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Best Travel Insurance for United Kingdom (UK)

From immersing in some Britishness at the Tate Modern or the British Museum, to going for a shopping spree at the five storey-high Topshop at Oxford Circus, there are plenty of reasons for you to visit the UK, whether it's for business or pleasure. Just remember to get all your travel essentials ready, and get suitable travel insurance coverage for protection against any unexpected natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis or trip disruptions.

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Travel Requirements To Enter UK

Ever since the UK reopened its borders and welcome tourists early in March 2022, COVID-19 travel restrictions have been lifted and travellers visiting the UK no longer have to abide by any regulations that include certified COVID-19 vaccination, the purchase of travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage, the type of certified hotels which you book, mandatory PCR tests, and other related procedures.

Travel insurance

Having travel insurance is not mandatory for travellers going to the UK, but it is still highly recommended to be covered as it is better to be safe than sorry in situations when you really need medical assistance during your vacation or business trip in the UK. Healthcare expenses in the UK can be very expensive for foreigners travelling there, as overseas medical expenses are usually not subsidised by the government for tourists.

VISA application

For tourists, you'll need to apply for a Standard Visitor visa online, unless you’re from one of the countries which are on a visa-free entry agreement with the UK. There are several types of Standard Visitor visa available online including the long-term Standard Visitor visa, a Visitor in Transit visa and Long-term work visas. A Standard Visitor visa costs £100 for up to 6 months and you'll be able to apply for it 3 months prior to your departure date.

Singaporeans who hold valid Singapore passports do not need a visa to enter the UK as tourists visiting for tourism, business, studies (courses up to 6 months) or other permitted activities, and can typically stay in the UK for up to 6 months. However, you must still meet the Standard Visitor eligibility requirements to visit the UK even if you do not require a visa to enter, and this includes not having a criminal record.

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Top 10 Things To Do In The UK

Discover London's allure

Visit iconic landmarks such as the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Tower of London or take a leisurely stroll along the banks of the River Thames and Serpentine River in Hyde Park.

Immerse in Edinburgh’s historical culture

Explore Edinburgh Castle's rich history, visit the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh Dungeon or hike up Arthur's Seat for panoramic views, and attend the vibrant Edinburgh Festival. Don't miss the dynamic Scottish cuisine and whiskey tastings, and stroll down the Royal Mile for shops and street performers.

Go to a UNESCO World Heritage site

Visit Stonehenge and Salisbury Plain with its ancient monuments like Avebury Stone Circle, the mysterious Silbury Hill, and the West Kennet Long Barrow. Enjoy scenic walks on designated paths, spot wildlife, and soak in the historic and mystical atmosphere of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Relax on boat rides in Lake District

Travel to Windermere or Ullswater in Lake District by boat and go hiking, cycling and kayaking through breathtaking landscapes like Scafell Pike. If you prefer something more relaxing, take a stroll through charming villages like Ambleside and Keswick and uncover literary history at Dove Cottage.

Marvel at basalt columns in Giant's Causeway

Experience the unique hexagonal basalt columns along the stunning Antrim Coast when you head to the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland and join a guided tour to find out more about the geological wonders and folklore there.

Visit William Shakespeare’s birthplace

Tour Stratford-upon-Avon to visit the birthplace of William Shakespeare, and be mesmerised by the romantic charm of Anne Hathaway's Cottage, the wife of William Shakespeare. Admire the Tudor architecture, with its thatched roof and picturesque gardens as you walk through the enchanting grounds, learn about Tudor life, and immerse yourself in the love story that inspired Shakespeare's sonnets.

Be charmed by the countryside

Countryside villages like Bourton-on-the-Water and Bibury feature honey-coloured limestone cottages, historic castles like Sudeley, and traditional tea rooms where you can indulge in authentic English tea.

Join one of the world's largest arts festival

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe which takes place every year in August is a spectacular event with a diverse array of performances not to be missed, if you’re one who enjoys English theatre, comedy, and music.

Try punting at UK’s oldest universities

Have a go at punting - quintessential Oxford tradition, when you visit Oxford and Cambridge university campuses. Chauffeured punting tours with afternoon tea options are available and will bring you on a journey from Magdalen Bridge Boathouse, past the Botanic Gardens and through Christ Church Meadows which was famous for being the location that inspired Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

Challenge yourself with a mountain climb

Hike the Snowdonia National Park in Wales to climb Mount Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales, and explore the diverse landscapes of this stunning national park. You may choose a beginner trail like the Llanberis Path or the more challenging Pyg Track.

Best UK Travel Insurance

Getting your travel insurance will be hassle-free via this latest insurance mobile app by MoneySmart. You’ll get your quote almost instantly via the Bubblegum app, have your plan customised with optional add-ons, and enjoy the convenience of being covered for as low as $4 a day.

For those who are more adventurous in their travel with activities like scuba diving, hot air ballooning or mountain trekking overseas, they’ll also be covered in Bubblegum’s travel insurance.

With a relatively decent range of travel insurance, FWD offers some of the most affordable packages in Singapore. There are 3 types of travel insurance plans to choose from, namely Premium, Business and First, and each plan has an optional COVID-19 Enhanced Travel Benefits add-on that covers up to $100,000 in COVID-19 medical expenses incurred during/after your trip. .

In addition, you’ll be entitled to benefits like their cashless medical claim service, 180-day advance purchase, Emergency medical evacuation and many more.

Although Etiqa is like the “new kid on the block” in Singapore’s travel insurance scene, it provides some of the most comprehensive and cheapest travel insurance plans. Etiqa’s four eProtect Travel insurance plans include pre-existing coverage of up to $1,000,000 for claims relating to pre-existing medical conditions such as injury or illness sustained during the trip, as well as the option of a COVID-19 travel insurance add-on coverage of up to $100,000.

Travellers hunting for more personalised travel insurance plans can consider Starr TraveLead Travel Insurance range of travel insurance plans as there’s the option to customise whichever tier of their Bronze, Silver or Gold plan that you pick.

COVID-19 medical expenses and COVID-19 related trip cancellation coverages, as well as in and outpatient treatments abroad coverage, personal accident benefit of up to $500,000 for accidental death and disablement and many other benefits are included in all of their plans.

Known for having one of the best medical coverage that is worth from $1 million and up to unlimited coverage, Allianz Travel Insurance Singapore presents a variety of Comprehensive Bronze, Comprehensive SIlver and Comprehensive Platinum plans which comes with COVID-19 protection, 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance service, plus coverage for sports-related and cruise activities and more.

There’s only a handful of insurers in Singapore that provide travel insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions, and MSIG is one of them.

With its TravelEasy Pre-Ex® add-on option that can be added onto the TravelEasy® Standard, Elite, and Premier insurance plans, every plan includes benefits such as COVID-19 travel insurance coverage, overseas and post-trip medical expenses, extreme sports coverage, replacement of traveller coverage, coverage for insolvency of licensed travel operator, emergency medical evacuation, and delayed departure.

Singlife travel insurance plans are marketed under the Aviva brand which is mostly known as the key life insurance provider for those doing National Service.

Those not doing National Service are also welcome to purchase Singlife with Aviva travel insurance plans that come in 3 tiers: Lite, Plus and Prestige, all of which provide a generous payout for overseas medical expenses in the situation you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 during your trip.

How will travel insurance protect you when natural disasters or unexpected trip disruptions occur?

Cover for luggage and personal effects

Although some travel insurance plans may not include coverage for trip disruptions resulting from natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, or unforeseeable events (Acts of God), options like those provided by Etiqa and DirectAsia offer policies that compensate for lost or damaged luggage. Even if your journey to the UK experiences disruption, these policies can help recover expenses arising from lost or damaged belongings. Generally, these policies set maximum reimbursement limits per item or category of belongings, with variations among providers.

Cover for travel delays/cancellations/curtailment

In the scenario where your trip to the UK is abruptly cut short or cancelled due to a delay, specific travel insurance plans offer coverage that includes reimbursement for prepaid expenses like flights and accommodations, as well as other associated, irrecoverable prepaid costs, after subtracting any administrative charges, provided the cancellation occurs within 30 days of your scheduled departure. It's important to note that there are restrictions on what is covered.

Cover for medical emergencies

When you sustain an injury resulting from an accident indirectly or directly linked to a natural disaster, certain travel insurance plans, such as those offered by Etiqa and DirectAsia, may cover medical expenses incurred abroad during your trip to the UK, or upon return to Singapore. Compensation can be allocated to the medical facility where treatment was received, whether overseas or in Singapore, or to designated beneficiaries. Treatment must commence within a specified timeframe from the return date to Singapore and is subject to predetermined limits outlined in the travel insurance plan, which should be carefully reviewed with the insurer.

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Best UK Travel Insurance Benefits Coverage

Best forTravel insurance planEstimated premium rate
Overall good valueBubblegum travel insurance plansFrom $93
Budget travelFWD Premium planFrom $84
Flight diversion/cancellation/postponementSinglife Travel Plus and Prestige plansFrom $173 (Singlife Travel Lite is from $119)
Overseas medical coverageAllianz travel insurance plansFrom $199
Pre-existing conditionsMSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex plansFrom $181
FamilyDirectAsia travel insurance plans$97
ElderlyTiq Pre-Ex travel insurance plans by Etiqa From $230
Travelling while pregnantMSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex plans From $181
Extreme sportsStarr TraveLead Comprehensive plansFrom $81
COVID-19 coverageAIG Travel Guard plans$140
*Estimated premium rates are based on a 2 weeks single-trip plan to the UK, data last updated in November 2023.

What Is The Average Cost Of Travel Insurance For A UK Trip?

Travel insurance providerOverseas medical expensesPost-trip medical expensesLoss/damage of personal baggageTrip cancellation due to COVID-19Total premium
BubblegumUp to $150,000Up to $10,000Up to $3,000Up to $5,000$93
SinglifeUp to $250,000Up to $10,000Up to $3,000Up to $5,000$119
AllianzUp to $250,000N.A.Up to $1,500Up to $5,000$199
StarrUp to $200,000Up to $15,000Up to $3,000Up to $5,000$81
DirectAsiaUp to $150,000Up to $5,000Up to $1,000Up to $3,000$97
FWDUp to $200,000Up to $6,000Up to $3,000Up to $7,500$84

Estimated average cost of a travel insurance plan to the UK:

Comparing across the 6 travel insurers’ benefits and premiums, it seems that the average cost of a travel insurance plan with COVID-19 coverage for a 2 weeks UK vacation is about $113, assuming that we take the most basic plan offered by each travel insurance provider.

Estimated average cost of a travel insurance plan:

$93 + $119 + $199 + $81 + $97 + $84 = $673

$673 ÷ 6 = $112.166

Bubblegum, Starr and DirectAsia are more wallet-friendly options while the more comprehensive choices would be the basic plans by Singlife and Allianz, given that both plans offer the highest medical coverage limit of $250,000 among these 6 plans. As for claiming benefits for trip cancellation if you’re down with an unexpected severe illness or injury, FWD will provide a higher coverage (as compared to the rest of the plans above) of up to $7,500 for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to have travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage for my UK trip?

Yes, the current post-pandemic situation has seen many countries lifting the COVID-19 restrictions, every country still has its own prevailing entry requirements and if you really need medical assistance during your vacation or business trip in the UK, healthcare expenses can get costly unlike those in your home country as overseas medical expenses are usually not subsidised by the government.

With COVID-19 coverage in your travel insurance plan, it can provide you claim benefits for overseas medical expenses due to COVID-19, emergency medical evacuation & repatriation, overseas COVID-19 diagnosis quarantine allowance, overseas hospital cash due to COVID-19, trip cancellation/postponement/curtailment/disruption coverage due to COVID-19, and more.

Am I required to have a visa to visit the UK?

It depends on what kind of passport and citizenship you hold. If you’re from one of the countries which are on a visa-free entry agreement with the UK, there’s no need to apply for a visa to enter the UK.

However, if you’re not from those exempted countries, you’ll need to apply for a Standard Visitor visa online or other types of Standard Visitor visas including the long-term Standard Visitor visa, a Visitor in Transit visa and Long-term work visas. A Standard Visitor visa costs £100 for up to 6 months and you’ll be able to apply for it 3 months prior to your departure date.