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Great Eastern Singapore

Great Eastern Life is an insurance company headquartered in Singapore and founded in 1908. In June 2004, Great Eastern became a subsidiary of the local OCBC Bank. Today, Great Eastern has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City. Great Eastern is a publicly listed company on the SGX index (SGX: G07).

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Why choose Great Eastern?

Great Eastern Supreme Health is Great Eastern’s flagship Integrated Shield Plan (IP) – a health insurance plan meant to supplement your MediShield Life provided by the Ministry of Health. An IP serves to extend the hospital, ward, and treatment coverage and claim limit you may already have from the MediShield Life plan. If you are hospitalised for COVID-19 from 20 October 2020 onwards, you will be allowed to claim relevant medical expenses from your Great Eastern SupremeHealth and rider.
Great Eastern eConnect is an online portal for Great Eastern policyholders and clients to check and manage, perform payment transactions, and file claims for their insurance and financial portfolios at a glance. If you are a Great Eastern insurance policyholder, you will also be able to view and download your eDocuments – also your online policy contracts. However, if your policy contract is older than 3 years, you will not be able to view it on eConnect.

Great Eastern Health Insurance Plans

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What is Great Eastern SupremeHealth?

GE Supreme Health is an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) offered by the Singapore-based insurance company, Great Eastern. An IP is meant to supplement your basic hospitalisation and medical treatment coverage that you already have from the MediShield Life insurance plan offered by Singapore’s Ministry of Health. IPs like the Great Eastern Supreme Health serves to extend the range of wards you can access in public and private hospitals, and increase the claim limits for surgeries and medical treatments.

Great Eastern Supreme Health P Plus

There are 4 types of plans to the Great Eastern Supreme Health, namely the P Plus, A Plus, B Plus and Standard plans – offering you coverage from class B1 wards in public hospitals up to standard rooms in private hospitals. The Great Eastern Supreme Health P Plus in particular, offers to most comprehensive coverage – spanning wards in both public and private hospitals, including all MediShield Life-approved inpatient surgeries, short-stay wards, examinations, lab tests, pregnancy complications, organ transplants, HIV treatment due to blood transfusion or occupation, pre- and post-hospitalisation treatments, and more.

Great Eastern Panel Doctor

If you are a Great Eastern SupremeHealth policyholder, you will have access to the Great Eastern HealthConnect medical concierge service hotline or its online portal of Great Eastern panel doctors on the website. You will be able to make appointments and have your imminent treatments pre-authorised with a Letter of Guarantee. If you are a policyholder and are unsure how to go about making an appointment or searching up a Great Eastern panel doctor, you can call the Health Connect customer service hotline at 6563 2233.


A rider is an optional add-on plan to your main health insurance or Integrated Shield Plan to boost the coverage of your medical expenses – essentially lowering the out-of-pocket bills you will need to fork out in person via co-insurance per medical bill or deductibles annually. Great Eastern offers 2 riders for the Great Eastern Supreme Health, namely the GREAT TotalCare Elite or Classic, and the GREAT TotalCare Plus.

Great Eastern Supreme Health Plan Types

Great Eastern Supreme Health P PlusStandard rooms in private hospitals, wards class A and below in restructured hospitalsS$1,500,000
Great Eastern Supreme Health A PlusWards class A and below in restructured hospitalsS$1,000,000
Great Eastern Supreme Health B PlusWards class B1 and below in restructured hospitalsS$500,000
Great Eastern Supreme Health StandardWards class B1 and below in restructured hospitalsS$150,000

Why choose Great Eastern SupremeHealth?

The Great Eastern Supreme Health is a good-for-value private insurance plan as it has below average market premiums and also offers the highest annual limit in the market. Supreme Health provides extensive coverage for hospitalisation and surgery such as daily room, board, and daily ICU benefits. Also, there are unique benefits provided by the plan such as coverage for speech therapy and occupational therapy, and coverage for inpatient and post-hospitalisation psychiatric treatments.
Great Eastern provides a service known as HealthConnect which helps you simplify your hospitalisation process. HealthConnect allows you to easily search for a healthcare specialist under Great Eastern’s panel of doctors and apply for pre-authorisation for your stay at the hospital. Post-hospitalisation, you can also use HealthConnect to file claims directly with the hospital.

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Great Eastern Supreme Health Shield Plan Exclusions

Community Hospital

While all 4 Great Eastern Supreme Health plans – P Plus, A Plus, B Plus, and Standard – offer coverage for community hospital stays, do note that expenses are only claimable if your hospital doctor referred you to a community hospital for further inpatient treatment.

Short Stay Ward

No matter which Great Eastern Supreme Health plan you are on, the short stay ward coverage only applies to wards in restructured hospitals.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Complication

The pregnancy complication benefit only covers 13 listed pregnancy complications, namely ectopic pregnancy, pre-eclampsia or eclampsia, disseminated intravascular coagulation, miscarriage after the first trimester of the pregnancy, antepartum haemorrhage, intrauterine death, choriocarcinoma and hydatidiform mole, acute fatty liver pregnancy, breech delivery, placenta previa, post partum haemorrhage, amniotic fluid embolism, and twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. All other pregnancy-related conditions will not be covered. You will also need to wait for at least 300 days from your policy effective date before you will enjoy this benefit.

Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy

All Great Eastern Supreme Health plans offer full coverage for breast reconstruction post-mastectomy. However, the reconstruction surgery has to be performed by a Medical Doctor within 365 days from the date of the first mastectomy.

Organ Transplant

Benefit only applies that you, the policyholder, is the one receiving an organ transplant. Eligible transplants include kidney(s), heart, liver, cornea(s), skin, pancreas and musculoskeletal tissue.

Post-Hospitalisation Treatment for 365 Days

Any post-hospitalisation follow-up treatments between the 180th and 365th days must be done in a restructured hospital or prescribed by a Great Eastern panel specialist doctor.

Outpatient Erythropoietin

If you hold a Great Eastern Supreme Health Standard plan, any outpatient Erythropoietin treatments will only be eligible for claims if it were prescribed for chronic renal failure only.

Psychiatric Treatment

If you are on the Great Eastern Supreme Health Standard plan, your psychiatric treatment additional benefit will only be eligible for daily inpatient ward treatment only, claimable up to 35 days per policy year – as opposed to the other plans which includes pre- and post-hospitalisation psychiatric treatments.

Organ Donation

If you, the policyholder, is donating an organ to your family member, you will only enjoy listed benefits (between S$20,000 to S$60,000 per transplant for B Plus to P Plus holders) after 730 days from your policy effective date.

Congenital Abnormalities of Biological Child

If you hold a Great Eastern Supreme Health B, A, or P Plus policy, you are entitled to S$12,000 to S$20,000 benefits in the event your (female individuals) newborn has congenital abnormalities. However, this benefit will only be in effect after a waiting period of 300 days from your policy effect date.

Overseas Emergency Medical Treatment

Offers you full coverage for all emergency medical services and supplies in the event you are caught in a life or death situation outside of Singapore. You will have to pay for the treatments first, and bring the bills back for claims. You will only be able to claim Singapore public hospitals' equivalent prices of the treatments you received abroad.

Final Expense Benefit

In the event you, the policyholder, passes away during hospitalisation or post-hospitalisation, your final expense benefit will be used to offset your deductibles and co-insurance payments.

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Great Eastern Supreme Health Summary

The Great Eastern Supreme Health is an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) meant to supplement any hospitalisation or medical treatment expense coverage that you may have from your mandatory MediShield Life health insurance plan provided by Singapore's Ministry of Health.

Benefits of the Great Eastern Supreme Health IP includes:

  • Maximum annual coverage limit of S$1.5 million
  • 4 types of different plans for different types of lifestyle, medical needs, and budgets
  • Access to class B1 wards in public hospitals upwards to standard rooms in private hospitals

The GE Supreme Health IP aside, Great Eastern offers 2 types of riders for its Supreme Health plans – namely the GREAT TotalCare (Elite or Classic) and the GREAT TotalCare Plus which offers you the option to seek treatment abroad.

All Great Eastern Health Insurance Plans

GREAT CareShield

The Great Eastern CareShield Advantage or Enhanced are long-term disability plans offering you coverage for disabilities as a result of medical or accidental conditions in the form of payouts for loss of income, and coverage for medical expenses. An initial benefit offers you a lump-sum payout of 3 times your monthly benefit, premium waiver, and monthly payouts for life for moderate disabilities and onwards. Your premiums can be paid by cash or with MediSave (up to your additional withdrawal limits).

GREAT SupremeHealth

GREAT SupremeHealth is Great Eastern's flagship Integrated Shield Plan (IP), a health insurance plan meant to supplement the basic healthcare, hospitalisation, and medical treatment coverage that you have got with the mandatory MediShield Life health insurance provided by Singapore's Ministry of Health. An IP like the Great Eastern Supreme Health serves to extend the range of wards in public or private hospitals that you can be admitted to, and increase the claim limit for your medical treatments' expenses.

GREAT TotalCare

The GREAT TotalCare is an optional add-on rider to the above mentioned GREAT SupremeHealth Integrated Shield Plan (IP). A rider in health insurance is basically an add-on package to boost the benefits of your existing health insurance plan – in Singapore's case, a rider to your IP often serves to lower your co-insurance payment (a mandatory percentage of the bill you must pay in cash for every medical bill you receive) from the usual 10% to lowest 5% legal minimum. Often times, riders from different providers will offer you differing benefits – in Great Eastern's case, the TotalCare allows you t seek treatment overseas in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Supreme MediCash

The Great Eastern MediCash is a hospitalisation insurance plan offering you daily cash benefit of up to S$200 each day you are hospitalised due to illnesses, S$400 for each day you are hospitalised due to accidents, and S$600 per day you are admitted into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). A daily cash payout plan like the Supreme MediCash serves to complement and supplement your hospitalisation and medical treatment Integrated Shield Plan, and critical illness plans – with the cash payouts you receive from this plan, you can pay for any co-insurance or excess miscellaneous medical fees that you have had to pay out-of-pocket. The Supreme MediCash covers COVID-19 as well.

GREAT Cancer Guard

Great Eastern's GREAT Cancer Guard is a cancer-specific critical illness health insurance plan offering 100% payout (up to S$300,000, depending on the sum you have chosen to be assured for) for all cancer stages – meaning you will first evaluate your liabilities and expenses, choose an amount you want to be assured for in the event of a cancer diagnosis that may incur hefty medical treatment expenses or render you unfit to continue working, and you will pay your annual premiums for this insurance plan until the event you receive diagnosis of cancer in any stage, Great Eastern will issue you a lump-sum payout check – which will bring the plan to an end.

Flexi Maternity Cover

Great Eastern's Flexi Maternity Cover is a standalone maternity insurance plan which requires you to pay a one-time premium, offering you coverage for your pregnancy from 13 weeks to 30 days postpartum. Your newborn will then continue to be covered for S$10,000 for the next 3 years for 18 congenital illnesses, and death by these congenital illnesses. You will be covered a maximum of S$10,000 for 8 pregnancy complications, total or permanent disabilities as a result of pregnancy complications, and even death.


The Great Eastern LifeSecure is a long-term disability insurance plan which can be taken up as a standalone plan or a rider to your existing Great Eastern plans, offering you monthly payouts (up to S$5,000, depending on the sum you have assured yourself for) for life upon total or permanent disability – determined if you are unable to perform 2 of the Activities of Daily Livings (ADLs), namely washing, dressing, feeding, toileting, mobility and transferring.

Pay Assure

Great Eastern Pay Assure is an income replacement insurance plan offering up to 75% of your monthly salary (depends on the sum you have chosen) in the event of physical or mental illness, or partial monthly benefits if you are only returning to work in limited capacity. In the event of death, your family will received 6 times of your monthly benefit. A plan like this serves as an add-on to core health insurance plans which you may already have in plan, such as the Integrated Shield Plan, critical illness, personal accident, etc.

Prestige Global Health Options

The Great Eastern Prestige Global Health Options is a partner plan with fellow insurance company, Cigna, that allows you to customise your very own personalised international health insurance. You will enjoy access to global hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare providers, international's medical evacuation, physical examinations and screenings, opticians, eye tests, and dental care as well.

What types of insurance does Great Eastern offer?

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Types of Insurance offered by Great Eastern


Life Insurance

What is life insurance and why do I need it? Life insurance essentially offers your family and dependants a lump-sum payout to alleviate any financial burden in the event of your death. If you are the sole breadwinner or have dependants such as elderly parents or children who may not be able to generate income on their own, your death may leave them helpless. Great Eastern offers 14 types of life insurance plans ranging from the GREAT Term, GREAT TripleCare MoneyBack, Dependants' Protection Scheme, MortgageCare, to the Prestige Life Gold 2, and more – all which offers various amounts of lump-sum payouts, conditions for the payouts, and fringe benefits such cover for some illnesses.


Health Insurance

If you are a Singaporean citizen or a Permanent Resident (PR), you will have the MediShield Life health insurance plan issued by the government's Ministry of Health by default. A basic health insurance is necessary for all – it helps to alleviate hefty medical bills in the event of outpatient or inpatient illnesses and injuries. However, the basic MediShield Life only grants you access to limit wards in public hospitals with lower claim limits for treatments and surgeries – which is also why some individuals may opt to approach a private insurance company for an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) to supplement their MediShield Life plan. Great Eastern's flagship IP is the Great Eastern SupremeHealth. Other health insurance products include the CareShield, TotalCare, Supreme MediCash, Cancer Guard, Maternity Cover, and more.


Personal Accident

A personal accident insurance plan helps to alleviate hefty financial expenses and expenses incurred as a result of emergency and medical treatment, medication and follow-up treatments such as physiotherapy and rehabilitation as a result of an accident. You should consider a personal accident plan if you have got your basic health insurance plans set in place, such as an Integrated Shield Plan and critical illness plan. Great Eastern offers 9 types of personal accident plans, namely the GREAT Comprehensive Care, Protector Active, Junior Protector, Golden Protector, AccidentCare Plus II, Essential Protector, PA Supreme, and Prestige PACare.


Travel Insurance

Do I really need a travel insurance if I am just going on a short vacation? Luggages lost? Apple Watch pickpocketed? Missed a connecting flight? Trip interrupted and delayed by unforeseen circumstances? Although travel insurance plans may offer you nifty compensation for these unfortunate scenarios, the real purpose of a travel insurance is the coverage for emergency medical and hospital reimbursement while you are overseas, medical evacuation back home (in case you need to be ferried in an air ambulance or helicopter), disabilities, death, and repatriation of your body – all of which can easily rack up to S$100,000 and above in a single bill. Great Eastern offers 2 types of travel insurance plans – Travel Easy, and TravelSmart Premier with differing permutations of the above mentioned key benefits.


Car Insurance

If you intend to drive in Singapore, do note that a car insurance is mandatory in Singapore – and you need to first purchase a car insurance before the car can be handed over to your ownership. You will generally find 3 types of car insurance plans in Singapore – third-party (the legal minimum) which covers any damages to your car caused by another driver, third-party fire and theft (fire or theft of your car by someone else), and comprehensive car insurance (covers damages to the other driver's car if you caused the damage, as well as coverage for your own car). Great Eastern offers 1 car insurance plan, namely the comprehensive Drive and Save Plus in Singapore, which offers you personal accident protection for medical reimbursement, and your choice of workshops as well.


Home Insurance

If you are a homeowner, a landlord, or even a tenant, you may need to consider a home insurance. A home insurance plan serves to protect your house, furniture, appliances, devices, belongings, and pets against natural disasters such as earthquakes, flood, hail, or robberies, burglaries, fires, etc. Great Eastern offers 2 types of home insurance plans – Home GR8 Essential, and Home GR8 Plus, both of which covers fire, theft, and all risks respectively. Do note that if you own a HDB flat in Singapore, you would have paid for a compulsory HDB Fire Insurance – and renewed it every 5 years. It covers any damaged internal structures and fixtures built by the HDB – meaning your furniture and belongings are actually not covered by this plan. Premiums for the HDB Fire Insurance Scheme ranges from S$4.87 to S$7.13 per 5 years (effective 2019 to 2024).


Maid Insurance

If you intend to employ a foreign domestic worker for your household in Singapore, it is mandatory to purchase medical insurance of at least $15,000 per year in inpatient care and day surgery, and personal accident insurance of at least $60,000 per year for her prior to her arrival from 1 October 2017 onwards – according to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Great Eastern offers the MaidGR8 for up to S$60,000 in the event of accidental death, disablement, S$10,000 for repatriation in the event of accidents, S$30,000 per year for hospital and surgical expenses.


Retirement Plan

When you plan for retirement, you are setting up channels and pathways which will continue to give you your desired monthly income even when you no longer hold a full-time job. Great Eastern offers 2 types of retirement plans – the Prime Retirement, and the Supreme Retirement for guaranteed monthly retirement income.


Wealth Accumulation and Prestige

A savings insurance plans serves to help you "grow" your excess funds over a predetermined period of time for several reasons – child's education, retirement, investment, or simply for monthly payouts. Great Eastern offers 14 types of savings plans, and 6 types of customisable Prestige plans for elite customers, such as the GREAT Wealth Advantage, Flexi Cashback, Prime Life Rewards 5, Family3, Supreme Education, Prime Retirement, Smart Invest, and more.

Great Eastern Supreme Health Riders

Great Eastern offers 2 types of riders to complement the Great Eastern SupremeHealth Integrated Shield Plan, namely the GREAT TotalCare and GREAT TotalCare Plus. If you are a Great Eastern Supreme Health policyholder, you can opt to add these riders to your Supreme Health plan to further reduce your out-of-pocket cash payments and increase your medical benefits.

What are Riders

Riders in health insurance or Integrated Shield Plans in Singapore are optional policies that you can add-on to your main health insurance policy to give you additional benefits. Most riders for Integrated Shield Plans in Singapore serve to help you lower your out-of-pocket cash payments (co-insurance and deductibles). These riders come at a (often higher) annual premium and cannot be paid with your MediSave funds.

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GREAT TotalCare

There are 2 types of the GREAT TotalCare rider – Elite or Classic, depending on the coverage you need. The GREAT TotalCare Elite rider lowers your co-insurance payment from 10% to 5%, while the Classic version requires you to pay either 5% in co-insurance or the deductibles – whichever is higher.

GREAT TotalCare Plus

GREAT TotalCare Plus is a rider to the GREAT TotalCare rider, offering you the option to take your medical treatment and hospitalisation stay overseas. There are 2 types of GREAT TotalCare Plus riders – Essential or Advance, the latter with higher claim limits.

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Great Eastern Supreme Health Review for Foreigners

GREAT Supreme Health is an integrated shield plan offered by private insurer Great Eastern. The integrated shield plan has four coverage tiers: Standard plan, B Plus, A Plus and P Plus. The GREAT Supreme Health P Plus is available for foreigners looking for health insurance with maximum private hospital coverage. P Plus is the highest benefits tier that provides private hospital coverage. Exclusive to GREAT Supreme Health plan holders, they offer HealthConnect, a call-in service to help you find a specialist, obtain pre-authorisation for your hospital stay and settle your claims directly with the hospital. The premiums for P Plus is priced below market average which makes it affordable for expats.

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Great Eastern Supreme Health P Plus Coverage

Inpatient benefits

The inpatient benefits cover expenses incurred during hospitalisation and surgery. It includes Daily Ward and Treatment Charges, Surgical Charges and Pregnancy and Childbirth Complications for expectant mothers. Most recently, the coverage has been expanded to include hospitalisation expenses in Singapore due to COVID-19.

Outpatient benefits

On the flipside, outpatient benefits cover medical expenses incurred which do not require staying in the hospital. Some of the outpatient treatments covered by Great Eastern Supreme Health includes Chemotherapy for cancer, Radiotherapy for cancer and Kidney Dialysis.

Overseas Travel and Emergency

For overseas coverage, the Supreme Health P Plus does include emergency medical treatment outside Singapore. It covers all expenses incurred if the plan holder requires medical treatments and other medical related services as a result of an Emergency while outside Singapore.

Why Great Eastern Supreme Health P Plus?

While Great Eastern Supreme Health P Plus boasts an above average annual limit of S$1,500,000, it has a high post-hospitalisation coverage period of up to 365 days. The integrated shield plan also currently offers the highest psychiatric coverage of S$25,000.
On top of the additional COVID-19 coverage, this plan covers pregnancy and childbirth complications as well as congenital abnormalities of your child. It also reimburses the cost of breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

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How to apply for your Health Insurance plan

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Applying for a Health Insurance plan through MoneySmart

Step 1

Answer Some Questions

Don't have time to compare all the different health insurance plans in Singapore for foreigners? Answer some questions and let our intelligent system find the best health insurance plan for you.

Step 2

Speak To Our Insurance Specialists

After you submit your quiz, our expert insurance specialist team members may drop you a call to clarify your needs and explain your options to you. Seize this chance to ask our friendly colleagues the burning questions you may have about health insurance!

Step 3

Apply And Purchase Your Health Insurance

Once you have spoken to our insurance specialists, considered your options, and planned your finances, you are ready to apply for your health insurance plan online through our portal.

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Great Eastern Health Insurance Claims

When you are filing an insurance claim, it basically means that you, the policyholder, is submitting a request to your insurance company to reimburse you for the medical bills you have paid for at the clinic or hospital. What sets a health insurance provider apart from another is the reliability, and convenience of the claims system.

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How Do Claims Work?

HealthConnect Claims

You can settle your claims with the hospitals directly through HealthConnect, a service offered by Great Eastern. When you visit a healthcare provider under Great Eastern’s panel of doctors, you can also use HealthConnect to obtain a pre-authorisation. This pre-authorisation allows you to not have to pay the hospital bill upfront and have Great Eastern settle the claim with the hospital directly upon your discharge.

Other Claims

In the event of other claims such as pre- and post-hospitalisation claims, you can download the required claim forms from the Great Eastern claims website page. You will also find instructions for submitting your claims, along with a list of supporting documents you will have to submit – such as original hospital bills, receipts, and hospital discharge reports.

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Claim Process

Step 1

Make Appointment

Health Connect, a call-in service for GREAT Supreme Health plan holders is established to pre-authorise medical expenses if hospitalisation is required. Simply call the Health Connect hotline to make an appointment with your preferred specialist from the selected panel of doctors.

Step 2


Should hospitalisation be required after consultation, you can just call Health Connect to obtain a pre-authorisation on your eligible medical expenses three days before hospitalisation.

Step 3

Claim for hospitalisation bills

After being discharged, Great Eastern settles your eligible medical expenses directly with the hospital. For any plan enquiries, you can also call the HealthConnect hotline at 6563 2233.

Step 4

Other claims

In the event that you are required to submit a claim such as for post-hospitalisation, a claim form is required to be submitted along with any supporting documents. Supporting documents include further medical expense bills and receipts pertaining and/or further medical leave certificate to the same claim event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Great Eastern Supreme Health payable by MediSave?

Yes, like all other Integrated Shield Plans, the Great Eastern Supreme Health shield insurance plan's premiums are payable by MediSave. If you are using your MediSave to pay for your Integrated Shield Plan (IP), do note that there are Additional Withdrawal Limit – you can only use S$300 from your MediSave to pay for your IP if you are 40 years old or younger (on your next birthday), S$600 if you are aged 41 to 70, and S$900 if you are 71 years and above. Also, you can only have 1 Integrated Shield Plan at any one time.

Do the premiums of the Great Eastern Supreme Health increase with age?

Yes, as with all health insurance plans, your premiums will increase with age due to the increased probability of health conditions and medical services expenses' continual inflation. For Great Eastern Supreme Health, premiums start from S$233 for ages 21 to 30, S$286 for ages 31 to 35, S$299 for ages 36 to 40, S$638 for ages 41 to 45, and so on for P Plus.

Can I get multiple Great Eastern Integrated Shield Plans to increase my coverage?

No, in Singapore, you are only allowed to have 1 Integrated Shield Plan at any given point in time to supplement your MediShield Life plan, regardless of which insurance company you are insured by.

Is the quoted premium an additional amount I have to pay besides my MediShield Life plan?

It depends – some insurers present their Integrated Shield Plan premiums with MediShield Life premiums included to give you an overview of the price. Some insurance companies, however, split up both the premiums of MediShield Life and their Integrated Shield Plans' premiums in separate columns. Do check the fine print of the premiums table to check if MediShield Life's premiums have been included. If you are browsing the Great Eastern Supreme Health brochure online and are looking at the premiums listed in the brochure, Great Eastern has split up the payments for MediShield Life and their Great Eastern Supreme Health plans into separate columns.

What is Supreme Health P Plus?

GREAT Supreme Health is a Private Integrated Shield Plan (IP) offered by Great Eastern. Besides covering hospitalisation and surgery, it also provides higher coverage against pre and post hospitalisation expenses

Does Supreme Health Integrated Shield plan cover overseas?

Yes all expenses incurred due to an emergency medical treatment outside Singapore will be covered.

Can expats buy medical insurance plans from Great Eastern?

Yes but they are only eligible for Great Eastern Supreme Health P Plus.

What are the payment methods for Great Eastern Supreme Health P Plus?

For foreigners who are non-dependants of Singapore Citizens or PRs, Great Eastern Supreme Health P Plus premiums can only be paid via cash. For foreigners who are dependents, premiums can be paid via cash or medisave.

Is the Great Eastern Supreme Health P Plus enough?

While it is the highest tier plan that gives private hospital coverage, policy owners can complement the P Plus plan with additional rider options such as Great Total Care and Great Total Care Plus. Coverage will be enhanced to cover up to 95% of your total hospitalisation bill and non-emergency medical treatment overseas.

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