?

    Etiqa car insurance can be renewed online through their TiqConnect one-stop portal. Do not let your car insurance expire in the first place. In the event of it happening, call Etiqa to get their advice on whether you can renew.

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