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Cigna Health Insurance Singapore

Cigna is a Connecticut-based American multinational insurance company formed in 1982 by merger of Connecticut General Life Insurance Company (CGI) and INA Corporation. Today, Cigna offers health, life, and accident insurance globally and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CI) and is part of the S&P 500.

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Why Choose Cigna?

Cigna offers three types of international health insurance plans - Silver, Gold, and Platinum - for individuals who are frequent flyers, reside abroad for work or study, and may prefer global insurance coverage and access to healthcare wherever they may be in. Key benefits of an international health insurance like Cigna's usually include outpatient medical care, hospitalisation stays, treatments and surgeries, evacuation, general health and wellness, optical, and dental access and coverage.
Cigna Silver Plan is the most basic of all 3 international health insurance plans that Cigna offers for individuals. Benefits include a $1 million annual claim limit for coverage such as inpatient hospitalisation stays, daypatient short stays, cancer treatments, medical care for your newborn child, and private hospital wards.

Cigna International Health Insurance Plans

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Cigna International Health Insurance Tiers

Cigna Silver PlanPrivate roomS$1,000,000
Cigna Gold PlanPrivate roomS$2,000,000
Cigna Platinum PlanPrivate roomPaid in full

What Is Cigna Silver Plan?

Cigna Silver Plan is the most basic of the three international health insurance plans that Cigna offers for individuals (not to be mistaken for a group international health insurance that are usually offered by multinational companies for their staff).

Geographical Coverage

Although the most basic of all three plans, the Cigna Silver Plan nonetheless offers you sufficient coverage in your choice of country or region, or worldwide, including the USA.

Medical Coverage

Aside from the usual hospitalisation stays, wards, surgeries, cancer treatments, your Cigna Silver Plan will also cover you for physiotherapy, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, land and air ambulance, and even offer you 30 days of cash benefit,


As it's a relatively simple plan that offers you just sufficient coverage, the premiums are considerably lower and affordable for the average Singaporean at $154 per month for a 29 year old female.

Who Is Cigna Silver Plan Best For?

If you or your child may be studying abroad for a couple of years, you may want to consider the Cigna Silver Plan just to ensure that you or your child will always have access to healthcare facilities and medical attention in the even of any emergencies or illnesses. Also, this will ensure that you will have access and coverage to medical transport such as land and air ambulance, or evacuations by helicopter ambulances, or repatriation of the body if anything unfortunate happens.
Due to the lower annual claim limit of the Cigna Silver Plan – $1 million per year for overseas medical treatment is not a lot – this plan is most suitable for students or young working professionals who are generally in good health and lead a balanced lifestyle. If you are someone who generally doesn't fall ill or make health insurance claims, you can even request for a lower premiums (which comes with higher deductibles to pay in the event that you really make claims) option.

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Cigna Silver Plan Coverage


If you are hospitalised for essential reasons, your Cigna Silver Plan will cover your hospital accommodation aka the ward charges


The medical treatments that you undergo while hospitalised will also be covered by your Cigna Silver Plan – and that includes full coverage for cancer treatments.

Country of Coverage

When you apply for your Cigna Silver Plan, you will get to choose the country, countries, region, or even worldwide coverage that you would like to have your international health insurance cover you for.


You will also be able to choose a higher deductible option for your Cigna Silver Plan – meaning when you're actually hospitalised, you will need to pay more deductibles in cash. But that also means your monthly premiums will be much lower.

Clinical Case Management

If you hold a Cigna Silver Plan, you will have access to doctors and nurses via Cigna's very own Clinical Case Management programme

Mental Health

Your Cigna Silver Plan will also include coverage for mental health, and behavioural treatments.

Cigna Wellbeing App

You will also be able to use the Cigna Wellbeing App on your phone and access healthcare tools such as the global tele-health consultations with doctors.

Online Claims

You will be able to submit your claims online via the Cigna Customer Area online portal.

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Cigna International Health Insurance Plan Summary

Cigna International Health Insurance Silver Plan is affordable and best for students and young professionals who are generally in good health, and are planning to relocate overseas for work or studies. The plan has a S$1 million annual claim limit, which will cover you for hospitalisation, medical treatments, surgeries, therapies, and emergency use of ambulances etc. There is also a high deductible option to further lower the monthly premiums that you'll have to pay.

All Cigna International Health Insurance Plans

Group Health Insurance

If you are a business owner or HR officer, Cigna offers packaged or tailored employee health benefits for your local, remote, or mobile employees in over 30 countries.

Individual Health Insurance

For individuals who are moving overseas for work or study, you will also be able to purchase individual international health insurance plans from Cigna.

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How to apply for your International Health Insurance plan

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Applying for your International Health Insurance plan through MoneySmart

Step 1

Answer Some Questions

Not sure how to compare all the different international health insurance plans available in Singapore? Let our insurance specialists do it. Answer some questions and we'll find the best international health insurance plan for you.

Step 2

Speak To Our Insurance Specialists

After you're done with your questionnaire, our expert insurance specialist team members may drop you a call to clarify your needs and explain your options to you. Do seize this opportunity to ask them questions that you may have about health insurance!

Step 3

Apply For Your Health Insurance

After you have spoken to our insurance specialists, considered your options, planned your finances, visa, and departure date, you are ready to apply for your international health insurance plan through our online portal.

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Cigna International Health Insurance Claims

If you hold a Cigna international health insurance plan – whether silver, gold, or platinum, you will be able to file your claims online via the Cigna Customer Area online portal.

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How Does Cigna Health Insurance Claims Work?

Claims Period

If you hold a Cigna international health policy and run into any medical situations, keep the reports, doctors' notes, bills, and all the paperwork you can get hold of. Then, you must submit it online via Cigna's website within 90 days if visited a Cigna-approve doctor, clinic, or hospital.

Claim Forms and Documents

In the event that you find yourself hospitalised, do get a friend or family to search for Cigna Claim Documents. You will find them all listed on the Cigna website. Just click and download the medical claim form, fill it up, watch out for a list of supporting documents that you will need (and you should then ask the hospital to provide these medical reports for you), scan them and submit them to Cigna via their online customer portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cigna health insurance good?

In Singapore, Cigna offers international health insurance which varies from basic to all-encompassing comprehensive plans. The most basic of all, Cigna Silver Plan, is a good international health insurance plan which offers sufficient coverage for Singaporean students and young working adults relocating overseas for work or studies. Cigna Singapore is an overseas branch of Cigna Europe Insurance Company and is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Does Cigna sell individual health insurance?

Yes. Apart from Group international health insurance plans, Cigna Singapore also sells individual international health insurance plans – namely the Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans.

How does Cigna health insurance work?

Cigna's international health insurance is often just a complementary insurance plan that you might want to consider if you are moving abroad for work or studies for a couple of years. It serves to grant you financial access to private hospitals in your country of residence in the event that you run into any emergency illnesses or accidents that may require you to be hospitalised. Since you are a foreigner, do not have any local medical subsidies, and can only be warded to private hospitals, your hospitalisation bill will most likely be extremely costly. An international health insurance serves to cover these overseas medical expenditure. If you were to be diagnosed with any long-term illnesses that may require regular medical attention, you may have to return to Singapore and fall back on your local Integrated Shield Plan and critical illness plans.

Does Cigna have a copay?

A copay (or co-payment) is a predetermined flat rate that you pay in the event you visit a Cigna-approved clinic or hospital for consultation. Not all Cigna health insurance plans come with copay rates. You will need to give the Cigna customer service hotline a call to find out if your plan comes with any copay rates.

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