SPC Petrol Credit Card Discounts Singapore (2021)

Loyal to the SPC chain of petrol stations? On top of SPC's petrol prices, you can also get additional discounts with your SPC loyalty card and the right credit card combo. Here are the best credit cards to use at SPC.

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Amex True Cashback Card SPC Fuel Discounts

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Cash Back on All Spend
Cash Back Cap
Min. Spend per month

American Express has a tie-up with SPC in 2020, where registered Amex credit cards get a very respectable 21% savings at SPC when combined with an SPC&U membership.

To be eligible for the full discount, you will need to be one of the first 50,000 to register your credit card with Amex. This gives you an additional 7.1% rebate, bringing the total discount up to 21%. Otherwise, cardmembers get the usual 15% with SPC&U + any American Express card.

The 7.1% is capped at S$150 per registered credit card for the promotional period. It ends on 31 Dec 2020.

While any American Express card can be used to get this discount, we would recommend the Amex True Cashback Card. This credit card is an excellent fuss-free cashback card, offering a simple 1.5% cashback on just about any spending.

There is no minimum spending requirement so you can even use it exclusively for petrol if you like.

UOB One Card SPC Fuel Discounts

Cash Back on Grab
Up to 10%
Cash Back Cap per quarter
Min. Spend per month, per quarter

The UOB One Card gives you technically the highest possible rebate at SPC, but it's a little more complicated to maximise.

First, you get 10% discount for having an SPC&U card + 5% for using a UOB credit card. You also get a S$3 rebate per S$60 spent (S$60 before discount, or S$51 nett).

Finally, you get up to 5% rebate in the form of a quarterly rebate with the UOB One Card. To maximise your rebate, you need to spend S$2,000 every statement month for the quarter. All this totals up to 24% savings at SPC.

Therefore, this petrol savings strategy makes sense if (a) you always pump at least S$60 of petrol and (b) you already consolidate S$2,000 of expenses on this credit card every month. There needs to be at least 5 transactions per month.

If $2,000 is too high, hitting $500 or $1,000 every month in the quarter earns you a lower rebate, which translates to up to 3.33%. However, this will lower the total savings at SPC, and it may be better to opt for one of the other credit cards instead.

POSB Everyday Card SPC Fuel Discounts

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Get AirPods or S$200 cashback when you apply online and spend!

POSB Everyday Card

Cash Rebates for everyday essentials
Up to 15%
Cash Rebates cap per month
Up to S$80
Min. Spend per month

If you are not keen to jump through too many hoops, a great credit card to consider is the POSB Everyday Card.

With the POSB Everyday Card, you can get a decent 20.1% fuel savings at SPC without too much effort. This includes the 10% SPU&U members' discount + 5% discount for using a POSB/DBS credit card, plus an extra 6% cash rebate on your nett spending.

There is no minimum spending requirement and no cap on the rebate. The promotion is valid until 31 Mar 2020.

Online Promotion: Enjoy S$120 cashback! Valid till 31 Mar 2020.

SPC Petrol Credit Card Discounts (2021)

Amex True Cashback Card UOB One CardPOSB Everyday Card
SPC&U discount 10%10%10%
Credit card discount5%5%5%
Card rebate (applies on nett petrol spending)7.1%S$3 Rebate + 5% UOB One Card rebate6%
Total effective discount21%24%20.1%

Frequently Asked Questions

Which credit card is best for SPC petrol?

The 3 best credit cards with discounts at SPC are the Amex True Cashback Card, UOB One Card and POSB Everyday Card. If you are willing to meet the minimum spending requirements, the UOB One Card offers the highest rebates on petrol. But if you just want a fuss-free credit card, consider the Amex True Cashback or POSB Everyday Card instead as they have no minimum spending requirements.

How do I get an SPC discount card?

To get a 10% discount at SPC, you can sign up as an SPC&U member. This can be done over the counter at any SPC petrol kiosk; thereafter, you can register your card online for more membership benefits. Membership is free.

What is the minimum income required for an SPC petrol credit card?

There is no one SPC petrol credit card, but instead several bank cards that let you get additional fuel discounts at SPC. For Singaporeans and PRs, you can get most of these credit cards with a S$30,000 annual income. If your income falls below that, you may still be able to get the same discount with a debit card from the same bank. Check the terms & conditions carefully to see if debit cards are also included.