CIMB Home Loan

There are 5 types of CIMB home loans in Singapore – a HDB loan for BTO, SBF, and resale HDB flats; private property mortgage loan for new and refinancing landed and private properties; commercial property loan for your business' offices, shophouse units, and industrial properties; London and Australia property loans for Singaporeans who have second or investment homes in London and Australia respectively.

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How to apply for your CIMB Home Loan

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CIMB Home Loan Application Process and Fees

Step 1

Submit your documents through us

Before you get too excited about getting your own home, make sure that your documents are complete and correct. Then leave everything to us and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Step 2

Compare and be informed

Sit back, relax and compare. We’ll give you a comprehensive list of home loan packages that you can choose from. Our team of Mortgage Specialists will advise you on the next steps upon receiving the Letter of Offer from the bank.

Step 3

Fees and charges

If you decide to cancel the loan after signing the Letter of Offer, you’ll be required to pay 0.75% of the undisbursed loan amount.

Why Get Your Home Loan Through Us?

Simple, fast, convenient

Leave your home loan research to us and we’ll break it down for you in simple terms. Our Mortgage Specialist will contact you directly so you can save time for other important things in life.

Get better deals

Feeling so spoilt for choice you can't decide? Settling for the first option is like being forced to marry the first person you come across on a dating app. Don’t feel pressured. We compare across all banks in Singapore to ensure that you get the best deals.

It's free!

Our service to you is free. But, of course we’re not doing this for charity! All banks pay us a standard referral fee for our services and our awesome job done. We don’t take sides or give biased advice.

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