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Income Insurance Limited

Formerly known as NTUC Income, Income Insurance Limited was founded as a cooperative in 1970 in a bid to provide general and life insurance to the average Singaporean. As of September 2022, NTUC Income has officially changed its name to Income Insurance Limited.

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Why choose Income?

Income offers a plethora of general and life insurance plans for individuals, spanning health, personal accident, life, savings & investments, car and motorcycle, travel, home, maid, and more. In addition, Income also offers group insurance for students and employees as well as commercial insurance.
Income Insurance Limited started out as NTUC Income, one of the most popular and familiar brands among locals. With over 5 decades of serving Singaporeans’ insurance needs, Income is trusted by many and has a highly established presence here.
Income's customer service hotline is 6788 1777. However, Income has dedicated hotlines for every type of insurance, claim, and even for quotations if you intend to purchase a new insurance plan. You will find a comprehensive list of all the hotlines below.

Income Insurance Plans

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Income Whole Life Insurance

Income Star Secure Pro

Income Star Secure Pro is a whole life insurance plan which pays you a lump sum amount in the event you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, total and permanent disability, or pass away. You have the option of a 5 times multiplier, and to buy critical illness or other riders to include COVID-19 coverage.

Income Provenance Solitaire

Income Provenance Solitaire is a single-premium whole life insurance policy meant for wealth preservation and legacy planning. It offers a minimum protection value of up to 320% of the sum assured, to be paid out in the event of terminal illness or death, until the age of 85.

Income Direct Star Protect Pro

Income Direct Star Protect Pro is a whole life insurance plan which you can buy directly from Income without the help of an insurance agent. Coverage includes death, terminal illness, and total and permanent disability (before the age of 65) and the sum assured is capped at $200,000.

Why choose Income Star Secure Pro?

Whole Life Insurance

Income Star Secure Pro is a whole life insurance plan which covers you up to death. This is in contrast to term insurance, where coverage will lapse once your chosen policy term ends.

Key Benefits

The basic or core coverage of the Income Star Secure Pro policy includes death, total and permanent disability, and terminal illness. It also covers accidental death until you are 70 years old.

Additional Coverage

On top of the basic insured events listed above, Income Star Secure Pro has a range of optional riders to extend your coverage. For example, add the Advanced Life Accelerator rider to get covered for dread diseases and future unknown diseases like COVID-19.

Sum Assured

You will get to choose the lump-sum payout that you want to receive in the event you run into disabilities, terminal illness, or death. The sum assured should be sufficient to support your family's lifestyle and loans. Most whole life insurance plans will allow you to increase your base sum assured for a fixed number of years – usually the years while your children are still financially dependent on you. Income's Star Secure Pro offers up to 5 times (or 500%) multiplier until the age of 75 or 80.

Premium Term

Choose the premium term that works for you, such as during your higher-income years. Income Star Secure Pro’s options range from 5 years to 30 years (in intervals of 5 years) or up to age 64. Your future premiums will be waived upon the death, terminal illness or total and permanent disability of a family member (up to the age of 70).

Retrenchment Benefit

If you've been retrenched, you may not be able to afford the expensive premiums of a whole life insurance policy. Star Secure Pro allows you to postpone your premiums for 6 months if you've been retrenched for 3 months consecutively.

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Income Term Life Insurance

Income’s Star Secure Pro offers an impressive slew of benefits, but, being whole life insurance, the premiums can be fairly high. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you may want to consider Income’s term insurance plans. Term life is usually much cheaper than whole life for the same sum assured, but its coverage is finite, so you might outlive it. However, Income’s Term Life Solitaire plan can cover policyholders all the way to the age of 100, much older than what most term insurance plans offer. If you’re looking for a sum assured of at least $500,000, this policy is one to consider.

What types of insurance does Income offer?

Income offers 1just about every kind of insurance you can think of. These include life insurance products that cover the big things, such as death, hospitalisation and critical illnesses; savings and investments plans for growing your money; and general insurance for your lifestyle.

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Types of Insurance offered by Income


Life Insurance

Income offers 3 whole life insurance plans and 14 types of term insurance plans. The signature whole life policy is Income Star Secure Pro while its term life counterpart is Income Star Term Protect. In addition, there are many life insurance policies designed for specific needs, such as seniors, women, maternity and families.


Health Insurance

Income offers several Income offers several There are 11 health insurance plans including corporate or group insurance. But the one that’s most relevant to Singaporeans is the Medisave-payable Enhanced IncomeShield, which is an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) for protecting against hefty hospitalisation bills.


Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance pays out in the event of accidental injuries or death and infectious diseases. There are 8 personal accident insurance plans to choose from, including plans designed for seniors and those with special needs.


Savings Plans & Investment Plans

Income offers a wide variety of savings plans for different needs – child's education, retirement, cash payouts, annuity, and wealth management for high net worth individuals. There is a smaller selection of Investment-Linked Plans (ILPs), higher risk vehicles that typically do not have any guaranteed cash value or returns.


High Net-Worth

Income's Solitaire series of insurance policies provides wealth management and protection for high net-worth individuals. The more accessible of these is Term Life Solitaire, a term insurance policy that can cover individuals up to age 100. Provenance Solitaire is a whole life insurance plan, while Luxe Plus Solitaire offers cash payouts.


Car or Motorcycle Insurance Insurance

Income's Drivo Car Insurance is one of the most popular plans in Singapore. It includes benefits such as vehicle repairs, third-party property damages, accidents, road and medical assistance in West Malaysia, towing, and more. Meanwhile, Income's Motorcycle Insurance includes benefits and coverage such as vehicle repairs and third-party property damages in the event of accidents, fire, theft, third-party injury or death, and towing.


Travel Insurance

Income offers several types of travel insurance to protect you from common travel contingencies like flight cancellations or delays, lost or damaged belongings, and accidents and medical expenses. Choose from the standard Income Travel Insurance or the FlexiTravel Hourly Insurance for short or day trips.


Home Insurance

Income's Enhanced Home Insurance protects your home's building, contents, and renovations from situations such as fire, burst pipes, and thefts. You will also be covered for accidental death, disability, specified and injuries. Policyholders get access to Income's Emergency Home Assistance hotline in the event of home emergencies too.


Maid Insurance

Income also offers a Domestic Helper Insurance to protect your maid from accidental death, permanent disability, hospital expenses, and surgeries in government hospitals. You will also receive wage compensation if your helper is hospitalised.

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How to apply for your Life Insurance plan

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Applying for a Life Insurance plan through MoneySmart

Step 1

Answer Some Questions

Don't have time to compare all the different life insurance plans in Singapore? Answer some questions and let our intelligent system find the best life insurance plan for you.

Step 2

Speak To Our Insurance Specialists

After you submit your quiz, our expert insurance specialist team members may drop you a call to clarify your needs and explain your options to you. Seize this chance to ask our friendly colleagues the burning questions you may have about life insurance!

Step 3

Apply And Purchase Your Life Insurance

Once you have spoken to our insurance specialists, considered your options, and planned your finances, you are ready to apply for your life insurance plan online through our portal.

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Income Life Insurance Claims

Nobody looks forward to making a life insurance claim, but when the worst happens, policyholders need to know what to do to request the monetary payout that they’re entitled to. A smooth, quick and empathetic claims process can make all the difference when you or your family members are in a difficult situation. What sets an insurance company apart (or conversely, turn customers off) is the reliability, and convenience of its claims system.

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How to Claim with Income

Claims Online

If there's been a death, critical illness, terminal illness, or disability diagnosis, you will be able to find step-by-step guides of your claims process from the Income website. On main menu, click on "Claims" and choose the insurance category that you will be claiming from. In this case, it will be "Life Insurance"

Claims Form

After you select the insurance category, you will be able to select the specific situation and condition that you are claiming for from the dropdown menu. You will then be led to another page with detailed step-by-step instructions of the claims process, and the necessary documents and forms you must submit.

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Income Claims Hotline

General Hotline6788 1777
Life Insurance Claims6788 1122
Health or Group Insurance Claims6332 1133
IncomeShield Claims Status6789 6886
Motor, Travel, Home, Lifestyle or Personal Accident Claims6788 6616
On-Site Motor Accident Assistance (Orange Force)6788 1122

Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay Income insurance online?

There are 7 ways you can pay your Income insurance online and in person – via GIRO, AXS, credit cards, internet banking (only for DBS, POSB, OCBC, UOB), via Income's own customer portal called me@income, NETS, or cheque.

How to add sub-rider for Income?

If you hold an Income Motorcycle Insurance and would like to add another named rider to your policy, you can do so via the "Income Motor Insurance Online Endorsement Portal” online. You can add up to 2 named riders if the registered owner of the motorcycle does not hold a driving license and is therefore not named.

How to surrender Income policy?

If you would like to surrender a life insurance or an investment-linked policy, you can visit Income's "Surrender of Policies" webpage. You will then be guided through a step-by-step automated form to complete the policy surrender. If you hold other kinds of policies and would like to end the policy, you can just terminate them when it's time for renewal.

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