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AIA Health Insurance Singapore

AIA Singapore is an outpost of the multinational insurance and finance corporation, AIA Group Limited. Headquartered in Hong Kong, AIA was founded in 1919 as American Asiatic Underwriters. Over the years, it has grown across 18 Asia-Pacific markets and is now the largest independent publicly-listed Asian life insurance group. AIA has been in Singapore since 1931, and now offers 10 categories of personal insurance for individuals alongside employee benefits insurance for businesses.

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Why choose AIA?

What is AIA HealthShield Gold Max? AIA HealthShield Gold Max is AIA Singapore’s flagship Integrated Shield Plan (IP), meant to complement your MediShield Life plan. The plan allows you a maximum annual claim limit of S$2 million, up to 13 months of pre- and post-hospitalisation benefits, WhiteCoat video consultations, medical concierge, and add-on riders. AIA HealthShield Gold Max is a MediSave-approved Integrated Shield Plan.
The AIA Quality Healthcare Partners (AQHP) is a list of preferred 290 doctors and clinics with predetermined outpatient consultation fees, 3-day appointment lead time, and in-app appointment booking system via the AIA Healthcare mobile app which can be downloaded on the Apple App Store or Android Google Play store. To book an appointment via the app, simply open the app, browse through the list of doctors or search for your doctor or clinic’s name. Click on the doctor or clinic’s card to access the online booking system.

AIA Health Insurance Plans

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What is AIA HealthShield Gold Max

AIA HealthShield Gold Max is a MediSave-approved Integrated Shield Plan (IP) with 4 different tiers – A, B, B Lite, and Standard – which grants you access to varying benefits, coverage limits, ward classes in public and private hospitals. An IP serves to supplement the medical and hospitalisation coverage that Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs) have from the mandatory MediShield Life health insurance offered by Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH).

AIA HealthShield Gold Max Insurance Plan Tiers

Plan APrivate hospitals (Standard rooms and below) S$2,000,000 (AIA preferred hospitals)
S$600,000 (non-AIA preferred hospitals)
Plan BPublic hospitals (Class A wards and below) S$450,000
Plan B LitePublic hospitals (Class B wards and below) S$300,000
StandardPublic hospitals (Class B1 wards and below)S$150,000

Why choose AIA HealthShield Gold Max?

The AIA HealthShield Gold Max provides lifetime medical coverage in the likes of daily room, ICU, surgery, pregnancy, donor transplant, psychiatric, cancer radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy treatments, renal dialysis, erythropoietin, parenteral nutrition, cell, tissue, and gene therapy, and proton beam therapy. The policy provides extra coverage for 30 listed critical illnesses between S$50k to S$100k per year. In the event of total and permanent disability, 1 year’s premium will be waived. Finally, a 10% co-insurance has to be paid in cash by you when you receive your medical bill.
You will be covered up to 13 months for any pre- and post-hospitalisation medical treatments – by far, the highest coverage period in the local insurance market. To enjoy the extended 13 months of pre- and post-hospitalisation benefits, you will need to be enrolled in the AIA HealthShield Gold Max Plan A and seek treatment with one of the 290 AIA-preferred doctors and AIA panel clinics from the AIA Quality Healthcare Partners (AQHP) list.
AIA Vitality is a wellness and reward programme designed for AIA policy holders to accomplish health, nutrition, and fitness goals to earn points in exchange for rewards such as up to 15% discount on AIA health insurance premiums, Virgin Active discounts, Cold Storage cashback, Emirates flight ticket rebates, FitBit, Grab, and Starbucks discounts. If you are an existing AIA user, you can enrol in the AIA Vitality wellness programme for S$8 a month.

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AIA HealthShield Gold Max Exclusions

AIA-Preferred Doctors and Clinics

The first exclusion you need to note is your choice of doctor, clinic, or hospital. AIA has preferred healthcare providers for the HealthShield Gold Max, called the AIA Quality Healthcare Partners (AQHP). Some medical treatments may not be claimable or may have lower claim limits if you visit a non-AQHP provider.

Surgical Procedures

Surgeries that are not listed in the Ministry of Health’s Table of Surgical Procedures will not be covered by any of the AIA HealthShield Gold Max insurance plans.

13-month Pre- and Post-Hospitalisation Benefit

You are only eligible if your actual hospitalisation stay was in one of AIA’s preferred hospitals as stated in the AIA Quality Healthcare Partners (AQHP) list which you can access via your AIA account online or via the AIA mobile app.

Extended Post-Hospitalisation for 30 Critical Illnesses

You are not eligible if you have claimed over 200 days under the “Post-Hospitalisation 7 Treatment Benefit” after you have been discharged from your hospitalisation stay.

Pregnancy Complications

Only 26 pregnancy complications will be covered by this plan, including ectopic pregnancy, eclampsia, miscarriage, haemorrhage, still birth, gestational diabetes, and more. You will find the full list in your policy’s terms and conditions in fine print.

30 Critical Illnesses Benefit

Of the 37 critical illnesses listed in the Life Insurance Association Singapore’s standard framework published in 2019, AIA HealthShield Gold Max does not cover 7 of them – Major Head Trauma, Progressive Scleroderma, Persistent Vegetative State (Apallic Syndrome), Systemic Lupus Erythematosus with Lupus Nephritis, Other Serious Coronary Artery Disease, Poliomyelitis, and Loss of Independent Existence.

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AIA HealthShield Gold Max Summary

The AIA HealthShield Gold Max A offering coverage for private hospital wards and treatments offers the best value of its class, with most medical treatments’ coverage listed as “As Charged”, including coverage for 26 pregnancy complications and congenital abnormalities for newborns (for female insured individuals), and outpatient radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapies. To maximise your AIA HealthShield Gold Max A insurance plan, it is best to add-on the AIA Max VitalHealth rider to lower your co-insurance payment from 10% to 5% (capped at S$3,000 per policy year), and enjoy other benefits such as early detection screenings, immediate family members’ accommodation in the hospital, post-hospital alternative medicine and nursing coverage.

All AIA Health Insurance Plans

AIA Mum2Baby

Base investment-linked plan offers multi-stage critical illnesses, disability, and death coverage. Pre-natal rider offers S$100 to S$10,000 coverage for 10 pregnancy complications, hospitalisation, death for the mother, 23 congenital illnesses, hospitalisation, medical negligence, premature birth, and HFMD for the baby

AIA Mum2Baby Protect

Base whole life plan offers critical illness coverage, multiplier boosters, cash value accumulation, and bonuses. Pre-natal rider offers S$100 to S$10,000 coverage for 10 pregnancy complications, hospitalisation, death for the mother, 23 congenital illnesses, hospitalisation, medical negligence, premature birth, and HFMD for the baby.

AIA HealthShield Gold Max

A termed (up to 74 years old) Integrated Shield Plan that supplements any basic medical coverage offered by MediShield Life such as access to class A and B1 wards in public hospitals along with treatments and wards in private hospitals, pre- and post-hospitalisation benefits across 13 months, online WhiteCoat video consultations, concierge services – all up to a maximum of S$2 million in claims per year.

AIA Platinum Health

A term life (up to 65 years old) international medical, hospitalisation, ICU, and specialist insurance plan covering 30 medical conditions with an annual limit of S$750k and lifetime limit of S$5 million for frequent flyers in 15 Asia-Pacific countries. Emergency medical evacuation or repatriation expenses not subject to deductible – you won't have to fork out cash.

AIA Hospital Income

A termed income plan (up to 74 years old) meant to supplement your mainstay health insurance plans to offer you daily cash to replace any income loss up to 500 days of hospitalisation – including ICU, day surgeries, and post-hospitalisation home rest.

What types of insurance does AIA offer?

AIA Singapore offers a total of 11 types of insurance for individuals and businesses, namely life, medical, hospitalisation, personal accident, critical illness insurance, and more. Below, you will find an overview of each type of insurance. When choosing your first health insurance, you will want to look at Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) which will complement your MediShield Life health insurance provided by the government, offering you coverage for hospitalisation bills, including any related pre- and post-hospitalisation treatments' bills.

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Types of Insurance offered by AIA


Life Insurance

A life insurance plan offers you financial support and security for your dependants and family in the event of any mishaps leading to death. There are 2 main types of life insurance – term life, and whole life insurance. Term insurance plans offer you coverage for a fixed term of time determined by you. Whole life insurance, on the other hand, covers you for life or until the stipulated date in your policy – 100 years old, for instance. AIA offers 7 types of life insurance plans ranging from the AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus (II), Pro Lifetime Protector, Secure Flexi Term, to Gen3 (II), and more.


Medical Insurance

Medical insurance plans help you to alleviate hefty medical treatment and hospitalisation bills in the event you run into an unexpected medical condition or emergency. In Singapore, all citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs) are automatically enrolled into the governmental MediShield Life offered by the Ministry of Health. Premiums are currently S$66 for 21 to 30-year-olds, S$105 for 31 to 40-year-olds, and incrementally so on. You have the option to extend your healthcare coverage by opting in on Integrated Shield Plans (IPs), hospitalisation cash income, critical illness, and disability income plans.


Accident Protection

Why do we need personal accident insurance plans? Accident protection insurance helps you to alleviate hefty emergency, long-term medical treatment bills, and any loss of income arising from unexpected accidents. AIA offers 4 types of personal accident plans such as AIA Solitaire PA (II), Star Protector Plus, offering you salary compensation and financial security for your family in the event you run into an accident and incur medical and inpatient or outpatient hospital bills, death, or disability.



What is a savings insurance plan? A savings insurance is a system which requires you to pay your preferred amount of premium annually for a fixed number of years, e.g. 5 or 10 years. Your policy and the total amount you have deposited then takes another set number of years to mature, e.g. 5 years. It may then generate a certain amount of interest per annum or bonuses as well. Once your policy has matured, you will be able to withdraw the total sum. AIA offers 10 different types of savings insurance policies to suit your age group, budget, and cash flow needs.



Why are retirement plans important? What is a good retirement plan? Retirement insurance plans offer you the option to work or not as you approach your golden years – and it requires early planning. If you have a mortgage-free home, your debts paid off, you can calculate your retirement needs via the CPF or AIA retirement calculator. Your CPF Life retirement funds will only be issued to you from 65 onwards. In the case you want to supplement that amount, or retire earlier than 65, you will need additional sources of cash such as stock, real estate investments, or a retirement insurance plan.


Disability Income Protection

Disability income protection insurance plans offer you monthly payments in the event that you run into accidents or illnesses that cause partial or total disability. Such plans are important if you work in injury-prone manual labour industries or operate heavy machineries and may be the sole breadwinner of your family. AIA offers a termed Premier Disability Cover plan for individuals aged 16 to 60, offering lump-sum or monthly payouts, income top-ups and payback, and rehabilitation reimbursement in the event of a disability.


Critical Illness Insurance

Do I really need critical illness insurance? How is it different from my usual Integrated Shield Plan or health insurance? A critical illness insurance serves to lighten your medical expense burden in the event you are diagnosed with a critical illness which demands costly and long-term treatments. AIA offers 6 critical illness insurance plans such as the Power Critical Cover, a whole life plan which allows you to claim medical bills for early, multi-stage, and relapse of 150 critical illnesses, diabetes, and death. AIA Multi-Stage Cancer Cover, on the other hand, offers you a lump-sum payout of up to S$250,000 in the event you are diagnosed for early, intermediate, or later stage cancers.


AIA Vitality

AIA Vitality is AIA Singapore’s wellness programme which you can sign up for S$8 per month to complement your existing AIA health insurance plans. When you sign up for AIA Vitality, you start with a Bronze status which will be upgraded as you earn more AIA Vitality points when you improve your health, nutrition, fitness, assessments and tests. As you upgrade your AIA Vitality status to silver, gold, and platinum, you will also access rewards such as flight, grocery, movie, gym, and insurance premium discounts, cashbacks, and rebates.



Investment-linked insurance plans are basically life insurance plans with an investment element added to it. Like any life insurance, you and your family will be offered a financial payout in the event of disability or death. However, when you pay your premiums for your investment insurance plan, these premiums will be automatically used to purchase units in your preferred sub-funds portfolios that match your risk appetite – low, moderate, or aggressive. Your gains made via these investment sub-funds will largely depend on the performance of the funds, meaning you will not have a predetermined and guaranteed return margin or value when you sign up for investment insurance plans.


Travel and Lifestyle

AIA’s Around The World Plus travel insurance plan which you can purchase for single, annual, or multiple trips online or via your AIA agent to claim medical and hospitalisation expenses that may arise from accidents, injuries, or illnesses while abroad, travel delays, flight diversions, baggage, money, or document loss. Travel insurance aside, AIA offers home and property protection insurance, domestic helpers or maid insurance, and pet dog insurance plans as well.


Employee Benefits

If you are an owner of a SME business, or the Human Resource officer of a MNC, AIA offers a range of insurance plans for your employee benefit scheme – group term life and total permanent disability, accidental death and dismemberment, critical illness, long-term disability, hospitalisation and surgical, major medical, maternity, dental, specialist outpatient add-on, and clinical outpatient plans. Your employees will be able to access AIA’s 24/7 contact centre, online portal, AIA Employee Care mobile app, and online and express claims.

AIA Integrated Shield Plan Rider

What is an IP rider plan?

What is a hospital rider? A rider in health insurance basically refers to an add-on plan that you can purchase to supplement your current plan with more benefits, extend and boost your existing healthcare and medical coverage, or to bridge any healthcare gaps that you may have in your existing plan. AIA currently only offers 1 Integrated Shield Plan Rider called the AIA Max VitalHealth. Below, the benefits of the AIA Max VitalHealth rider along with some things you should take note of:

From AIA Max Essential to AIA Max VitalHealth

The former Integrated Shield Plan rider, AIA Max Essential, was phased out as of 1 April 2019 and replaced by the current AIA Max VitalHealth rider as part of Singapore's Health Insurance Task Force's efforts to combat local health insurance plans and riders' rapid inflation over the years. If you hold an existing AIA Max Essential rider purchased before 8 March 2018, you will get to continue enjoying the benefits stated in your policy. If your AIA Max Essential Rider was purchased between 8 March 2018 to 31 March 2019, a 5% co-payment capped at S$3,000 per policy year will be introduced to your policy upon renewal from 1 April 2021.

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AIA Max VitalHealth


If you purchased the new AIA Max VitalHealth, your policy would have been updated to reflect the new regulations set in place by the Health Insurance Task Force in 2018. Unlike the former cash-free, 100% bill coverage rider policies, you will now be required to pay a 5% co-payment in cash every time you claim an eligible medical bill. This co-payment cash amount will be capped at S$3,000 per policy year if you are claiming your medical expenses from AIA-preferred doctors and clinics.


The AIA Max VitalHealth rider was designed to be used in tandem with your AIA HealthShield Gold Max Integrated Shield Plan (IP) and offers you benefits such as reimbursement for any deductibles and co-insurance you have paid when claiming a medical bill under your AIA HealthShield Gold Max IP. Other benefits include coverage for an additional bed in your ward for your family member, S$1,000 to S$5,000 for any alternative medical treatment sought within 100 days post-hospitalisation for cancer and stroke patients, nursing home, early detection screening coverage for colonoscopy and mammogram, ambulance service, and more.

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AIA HealthShield Gold Max for Foreigners

HealthShield Gold Max is an integrated Shield plan offered by private insurer AIA. There are 4 tiers available: A, B, B lite and Standard. Plan A is available for foreigners looking for health insurance coverage. The HealthShield Gold Max A is a good plan for foreigners looking for private hospital coverage. Along with the standard coverage for hospitalisation and surgical procedures, the plan also offers unique benefits. For example, there is an extended post-hospitalisation treatment benefit for 30 critical illnesses for up to 100 days.

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AIA HealthShield Gold Max Coverage


Inpatient coverage covers expenses incurred during hospitalisation and surgery. It includes Daily Ward and Treatment Charges, ICU and Treatment Charges, Hospitalisation in a Community Hospital and Surgical Charges.


Outpatient coverage is for medical expenses incurred which do not require staying in the hospital. Some of the outpatient treatments covered by AIA HealthShield Gold Max includes Chemotherapy for cancer, Immunotherapy for cancer and Long term parenteral nutrition.

Travel and Emergency

While the AIA HealthShield Gold Max plan generally covers hospitalisation and surgery in Singapore, it does have an Emergency Overseas Medical Treatment Benefit which covers for hospitalisation and surgery in other countries in the case of emergencies.


Pre-hospitalisation expenses are medical costs incurred by the insured before getting admitted in a hospital. AIA Healthshield Gold Max A covers medical expenses incurred as charged up to 100 days before hospitalisation.


Post-hospitalisation expenses are medical costs incurred after discharge from the hospital. AIA Healthshield Gold Max A covers medical expenses incurred as charged up to 100 days after hospitalisation.

Additional Benefits

AIA HealthShield Gold Max also has Coronavirus (COVID-19) Coverage where upon diagnosis of COVID-19 and admission to hospital, a lump sum of $1,000 benefit shall be paid. It also covers accidental inpatient dental treatment.

AIA HealthShield Gold Max Rider

Under the HealthShield Gold Max A, there is currently 1 rider available called Max VitalHealth A. Customers can choose to purchase this rider as an add-on to their integrated shield plan so that they can reduce out of pocket costs.

AIA Max VitalHealth A

By having the AIA Max VitalHealth A, you are subjected to only a 5% co-payment of the total bill when you go to an AIA Quality Healthcare Partner specialist or public hospital. The co-payment is capped at $3,000 per year. With the rider, you are also provided with an additional early detection screening benefit.

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Additional add-on: Emergency Healthcare Booster

You can opt for the optional Booster with enhanced benefits such as post-A&E treatment benefit, ambulance service benefit, outpatient treatment for dengue and HFMD, and emergency international medical assistance and repatriation.

Extra benefit: Medix

A 24/7 service exclusively available for customers with AIA Max VitalHealth A. Medix provides a service in which a Personal Case Management team helps to consolidate expert medical recommendations based on your medical information and test results. This can help customers in getting a second opinion on medical-related matters.

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Why AIA HealthShield Gold Max A?

You can get up to 13 months of pre and post hospitalisation benefit which is currently the highest in the market. To do so, you would need to use one of the many AIA preferred providers. In the event that you use a non-preferred provider, pre and post hospitalisation benefits will be limited to 100 days.
Vitality is an insurance reward programme for AIA policyholders. With Vitality, you can get a discount off your insurance premiums. Also, you can earn points for rewards such as Grab and Starbucks Vouchers. Even without accumulating points, you can get discounts just by being a member of the reward programme such as 20% off for Fitness First gym membership and 20% off HealthFood foods from Cold Storage.
The AIA HealthShield Gold Max provides extra coverage on top of MediShield Life such as for hospitalisation and surgery. Along with the usual hospitalisation and surgery coverage, AIA also provides extra benefits such as an additional annual coverage of up to $100,000 and a one year premium waiver upon total permanent disability and an extended post-hospitalisation treatment for 30 critical illnesses for up to 100 days.

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How to apply for your Health Insurance plan

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How do I apply for a Health Insurance plan through MoneySmart?

Step 1

Answer Some Questions

Don't have time to compare all the different health insurance plans in Singapore for foreigners? Answer some questions and let our intelligent system find the best health insurance plan for you.

Step 2

Speak To Our Insurance Specialists

After you submit your quiz, our expert insurance specialist team members may drop you a call to clarify your needs and explain your options to you. Seize this chance to ask our friendly colleagues the burning questions you may have about health insurance!

Step 3

Apply And Purchase Your Health Insurance

Once you have spoken to our insurance specialists, considered your options, and planned your finances, you are ready to apply for your health insurance plan online through our portal.

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AIA Health Insurance Claims

When you are filing an insurance claim, it basically means that you, the policyholder, is submitting a request to your insurance company to reimburse you for the medical bills you have paid for at the clinic or hospital. What sets a health insurance provider apart from another is the reliability, and convenience of the claims system.

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How Do Claims Work?

Generally, once you drop your insurance agent a text about your hospitalisation or submit your claims form via your clinic or hospital, most insurance companies follow a set claims process: check if your medical treatment or bill is covered by your policy and eligible for claim, investigate your claim documents and cross-check against your former health records, ask you to submit more documents if necessary, before finally process your claim and payment.

AIA Claim Form

When visiting any doctor or clinic, keep your original bills, receipts, inpatient discharge summary, and medical or diagnostic reports – in English preferably or accompanied by an English translated copy by a certified translator. You can submit your AIA HealthShield Gold Max claims electronically via the medical institutions you have visited at the time of your admission or discharge. In the event you have a follow-up claim such as post-hospitalisation expenses, you need to submit a follow-up claim form manually via post or your AIA agent.

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Claim process

If you have received medical treatment at a MediShield Life approved hospital/surgery centre/ specialist clinic, your claim will be electronically submitted by these medical centres on your behalf (if you have authorized them to do so). If your claim is not electronically submitted by your treating medical centre, you will need to complete and submit the accident and hospitalisation form and other supporting documents such as medical and laboratory reports.
If you have received medical treatment at a MediShield Life approved hospital/surgery centre/ specialist clinic, your claim will be electronically submitted by these medical centres on your behalf (if you have authorized them to do so). If your claim is not electronically submitted by your treating medical centre, you will need to complete and submit the accident and hospitalisation form and other supporting documents such as medical and laboratory reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the AIA HealthShield Gold Max payable by MediSave?

Yes, like all other Integrated Shield Plans, the AIA HealthShield Gold Max insurance plan is payable by MediSave. If you are using your MediSave to pay for your Integrated Shield Plan (IP), do note that there are Additional Withdrawal Limit – you can only use S$300 from your MediSave to pay for your IP if you are 40 years old or younger (on your next birthday), S$600 if you are aged 41 to 70, and S$900 if you are 71 years and above. Also, you can only have 1 Integrated Shield Plan at any one time.

Does the premiums of AIA health insurance plans increase with age?

Yes, premiums of health insurance plans and Integrated Shield Plans generally increase with age as the chances of getting hospitalised, injured, ill, or diagnosed with medical conditions increases. That aside, the increase in premiums also accommodates projected inflation for medical services.

Can I get 2 AIA Integrated Shield Plans to increase my coverage?

No, you cannot have 2 Integrated Shield Plans in Singapore at any one time and are only allowed to have 1 Integrated Shield Plan regardless of which private insurer you are registered with.

Is the quoted premium an additional amount I have to pay besides my MediShield Life plan?

It depends – some insurers present their Integrated Shield Plan premiums with MediShield Life premiums included to give you an overview of the price. Some insurance companies, however, split up both the premiums of MediShield Life and their Integrated Shield Plans' premiums into separate columns. Do check the fine print of the premiums table to check if MediShield Life's premiums have been included.

Can foreigners buy AIA Shield plans?

Yes but they are only eligible for AIA HealthShield Gold Max A.

What are the payment methods for AIA HealthShield Gold Max A?

For foreigners who are non-dependants of Singapore Citizens or PRs, AIA HealthShield Gold Max A premiums can only be paid via cash. For foreigners who are dependents, premiums can be paid via cash or Medisave.

Is the AIA HealthShield Gold Max payable by medisave?

Policy Owners who are Singapore Citizens or PRs may use their MediSave funds to pay for AIA HealthShield Gold Max A premiums for their dependants (i.e. legal spouse, parents, grandparents and children) who are foreigners, subject to the MediSave Withdrawal Limits.

What is the premium payment frequency for the AIA Shield plan?

For AIA HealthShield Gold Max A, monthly payment mode is only available to Insureds who are foreigners, provided the premiums payable under AIA HealthShield Gold Max A are fully paid by cash and not paid by CPF MediSave.

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