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Cigna Health Insurance Singapore

Cigna is a health services and health insurance company which was founded in 1982 and based in Connecticut, USA. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CI), Cigna now serves 180 million people globally and is part of the S&P 500. In Singapore, Cigna is known for company and individual health insurance.

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Why Choose Cigna?

For individuals who want to get health insurance from Cigna, there are 3 tiers of international health insurance: Silver, Gold and Platinum. International health insurance is suitable for frequent flyers or those who reside abroad for work or study. It gives them global insurance coverage and access to healthcare wherever they may be. Key benefits of an international plan include inpatient and daypatient medical care, including hospitalisation stays and treatments.
Cigna Silver Plan is the most basic of the 3 international health insurance plans that Cigna offers for individuals. Benefits include a $1 million annual claim limit for coverage such as inpatient hospitalisation stays, daypatient short stays, cancer treatments, medical care for your newborn child, and private hospital wards.

Cigna International Health Insurance Plans

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Cigna International Health Insurance Tiers

Cigna Silver PlanPrivate roomS$1,000,000
Cigna Gold PlanPrivate roomS$2,000,000
Cigna Platinum PlanPrivate roomPaid in full

What Is Cigna Silver Plan?

Not to be confused with company-provided health insurance (which is known as group insurance), the Cigna Silver Plan is one of Cigna’s individual health insurance plans which cover you regardless of your employment status. Despite being the lowest-tier individual international health insurance plan offered, this plan offers fairly high levels of coverage.

Geographical Coverage

As with all of Cigna’s international health insurance plans, the Cigna Silver Plan offers worldwide coverage: choose from either Worldwide Excluding USA or Worldwide Including USA.

Medical Coverage

Aside from the usual hospitalisation stays, wards, surgeries and cancer treatments, your Cigna Silver Plan will also cover you for physiotherapy, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, land and air ambulance, and even offer you 30 days of inpatient cash benefit.


Cigna Silver Plan premiums are calculated based on your age and area of residence, among other factors. As an example, a 30-year-old female customer would pay about $209 per month for Worldwide (Excluding USA) coverage or $266 per month for Worldwide (Including USA).

Who Is Cigna Silver Plan Best For?

If you or your child will be studying abroad, you may want to consider the Cigna Silver Plan to ensure that you or your child will always have access to healthcare facilities and medical attention overseas. In the even of any emergencies or illnesses, this plan also covers medical transport such as land and air ambulance. In addition, this plan covers rehabilitation treatments such as physiotherapy, as well as mental healthcare.
As the Cigna Silver Plan's annual claim limit is only $1 million per year for overseas medical treatment, we would recommend this plan for students or young working professionals who are generally in good health and lead a balanced lifestyle. Those who are older or more prone to health issues may want to opt for a higher tier of the plan.

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Cigna Silver Plan Coverage

Hospital Charges

If you are hospitalised for essential reasons, your Cigna Silver Plan will cover your inpatient and daypatient treatment in full (up to the annual claim limit). The plan also covers any necessary Accident and Emergency Room treatment, Advanced Medical Imaging (like MRI scans) as well as ambulance fees.


Cigna Silver Plan covers pandemics, epidemics and outbreaks of infectious illnesses such as Covid-19.

Medical Treatment

The medical treatments that you undergo while hospitalised will also be covered by your Cigna Silver Plan. Also covered are rehabilitation (such as physiotherapy), acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and prosthetic devices.

Mental Health Care

Your Cigna Silver Plan will also include coverage for mental health and behavioural treatments that are part of inpatient, daypatient or outpatient treatment, up to $5,000 a year.

Cancer Treatment

Medical treatments for cancer, including preventative surgery, cancer care and cancer-related appliances are covered under the Cigna Silver Plan.

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Cigna Silver Plan Details

Country of Coverage

When you apply for your Cigna Silver Plan, you can choose from 2 types of coverage: either Worldwide Including USA or Worldwide Excluding USA. The latter is cheaper, but do make sure that you will not be residing in the USA during the policy period or you will not be covered.

Deductible & Cost Share

You can adjust the following policy details to customise your monthly premiums: deductible (what you pay out of pocket before the insurer pays the rest), cost share after deductible (the amount of the bill you co-pay, excluding the deductible) and your Out of Pocket Maximum (the total annual cap on your out of pocket costs). The more you’re willing to pay out of pocket, the lower your premiums, and vice versa.

Clinical Case Management

If you hold a Cigna Silver Plan, you will have access to Cigna's very own Clinical Case Management Programme where a case manager can support you through coordinating your treatment plan, connecting you with global medical experts, and providing second medical opinions if needed.

Cigna Wellbeing App

Policyholders gain access to the Cigna Wellbeing App, which allows you to book callback appointments or video consultations with licensed doctors for non-emergency healthcare. Apart from this telehealth feature, the app is also packed with tools to help manage your health and any chronic conditions.

Cigna International Health Insurance Plan Summary

Cigna International Health Insurance Silver Plan is affordable and best for students and young professionals who are generally in good health, and are planning to relocate overseas for work or studies. The plan has a $1 million annual claim limit, which will cover you for essentials like hospitalisation, medical treatments, and emergency medical transport. There is also a high deductible option to further lower the monthly premiums that you'll have to pay.

All Cigna International Health Insurance Plans

Cigna Prime

If you are a business owner or HR officer, Cigna offers packaged or tailored employee health benefits for your local, remote, or mobile employees. Cigna Prime is Cigna’s package for large organisations and multi-national corporations.

Cigna Care Connect

For small- to medium-sized businesses and startups, Cigna Care Connect is a group health insurance option that is more afforable and easier to administer than Cigna Prime. It’s a leaner company insurance option that suits organisations of 20 to 149 people.

Individual Health Insurance

For individuals who are moving overseas for work or study, you will also be able to purchase individual international health insurance plans from Cigna, including the Cigna Silver Plan described above. This ensures you are covered regardless of your occupation or location.

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How to apply for your International Health Insurance plan

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Applying for your International Health Insurance plan through MoneySmart

Step 1

Answer Some Questions

Not sure how to compare all the different international health insurance plans available in Singapore? Let our insurance specialists do it. Answer some questions and we'll find the best international health insurance plan for you.

Step 2

Speak To Our Insurance Specialists

After you're done with your questionnaire, our expert insurance specialist team members may drop you a call to clarify your needs and explain your options to you. Do seize this opportunity to ask them questions that you may have about health insurance!

Step 3

Apply For Your Health Insurance

After you have spoken to our insurance specialists, considered your options, planned your finances, visa, and departure date, you are ready to apply for your international health insurance plan through our online portal.

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Cigna International Health Insurance Claims

If you hold a Cigna international health insurance plan – whether Silver, Gold, or Platinum, here’s a brief walkthrough of how to file claims with Cigna.

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How Do Cigna Health Insurance Claims Work?

Getting Treatment

If you hold a Cigna international health policy and run into any medical situations, the best way to deal with it is to call Cigna’s ​​Customer Care Team on +44 (0) 1475 788182 or (from the US) 800 835 7677. Cigna’s team will make the necessary arrangements, including payment, so you don’t need to pay first and then claim it back.


If it is a medical emergency and you are not able to contact Cigna before seeking treatment, you may need to pay upfront first then claim the costs back from Cigna. You should contact Cigna of this emergency treatment within 48 hours.

Claim Forms and Documents

In the event that you’ve paid upfront for medical treatment and wish to file a claim from Cigna, find the appropriate claim forms in your Cigna welcome pack or download them from the Cigna website. Fill them out and submit them via the Cigna Customer Area portal.


Cigna normally reimburses medical claims within 5 days of receiving a claim. However, you do need to provide all the relevant information and supporting documents required, such as written confirmation of your diagnosis. Be sure to state how and where you want your refund issued, and indicate your policy number on all documents submitted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cigna health insurance good?

In Singapore, Cigna offers international health insurance which varies from basic to all-encompassing comprehensive plans. The most basic of all, Cigna Silver Plan, is a good international health insurance plan which offers sufficient coverage for Singaporean students and young adults relocating overseas for work or studies. Cigna Singapore is a general insurer licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Does Cigna sell individual health insurance?

Yes. Although Cigna is best known for company-provided group international health insurance plans, Cigna Singapore also sells individual international health insurance plans to those who want personal coverage plans.

How does Cigna health insurance work?

Cigna's international health insurance is a standalone insurance policy that can be purchased on an as-needed basis, such as if you are moving abroad for work or studies for a couple of years. It grants you financial access to healthcare providers in your country of residence in the event that you run into any illnesses or accidents that may require medical treatment.

Why would I need Cigna health insurance abroad?

As a foreigner abroad, you may not qualify for any local medical subsidies. Thus, any medical bills incurred overseas might be extremely costly. An international health insurance plan offers financial coverage for such a scenario. In addition, some providers, like Cigna, offer healthcare concierge services, helping you make healthcare arrangements which can be challenging abroad.

Does Cigna have a copay?

Not to be confused with the deductible, copay (or co-payment) is how much of the remaining medical bill (after deductible) you will need to pay. Cigna individual health insurance plans allow you to choose from 0%, 10%, 20% or 30% copay (known as “cost share after deductible”). The higher the copay amount, the lower your premiums will cost.

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