Esso Petrol Credit Card Discounts (2024)

For drivers, a credit card that offers petrol discounts is practically a must. If the nearest station near you is an Esso one, you need to get one that offers Esso promotions and discounts. Here are the top credit cards that give you Esso discounts.

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Best Credit Cards For Esso Petrol Station Discounts

Here are the best cards to apply if you frequently pump petrol at Esso.

Citi Cash Back Card Esso Fuel Discounts

MoneySmart Exclusive
Faster Gift Redemption | Up to 8% Cashback
MoneySmart Exclusive
Faster Gift Redemption | Up to 8% Cashback

Citi Cash Back Card

Cash Back on Groceries, Petrol & Private Commute
Up to 8%
Total Cash Back Cap, per month
at Shell & Esso
Up to 20.88% savings

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Valid until 31 May 2024

Citi Cash Back Card offers a generous 8% cash rebate on your nett fuel spend. This means that in addition to the instant savings of 14% (5% station discount, 5% Smiles Card discount, 4% Citi Card discount), the effective total savings is 20.88%.

This makes the Citi Cash Back card superior to other cards in Citibank’s arsenal for pumping at Esso Petrol Station. Citi Rewards and Citi SMRT give 14%. Decent, but not as amazing.

The minimum spend requirement of $888 is quite high, but if make Citi Cash Back Card your main card and consolidate your family’s dining, groceries and petrol expenses in 1 card, it’s not too onerous.

DBS Esso Card Esso Fuel Discounts

Fuel Savings at Esso
Up to 21.6%
per S$10 charged outside of Esso
1 Smiles Point
per 1 Litre of Synergy Fuel
1 Smiles Point

For Esso petrol station, there is no better card than DBS Esso Card. The key advantage to this card is that it gives you up to 21.6% fuel savings.

One benefit of the DBS Esso Card is that you can earn Esso Smile Points with your everyday expenditure.

OCBC 365 Esso Card Esso Fuel Discounts

High Spend on Dining
High Spend on Dining

OCBC 365 Credit Card

Max. Savings at Caltex or Esso
Up to 22.92%
Instant Discount at Caltex
Cashback at all Other Petrol Stations

The OCBC 365 gives you 14% instant discount at Esso. The good thing is that the card has a monthly cashback cap of $80 per month, with no split categories, so you can easily get 4.3% cashback on your gross fuel spend (5% on nett purchase) as long as you hit the minimum spend requirement of $800.

You can earn Smiles Points that can be converted to fuel savings. For OCBC 365, you get up to 2.1% worth of additional fuel savings. This means the maximum total discounts and rebates for OCBC 365 is 20.4%.

The advantage of OCBC 365 is that it’s a great everyday card, offering 6% on local and overseas dining as well as online food delivery. You get 3% off groceries, recurring telco bills and electricity bills.

As such, the minimum spend is not difficult to hit and the cashback cap of $80 is considerably high. This makes it easy to consolidate all your expenditure into 1 card.

Esso Petrol Credit Card Discounts (2024)

Citi Cash Back Card OCBC 365 Credit Card
Station Discount 5%5%
Esso Smiles Loyalty Card Discount 5%5%
Card Discount 4%4%
Card Rebate 8% (min. spend $888/month)4.3% (min. spend $600/month)
Total Discount 20.88% 20.4%
Additional Card Rebate - Up to 2.3% Smiles Savings

Frequently Asked Questions

Which credit card is best for Esso?

The best credit cards for Esso fuel are OCBC 365 and Citi Cash Back Card. Both the OCBC 365 or Citi Cash Back Cards are good all-rounded credit cards. To choose, simply look at the minimum spend requirement and the categories you get rewarded for. Citi Cash Back Card has a high minimum spend ($888), but it offers 8% cash back on your nett fuel spend. OCBC 365 has a lower minimum spend ($800) and offers 5% cash back on your nett fuel spend.

How do I get an Esso point card?

The Esso point card is branded Esso Smiles Loyalty Card. You can get a loyalty card at any Esso petrol station. Your Esso Smile Points never expire as long as you pump once a year.

How many Esso points is a dollar?

In Singapore, pumping 1 litre of Synergy fuel gives you 1 Esso Smiles point. Esso Smiles can be converted to fuel savings at the rate of 300 Smiles Points for $10 worth of Synergy fuel or 750 Smiles Points for $30 worth of Synergy fuel, which is equivalent to about 1.7% fuel savings. Based on this conversion, 30 to 25 Esso points = $1, but it's better to think in terms of conversion blocks of 300 or 750. Before accumulating points, you need to register your Esso Smiles card.