Shell Petrol Credit Card Discounts Singapore (2024)

Petrol expenditure is a significant recurring cost. If you’re a driver, you should definitely get a credit card that offers petrol discounts to maximise savings. For Shell petrol station, here are the top Shell credit card discounts.

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Citi Cash Back Card Shell Fuel Discounts

MoneySmart Exclusive
MoneySmart Exclusive

Citi Cash Back Card

Cash Back on Dining, Groceries & Petrol
Up to 8%
Total Cash Back Cap, per month
at Shell & Esso
Up to 20.88% savings

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Valid until 26 Feb 2024

Citi Cash Back Card gives you 20.88% worth of petrol savings at Shell effectively. How it works is that on top of the 5% Shell Station discount and 5% Shell Escape loyalty card discount, you get 4% instant discount by paying with a Citi Cash Back Card. Once you hit the minimum spend of $888, you will get an additional 8% cashback on your remaining nett petrol bill.

The cashback cap is $25 in each spending category, so you can enjoy maximum petrol savings on up to $372.02 worth of petrol before discounts or $312.50 worth of petrol after discounts.

Citi Cash Back Card is also good for dining and groceries. If your combined expenditure for petrol, dining and groceries routinely cross the $888 mark every month, you will be able to maximise the benefits of Citi Cashback Card easily.

UOB One Card Shell Fuel Savings

MoneySmart Exclusive
Get up to 15% Cashback | S$50 CASH BONUS
MoneySmart Exclusive
Get up to 15% Cashback | S$50 CASH BONUS

UOB One Card

Cashback on McDonald's, DFI Retail Group, Grab, Shopee, SP and more
Up to 10%
Cashback Cap per quarter
Min. Spend per month

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PLUS get up to 15% Cashback and S$350 Grab Vouchers from UOB when you successfully apply for an eligible UOB Credit Card and spend a min. of S$1,000 for 2 consecutive months from card approval date. T&Cs apply!

Valid until 29 Feb 2024

The UOB One Card is a popular catch-all cashback card that offers significant discounts at Shell. You get 5% station discount and 5% Shell Escape discount. On your nett spend, you get 7% SMART$ rebate and additional 5% UOB One Card rebate, totalling to 20.8% effective savings.

The only thing is that for the additional 5% UOB One Card quarterly rebate, you need to spend $2,000 per month consistently, which is quite high, but perhaps not too difficult if you charge all your family’s expenses in one card.

Other features of the card include up to 10% rebate on Grab and UOB Travel transactions, up to 6% rebate on SP utilities bill and up to 5% on all spend. These are maximum cashback provided you hit $2,000 every month for the quarter.

If $2,000 is too high, hitting $500 or $1,000 every month in the quarter earns you $50 and $100 rebate respectively, which translates to up to 3.33%.

As a bonus, you get extra interest if you spend at least $500 on your UOB One Card and credit your salary to UOB One Account, which adds up to be 1.85% p.a. for the first $15,000 in savings.

HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card Shell Fuel Savings

MoneySmart Exclusive
MoneySmart Exclusive

HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

Fuel Savings at Caltex and Shell
Up to 21.15%
Cash Back at all Other Petrol Stations
Up to 5%
Min. spend monthly in a calendar quarter

Get a Hinomi Q1 Ergonomic Chair (worth S$499) or a Samsung 27-inch Smart Monitor M5 (worth S$432) or S$300 GrabGifts Vouchers or S$250 Cash via PayNow when you apply for an eligible HSBC credit card and spend a min. of S$500 from Card Account Opening Date to the end of the following calendar month.
PLUS stand a chance to win an S$88 Cash Bonus on top of your baseline gift, when you meet the giveaway criteria! T&Cs apply.

Valid until 29 Feb 2024

With the HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card, you get a 14% instant discount at Shell stations, comprising of 5% station discount, 5% Shell Escape loyalty card discount and 4% HSBC card discount.

If you meet the minimum monthly spend requirement of $600 for 3 months in a calendar quarter, you get an additional 5% cash rebate, giving you effective savings of 18.3%.

Similar to the Citi Cash Back Card, this card is a breadwinner’s card, offering 5% on dining, groceries and fuel. You also get to earn rewards points on all spend that can later be used to redeem vouchers and gifts.

Shell Petrol Credit Card Discounts (2024)

Citi Cash Back Card UOB One Card HSBC Visa Platinum Card
Shell discount 5%5%5%
Shell Escape Loyalty Card discount5%5%5%
Credit card discount4%-4%
Card rebate (applies on nett petrol spending)8%7% SMART$ Rebate + 5% UOB One Card rebate5%
Total effective discount20.88%20.8%18.3%

Frequently Asked Questions

Which credit card is best for Shell petrol?

There are 3 credit cards that give you discounts at Shell: Citi Cash Back Card, UOB One Card and HSBC Visa Platinum Card. The best card is the one that suits your lifestyle, so look at the minimum spending requirement and the cashback categories. For example, the UOB One Card gives effective savings of 20.8%, but it is only worth it if you can spend $2,000 consistently a month. Citi Cash Back Card is the best card in terms of percentage fuel savings, but its minimum spend is still quite high at $888. If your average bill size does not meet $888, we recommend HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card as the minimum spend is lower at $600.

How do I get a Shell discount card?

You can get a Shell Escape Loyalty discount card over the counter at Shell petrol stations. It gives you an additional 5% on top of the base 5% station discount. For maximum savings, go for credit cards like Citi Cash Back Card, UOB One Card, or HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card.

What is the minimum income required for a Shell Petrol credit card?

To be clear, Shell does not have its own branded credit cards. But, there are bank credit cards that provide Shell fuel savings. For the above-mentioned cards, a minimum annual income of $30,000 for Singaporeans is sufficient. If you are a foreigner, you would require a minimum annual income of $42,000 for Citi Cash Back Card; $60,000 for UOB One Card; or $40,000 for HSBC Visa Platinum Card.