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Updated 14 November 2019

Get the latest DBS Personal Loan interest rates for Singapore on See how DBS Personal Loan compares against other banks and apply instantly online.

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Loan Details

DBS Personal Loan

DBS Personal Loan


Interest Rate
(EIR 7.90% p.a.)


Total Amount Payable


Processing Fee


Per Month

Online Promotion: 3.88% p.a. interest + up to S$1,088 Cashback Valid till 31 Dec 2019.
  • Min. loan repayment of 1 year to Max. of 5 years
Key Features
  • Enjoy low interest rates from 3.88% p.a. when you apply online via MoneySmart
  • For a limited time only, get up to $1,088 cashback when you apply online
  • Get immediate cash to your DBS/POSB deposit account
  • Get up to 10X of your monthly salary if your annual income is S$120,000 and above
Loan Details
Citizenship StatusSingaporean / PR
Minimum Annual Income$20,000
Maximum Loan Tenure5 years
Processing Fee1%
Repayment Summary
Principal Loan Amount$10,000
Interest Rate (p.a)3.88%
Loan Tenure3 years
Total Interest Payable$1,164
Total Amount Payable$11,264
Monthly Instalments$310

MoneySmart lists Personal Loan products that range between a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 7 years. The effective interest rate (EIR) of loan products on our site range from 8.5% p.a. to up to 20.0% p.a. The EIR of your loan will be dependent on the loan you apply for as well as your personal financial needs.

For example, you would need to pay S$316/month for a S$10,000 Personal Loan with a loan tenure of 3 years. This would equate to a total payment of S$11,376 over 3 years. Please view each Personal Loan product in detail for a full breakdown of the interest rate chargeable, minimum and maximum loan tenure as well as processing fees (if applicable).

DBS Personal Loan Interest Rates & Fees

ParticularsSingapore / PRForeigner
Interest RateFrom 3.88% p.a.From 3.88% p.a.
Effective Interest Rate (E.I.R)From 7.56% p.a.From 7.56% p.a.
Processing FeeOne time processing fee of 1% One time processing fee of 1%
Maximum loan amount‎4X your monthly salary; 10X if your income is $120,000 and up4X your monthly salary; 10X if your income is $120,000 and up
Minimum Annual Income$20,000$45,000
Loan Tenure1 - 5 Years1 - 2 Years
Approval durationInstant Approval and instant cash for DBS ibanking customers Instant Approval and instant cash for DBS ibanking customers
Late payment charge$100 for Credit Card, $105 for Cashline$100 for Credit Card, $105 for Cashline
Early settlement penaltyNo partial repayment allowedNo partial repayment allowed
PromotionUp to $1,088 CashbackUp to $1,088 Cashback

DBS Personal Loan Singapore

DBS Personal Loan is one of the most popular personal loans in Singapore because it is serviced by one of Singapore’s highly rated banks and its interest rates are competitive.

DBS Personal Loan Eligibility

To be eligible for a DBS Personal Loan, you have to be at least 21 years old and not more than 65 years old. Your minimum annual income should be $20,000 and above, and you must be either a Singaporean or a Permanent Resident.

You can apply via ibanking by simply logging in with your user ID and pin, or you can access an online personal loan application form where you can use your DBS/POSB card details to apply.

DBS Personal Loan Interest Rates

The current DBS personal loan interest rate is 3.88% per annum, or 7.90% Effective Interest Rate (EIR) The EIR takes into account processing fees, administrative fees and other charges to give you a better picture of how much you will end up paying.

DBS Personal Loan interest rate is fairly average. One good thing about DBS Personal Loan is that it has one of the lowest processing fees in Singapore.

You can use the DBS Personal Loan Calculator to calculate how much you have to repay monthly depending on your loan amount and loan tenure.

DBS Personal Loan Promotion

There are a few cashback promotions going on that you can benefit from if you want to take up a DBS Personal Loan. If you’re new to DBS, you get $200 cashback for a $10,000 loan, $888 cashback for a $30,000 loan and $1,088 cashback for a $50,000 loan.

If you’re an existing DBS customer, you get $688 cashback for a $30,000 loan and $888 cashback if you borrow at least $50,000.

MoneySmart is running an online promotion on DBS personal loans as well. You enjoy up to $1,088 cashback for a loan of minimum $10,000 (single application) if you apply before 31 December 2019.

However, no matter how attractive the promotions are, only take a personal loans as a last-resort measure to consolidate debt or manage cash flow.

DBS Personal Loan Hotline

To enquire more about DBS Personal Loans, you can call DBS bank personal loan contact number at 1800 111 1111 or if you’re calling from overseas, (65) 6327 2265.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for a personal loan with DBS?

Applying for a personal loan from DBS can be done completely online. You can go to MoneySmart to see and compare all the available personal loans in Singapore. Once you’re clear that it’s the DBS personal loan you want, you can click on “Apply Now” and you will be redirected to DBS’ personal loan website. Simply follow the instructions to proceed with your application.

Can a foreigner apply for DBS personal loan in Singapore?

One of the eligibility criteria for a DBS personal loan is that you must be a Singaporean or Permanent Resident (PR). For foreigners with work visas such as EP holders, you may want to approach other banks or licensed moneylenders instead.

Can I get a personal loan with bad credit?

Before your DBS personal loan application can be approved, you need to consent to DBS bank accessing your credit bureau file. If you currently have a bad credit rating, your personal loan application is subject to DBS bank’s approval.

How to check DBS personal loan approval?

If you are already a DBS/POSB account holder, you can check the DBS ibanking portal to see if your personal loan has been approved or not. If you’re an existing DBS/POSB credit card or cashline customers, and your application meets the bank’s requirements, you will get the cash instantly disbursed to your savings account.

If you aren’t a DBS/POSB account holder already, you’d have to open one before you can apply for a DBS personal loan. Account opening can be done online and it’s quick and easy.

How much personal loan can I get on my salary?

For most regular Singaporeans, the maximum loan amount for a DBS personal loan is 4 times of the applicant’s monthly salary. If you earn $120,000 and above, you get to loan 10 times your monthly salary. You are to return the money between 1 and 5 years at the stated interest rates.