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FWD Term Life Insurance

FWD Group is the insurance division of the Hong Kong-based private investment Pacific Century Group, founded in Hong Kong, Macau, and Thailand in 2013, followed by Indonesia, Philippines, and China in 2014. In 2016, FWD entered Singapore and Vietnam. The parent Pacific Century Group was founded in 1993 by Richard Li, the younger son of Hong Kong magnate, Li Ka-Shing.

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Why Choose FWD?

If you are travelling soon, note that your FWD Travel Insurance will not cover you for COVID-19 illnesses, delays, or cancellations as it is now considered a known event. If you have an existing travel insurance but do not intend to travel, you can visit FWD Online Services to request for a policy cancellation.
FWD’s flagship term life insurance plan is called the FWD Term Life Plus. You can either get it in a fixed term or renewable plan basis – meaning you choose to be covered up to a certain age, 70 for example, for the former, or continually renew your plan up to 100 years old for the latter.

FWD Term Life Insurance Plans

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What Is Life Insurance

What is life insurance and how does life insurance work? When you purchase a life insurance plan, you regularly pay your annual premiums in exchange for a predetermined lump-sum payout in the event of situations that might render you incapable of work (and thus the loss of your income) such as terminal illness, total or permanent disabilities, or death.

Lump-Sum Payout

Your lump-sum payout amount should ideally be calculated between you and your insurance or financial advisor, sufficient to cover outstanding liabilities such as your house mortgage, car loan, childcare, or even daily expenditure. In the event of a diagnosis or death, your family will receive your lump-sum payout – the amount to be used at you or your family's discretion, whether it be for medical bills, nursing or hospice car, loan payments, savings, or even daily expenditure.


If you already have a life insurance plan, some insurance companies may provide your policy with additional optional riders to increase the lump-sum payout or coverage for other circumstances such as critical illnesses, cancer, and waiver of premiums. FWD's Essential Life plan, for instance, offers you a cancer rider with payouts ranging from S$50k to S$200k.


Although a life insurance plan's payout seems straightforward, do note that there are usually multiple exclusions – meaning certain scenarios leading to your death may not qualify you to receive your lump-sum payout. Disability as a result of neurosis, psychiatric illnesses, brain damage, haemorrhage, alcohol or drug abuse, SLE, HIV, self-inflicted injuries, suicide, etc. will not be covered.

FWD Life Insurance

The FWD Term Life Plus insurance plan offers you a lump-sum payout (100% of the amount you have predetermined to be insured for) in the event you become totally and permanently disabled before age 65, are diagnosed with one of the 35 critical illnesses, fall terminally ill, or die in your policy period. You can choose to insure yourself for a minimum of 5 years or upwards to 70 years old. Exclusions include suicide, self-inflicted injury, waiting periods for critical illnesses, and any pre-existing critical illnesses.
FWD Essential Life is a term insurance you can purchase directly online without the help of an insurance agent. Benefits include up to S$750,000 coverage in the event of death and terminal illnesses, no mandatory medical examinations, and flexible policy term of 1 year or upwards to 85 years old. You can opt to add on a cancer rider to S$50,000 to S$200,000 100% payout in the event of cancer diagnosis (including early stages).

FWD Term Life Plus Benefits

Total and Permanent Disability - 100% Payout

If you are disabled and have been totally unable to engage in any occupation, business or activity for income, remuneration or profit for 6 months. Includes total loss of sight, and any 2 limbs.

Terminal Illness - 100% Payout

f you have been diagnosed with a medical condition that your doctor has given you less than 12 months to live. Excludes pre-existing medical conditions, suicide, self-inflicted injuries, participation in unlawful acts, and individuals who are still on their policy's waiting period.

Death - 100% Payout

In the event of your death, your family will first be offered an advance S$5,000 from your insured sum. The remainder will then be paid after your death claim has been investigated and assessed.

Critical Illness - 100% Payout

Full payout only for 34 out of the 37 types of critical illnesses. Includes Alzheimer’s disease or severe dementia, irreversible Aplastic Anaemia, severe bacterial Meningitis, benign brain tumour, coma, coronary artery by-pass surgery, deafness (irreversible loss of hearing), end stage liver failure, end stage lung disease, Fulminant Hepatitis, heart attack of specified severity, open chest heart valve surgery, HIV due to blood transfusion and occupationally acquired HIV, end stage kidney failure, irreversible loss of speech, major burns, major cancer, major head trauma, major organ or bone marrow transplantation, motor neurone disease, Multiple Sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, paralysis (irreversible loss of use of limbs, Idiopathic Parkinson’s disease, primary pulmonary hypertension, stroke with permanent neurological deficit, open chest surgery to aorta, severe Encephalitis, progressive Scleroderma, persistent vegetative state (Apallic Syndrome), Systemic Lupus Erythematosus with Lupus Nephritis, other serious coronary artery disease, Poliomyelitis, and loss of independent existence. Excludes Angioplasty and other invasive treatment for Coronary Artery.

FWD Essential Life Benefits

Period of Insurance

Your insurance coverage either begins on the specified "Coverage Start Date" which you will find in your policy schedule or the date FWD receives your first premium.

Free-Look Period

From the day you receive your policy in your email inbox, you have the next 14 days to review if the policy is suitable for you – otherwise return the policy to FWD for a refund of your first premium paid.

Terminal Illness - 100% Payout

In the event you are diagnosed with a terminal illness during your period of insurance, you will be paid your sum assured.

Death - 100% Payout

In the event of death, your family will be paid the full sum you have assured, including a S$5,000 advance to alleviate funeral costs.

Direct Purchase

You will be able to purchase this insurance plan (and manage your plan's renewals and claims) directly online without the help of an insurance agent.

FWD Essential Life Insurance Summary

FWD Essential Life is a simple and straightforward term life insurance plan which you can purchase directly online without the help of an insurance agent. Benefits include 100% payout of your predetermined assured sum in the event of a terminal illness diagnosis or death. You can opt for an optional add-on cancer rider offering 100% payout in the event of a cancer diagnosis. Finally, you will also be able to submit your claims easily online via the FWD website or your FWD customer portal account.

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What Types Of Insurance Does FWD Insurance offer?

FWD offers 16 types of insurance plans for individuals and businesses, ranging from travel insurance, maid, home, term life, critical illness, cancer, personal accident, personal and commercial cars, motorcycle, COVID-19, and more.

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12 Types Of FWD Insurance Plans


Motorcycle and Car

FWD offers third party only, third party with fire and theft, and comprehensive plans for motorcycles with NCD guarantees, roadside assistance, unlimited legal liabilities, and riders to include overseas coverage, hospitalisation expenses, daily transport allowance, and young rider excess waiver. Likewise, FWD offers 3 car insurance types with NCD guarantee, repairs at FWD workshops, roadside assistance, excess from S$750, tows, transport allowance, windscreen repairs, medical expenses, and more.


Home Insurance

FWD offers 2 types of home insurance plans, namely for homeowners and tenants. Personalised home insurance for home owners include coverage for your house's building, furniture, domestic appliances, audio visual equipments, renovations, accidental losses or damages, including mirrors, glass, tenancy dispute, electrical, plumbing, and air-con services. Riders available to include personal accident coverage for dogs, cats, and family members. Home insurance for tenants include coverage for liabilities, losses, or damages you may have incurred to your landlord, including furniture, appliances, AV equipment, alternative accommodation, accidental loss or damages, and more.


Personal Accident

FWD's personal accident insurance comes in 5 plan types with incremental wealth, disability, guardian angel, and medical expense coverage limits – S$100k, S$200k, S$300k, S$500k, and S$1m. Riders are available to include daily hospital income replacement, disability income benefit, and damage of any personal electronic devices. FWD's PA insurance covers dengue and COVID-19 too.


Heart Attack

FWD's heart attack insurance plan offers you a lump-sum payout (amount predetermined by you) in the event of a heart attack, death payout of S$5,000, A rider is available to increase your coverage to include 13 other conditions related to heart attacks. If you have an existing FWD 3-in-1 Critical Illness plan, you will not be eligible for this plan.


International Health

If you are relocating abroad as an expat or student, or you are an expat with Permanent Resident (PR) status living in Singapore, you may want to consider FWD's international health insurance. Benefits include hospital, pre- and post-hospitalisation, nursing, cancer, and kidney dialysis coverage around the globe. Optional riders include GP, TCM, health check ups, vaccines, dental, vision, and maternity coverage.



FWD offers a 3-year endowment plan starting from S$1,000 at a guaranteed return rate of 2.02% per annum. The endowment plan is now on waiting list basis only.


Critical Illness, Cancer, Stroke

FWD offers a "Big 3 Critical Illness" plan for cancer, heart attack, and stroke – offering a lump-sum payout predetermined by you in the event of diagnosis of one of the 3 common critical illnesses (including all stages of cancer). Other benefits include a death benefit ofS$20,000 lump-sum payout, and guaranteed renewal of up to age 85. There are 2 riders available to extend your lump-sum payout coverage to other heart disorders or neurological disorders.



FWD's COVID-19 insurance offers you protection against COVID-19 for 100 days at S$28. Benefits include a S$100 daily Intensive Care Unit (ICU) allowance up to 14 days, outpatient treatment, post-hospitalisation S$800 cash benefit, S$50,000 death benefit, or S$100k death benefit if you work as a frontline staff.


Travel Insurance

If you are travelling, FWD's travel insurance allows you to access the FWD Flyer app for online consultations, FWD panel clinics worldwide, and to submit claims. Other key benefits include unlimited medical evacuation, sports equipment coverage, and haze-related flight delay coverage. This plan, however, does not cover COVID-19 related medical expenses or trip interruptions or delays as COVID-19 is now considered a known event.


Term Life

You can get 2 types of term life insurance policies at FWD, namely the Term Life Plus (either fixed term or renewable up to age 100) and the FWD Essential Life (renewable up to age 85) available here on MoneySmart that you can scroll up and purchase directly online. FWD Essential Life offers you coverage of up to S$750k, with the option of a cancer rider for 100% lump-sum payout in the event of a cancer diagnosis.


Maid Insurance

If you are planning to employ a foreign domestic worker for your household, do note that according to the Ministry of Manpower, it is mandatory for you to purchase maid insurance for your helper with stipulated minimum coverage and limits you have to adhere to. FWD's maid insurance includes online consultations, security bond to the MOM, refund upon cancellation, and covers pre-existing conditions. You can opt for riders to extend healthcare coverage for your helper.


HDB Fire

FWD's HDB Fire insurance is a 5-year insurance plan offering your HDB flat's building, structure, fixtures, and fittings that were installed by the HDB against fires. Your personal furnitures and any fixtures you installed personally will not be covered. If you have a HDB mortgage loan, it is mandatory for you to purchase the HDB fire insurance.

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Looking for Mortgage Insurance?

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How to apply for your Term Life Insurance plan

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Applying for a Term Life Insurance plan through MoneySmart

Step 1

Answer Some Questions

Don't have time to compare all the different life insurance plans in Singapore? Answer some questions and let our intelligent system find the best term life insurance plan for you.

Step 2

Speak To Our Insurance Specialists

After you submit your quiz, our expert insurance specialist team members may drop you a call to clarify your needs and explain your options to you. Seize this chance to ask our friendly colleagues the burning questions you may have about life insurance!

Step 3

Apply And Purchase Your Term Life Insurance

Once you have spoken to our insurance specialists, considered your options, and planned your finances, you are ready to apply for your term life insurance plan online through our portal.

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FWD Insurance Claims

No matter what kind of claims you may have on hand – car, motorcycle, home, medical, or travel insurance, do note that you must inform FWD as soon as possible, within 30 days of the incident to be eligible for a claim under your policy.

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How Do Claims Work?

Travel Insurance Claim

There are 4 types of travel insurance claims, namely medical or death, theft and damage to your belongings, delays and disruptions, and other miscellaneous claims such as personal liabilities, car rental excess, emergency phone charges, credit card fraud, and pet care. For medical insurance, your claims process begins even before you visit a hospital. Login to the FWD Flyer app to ensure you're visiting an authorised clinic or hospital while abroad. As with all claims, you will then be able to visit your FWD online services account to submit your claim online.

Car Insurance Claim

In the event you are involved in a car accident, immediately call the FWD Emergency Assistance hotline at (+65) 6322 2072. Give them your personal details registered to your FWD car insurance, then drive or tow your vehicle to a FWD Premium Workshop or your designated workshop. Later, submit your claims online via the FWD website or your FWD online services account.

Term Life Insurance Claim

In the event you have been diagnosed with a terminal or critical illness, or if your family member has passed on, you will need to call your financial advisor or the FWD customer service hotline at (+65) 6820 8888. If the situation is eligible, FWD will offer your family an advance of S$5,000 for funeral services. You will nonetheless be required to submit your claims and all supporting documents online via the FWD online services or FWD website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does FWD Insurance stand for?

FWD insurance is the insurance division of the Hong Kong-based private investment group, Pacific Century Group, and was formerly known as "ING Hong Kong" before it was renamed to "FWD Hong Kong". The name "FWD" is an acronym for the company's name in mandarin, "富衛 (Fú Wèi)", which can be literally translated to mean "wealth" and "protection".

How to claim FWD travel insurance?

Is FWD travel insurance easy to claim? If you are a FWD travel insurance policyholder, there are 4 types of travel insurance claims that you can make – namely medical and death, theft or damage to your belongings, delays and disruptions, and other claims such as personal liability, car rental excess, emergency phone charges, credit card fraud, pet care, sports equipment, and home. To make a claim, login to your FWD account via the FWD online services customer portal, or simply visit the FWD website's claims section to submit your supporting claim documents. If you find yourself in need of emergency medical care while abroad, do check the FWD Flyer app for a list of authorised FWD doctors, clinics, and hospitals before you visit one to ensure that your expenses will be claimable. If you've just returned to Singapore with an illness or injury, do seek treatment within 48 hours, after which you can submit your supporting claims documents via the FWD online services portal or website.

How to cancel FWD insurance?

Can I cancel my FWD insurance? Yes, to cancel your FWD insurance policy, first login to your FWD account via the FWD online services customer portal. You can then submit a cancellation request via the portal and FWD will reply you in 2 working days. If you may have other questions related to your insurance policy cancellation, you can call the FWD customer service hotline at (+65) 6820 8888 on Mondays to Fridays, between 9am and 10pm, and Saturdays between 9am to 1pm.

How to pay FWD insurance online?

There are 3 ways you can pay for your FWD insurance online – via credit card, Visa or MasterCard debit cards, or GIRO. You will then have to choose your payment frequency – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. If you are looking to arrange for a recurring GIRO payment, you can download the Interbank GIRO Application form from the FWD website's "Forms" section. If you are a FWD insurance policyholder and are looking to change your payment method, you will need to email the FWD customer service team to facilitate the change. If you missed your FWD premiums payment, you will need to call the FWD customer service hotline at (+65) 6820 8888 to have the FWD team assist with your payment. Do note that you will need to pay up within 62 days, else your policy will be terminated.

Is FWD insurance good?

FWD's car and travel insurance plans are reliable, offers decent and competitive coverage, benefits, and good value for money, and are considerably popular. If you are a HDB homeowner, chances are you may already have the recurring 5-year FWD HBD Fire insurance plan for FWD is the appointed insurance company for the HDB Fire Insurance Scheme.

Who owns FWD insurance?

FWD Group is owned by Richard Li, the Hong Kong businessman who founded the private investment company, Pacific Century Group. Richard Li is also famously the younger of 2 sons of Hong Kong tycoon and billionaire, Li Ka-shing.

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