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Travelling with a Pre-existing Conditions (2022)– Which Travel Insurance Should I Choose?

Most run-of-the-mill travel insurance plans exclude pre-existing conditions. This means, if you need to seek medical treatment or be sent home due to a known medical condition (e.g. diabetes) during your travels, you will not be compensated. That sounds severe. Well, if you currently have a stable medical condition, that shouldn't deter you from travelling. You simply need to choose from a small handful of policies that cover pre-existing conditions. Let's take a look at them.

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Travel Insurance That Covers Pre Existing Conditions Singapore

Looking for a travel insurance plan that would cover you for all medical expenses and emergency evacuation costs, even those of pre-existing medical conditions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is pre existing condition exclusion?

Many travel insurers do not cover pre-existing conditions. It will be stated in the policy wording under "exclusions". Pre-existing medical conditions are injuries or illnesses that you are aware of and/or receiving treatment for, before departing for your trip. Some examples of such pre-existing conditions include asthma, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, hypertension, eczema and so on.

Is there any travel insurance that covers pre existing conditions?

Yes. Currently there are 3 such plans: NTUC Enhanced PreX Travel Insurance, MSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex Standard Travel Insurance and Etiqa TIQ Insurance Pre-Ex Travel Insurance. The premiums are higher than regular plans, but they provide overseas medical expenses that cover pre-existing conditions.

How much does it cost to buy pre-existing travel insurance?

The premium for MSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex (Standard) starts from $38 for a 3-day trip in Southeast Asia. The same duration and destination would cost you $54 for the NTUC Enhanced PreX Travel Insurance (Basic) plan and $62 for Etiqa TIQ Insurance Pre-Ex Travel Insurance (Entry) plan. It costs more for higher tiers.