OCBC Home Loan Refinancing

OCBC offers home loan refinance for HDB and private properties. There are 4 online exclusive OCBC refinance home loan rates, namely a 3-year fixed interest rate of 1.38%, a board interest rate package, a 3-month SIBOR floating interest rate, and a 1-month compounded SORA interest rate. You can also use OCBC's refinance calculator online for free.

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OCBC Private Property Refinance Rates

OCBC 3-month SIBORFloating1.44%2 years
OCBC MBR FloatingFloating1.45%1 year
OCBC 2yrs FixedFixed1.55%2 years

OCBC Building Under Constructions Mortgage Refinance Rates

OCBC 3-month SIBOR (BUC)Floating1.24%0 year
OCBC MBR Floating (BUC)Floating1.50%0 year

OCBC HDB Refinance Rates

OCBC MBR FloatingFloating1.45%1 year
OCBC 2yrs FixedFixed1.55%2 years

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How to apply for your OCBC Home Loan Refinancing

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OCBC Home Loan Refinancing Application Process

  • Step 1Submit your documents through us

    To get started, prepare the necessary documents for refinancing. Start comparing through us when you’re nearing the end of your current loan’s lock-in period, so you can familiarise yourself with the different options available.

  • Step 2Compare and be informed

    After you submit your documents, we’ll dig deeper and find out the best housing loan refinancing package for you. We’ll then advise you and liaise on your behalf once you’ve chosen your new home loan package.

  • Step 3Refinance your home loan

    Make sure that you’re switching to a home loan rate with a lower interest rate than your existing loan. Typically, interest rates increase on the 3rd year due to SIBOR or SOR fluctuations, as well as the increasing interest rate structure of home loan packages. That’s why it’s important to put refinancing on your must-dos.

Why Get Your Home Loan Through Us?

  • Simple, fast, convenient

    Leave your home loan research to us and we’ll break it down for you in simple terms. Our Mortgage Specialist will contact you directly so you can save time for other important things in life.

  • Get better deals

    Feeling so spoilt for choice you can't decide? Settling for the first option is like being forced to marry the first person you come across on a dating app. Don’t feel pressured. We compare across all banks in Singapore to ensure that you get the best deals.

  • It's free!

    Our service to you is free. But, of course we’re not doing this for charity! All banks pay us a standard referral fee for our services and our awesome job done. We don’t take sides or give biased advice.

  • Vouchers

    Get up to S$500 Grab Food/Ride Vouchers when you apply for your Home Loan through us.

Why Get Your Home Loan Through Us?Why Get Your Home Loan Through Us?

Receive up to $500 worth of vouchers when yourefinance your home loan with us!

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