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AXA is a French multinational insurance company founded in 1816 as “Mutuelle de L'assurance contre L'incendie”. It was later in 1985 that it was named AXA. Today, AXA S.A. is headquartered in Paris, France, is listed on the Euronext Paris (EPA:CS), and is part of the EURO STOXX 50 Index (INDEXSTOXX: SX5E). AXA entered Singapore operating life and general insurance in 1969 and launched the AXA Tower along 8 Shenton Way in July 2011. As of August 2020, the French AXA was looking to sell its Singaporean business arm.

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Why choose AXA?

What is AXA Shield? AXA Shield is an Integrated Shield Plan meant to supplement your MediShield Life health insurance provided by Singapore’s Ministry of Health. There are 3 types of AXA Shield plans with varying levels of coverage, and its premiums can be paid by MediSave.
AXA offers 2 lists of panel clinics – the General Practitioners (GP) panel with over 380 GP clinics in Singapore at a fixed S$10 consultation fee per visit or S$35 per visit surcharge between 12 midnight and 8:29 am, and the Specialist panel (SP) with over 290 specialists across various disciplines in Singapore with a fixed S$100 first visit consultation fee and S$70 follow-up consultation fee.

AXA Health Insurance Plans

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AXA Shield Plan Tiers

AXA Shield Plan AStandard Room in Private Hospital or Private Medical Institution, and belowS$1,000,000 per policy year
AXA Shield Plan BPublic Hospital Ward Class A and belowS$550,000 per policy year
AXA Shield Standard PlanPublic Hospital Ward Class B1 and belowS$150,000 per policy year

What Is AXA Shield?

AXA Shield is an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) offered by AXA Singapore with 3 types of plans with varying levels of medical and hospital coverage – Plan A, Plan B and Standard.AXA Shield is an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) meant to supplement your MediShield Life health insurance plan provided by Singapore's Ministry of Health. An IP like AXA Shield serves to extend the existing medical and hospitalisation coverage offered by MediShield Life, such as the class of wards that you can be admitted to, higher annual claim limits for certain treatments, and other benefits such as pregnancy complications, benefits for critical illnesses etc. Premiums for IPs such as AXA Shield can be paid by MediSave. If your MediSave is insufficient, you can top up the rest of the payment in cash.

AXA Shield Premium

AXA Shield's premiums start from S$167 for ages 1 to 18, S$174 for ages 21 to 25, S$221 for ages 26 to 30, S$286 fo ages 31 to 35, S$299 for ages 36 to 40, S$600 for ages 41 to 45, and so on. These prices listed above do not include the MediShield Life premiums. Premiums of the AXA Enhanced Care rider for Plan A ranges from S$300 for ages 19 to 30, S$312 for ages 31 to 35, S$317 for ages 36 to 40, S$322 for ages 41 to 45, S$419 for ages 46 to 50, and so on.

AXA Shield Plan A

AXA Shield Plan A offers you the option of seeking treatment in a standard ward in private hospitals, and offers full "As Charged" coverage for your daily ward, treatment, ICU, short-stay ward, community hospital stays. Other benefits include S$5,000 for inpatient psychiatric treatments, full coverage for MediSave-approved surgeries (as listed in Tables 1A to 7C), inpatient major organ transplant, outpatient chemotherapy, kidney dialysis, and more.

AXA Basic Care Rider

As of April 2019, all insurance companies in Singapore had to phase out any 100% cashless hospital check-out riders in a bid to curtail medical expenditure in Singapore. Therefore, AXA Shield's previous 3 riders, AXA Basic Care, AXA General Care, and AXA Home Care have been phased out and replaced by the current AXA Enhanced Care which incorporates the mandatory co-insurance component (a minimum of 5% portion of the bill that you have to foot).

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AXA Shield Exclusions

Surgical Procedures

While the AXA Shield Plans A and B offers "As Charged" full coverage for surgical procedures, do note that eligible surgeries are limited to those listed in the Ministry of Health's Table 1A to 7C of surgical procedures. Exclusions listed in the above list will also be excluded from your coverage. The AXA Shield Standard Plan does not cover surgical procedures as charged. Any surgical procedures that are already listed and covered by your AXA Shield policy in other categories will not be eligible for this claim either.

"As Charged" Full Coverage

Although the AXA Shield Plans may at times offer full "As Charged" coverage for hospitalisation, wards, and certain inpatient and outpatient treatments, do note that you will be required to pay a 10% co-insurance out of pocket in cash, and may be subject to annual deductibles, and pro-ration factors.

Choice of Doctor, Clinic, or Hospital

To enjoy a cashless hospitalisation journey, do note that you will need to first attain a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) from AXA, and you will need to seek treatment with one of AXA's Shield panel General Practitioners (GP), specialists, or pre-authorised public and private hospitals.


Deluxe rooms, luxury suites, VIP rooms, and special rooms of any hospitals cannot be fully covered, and will be reimbursed up to standard room charges in that hospital. If you change wards throughout your stay, the deductible you eventually pay will be based on the highest class of ward you've stayed in.

Short-Stay Hospitalisations/ Wards

In the event you're warded in a short-stay hospitalisation ward, only your ward, prescriptions, doctor's fees, tests, dressings, blood tests, and any other treatment fees will be reimbursed. There will be no pre- or post-hospitalisation benefits.

Outpatient Cancer Treatments

While AXA Shield covers chemotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, for cancer treatments, certain treatments are not covered – namely, proton beam therapy, and cell, tissue, and gene therapy products.

AXA Shield Integrated Shield Plan Summary

AXA Shield is an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) offering up to S$1 million annual coverage with the Plan A, 180 days pre-hospitalisation and 365 days post-hospitalisation coverage for treatments incurred.

Other benefits include:

  • Short-stay hospitalisation treatment
  • Ward coverage
  • Fixed consultation
  • Follow-up rates at AXA Panel General Practitioners (GPs), specialist, physiotherapy, and dental clinics.

The accompanying AXA Enhanced Care rider offers great daily coverage for outpatient accident treatments, benefits for fractures, dislocations, sports injuries, Hand Foot Mouth Disease, dengue, food poisoning, ambulance and taxi charges, and any accommodation charges for your immediate family.

All AXA Health Insurance Plans

AXA Shield

AXA Shield is AXA's flagship Integrated Shield Plan (IP) meant to supplement your MediShield Life health insurance plan provided by Singapore's Ministry of Health if you are a Singaporean or Permanent Resident (PR). An IP serves to extend the existing medical and hospitalisation coverage offered by MediShield, such as the class of wards that you can be admitted, and higher annual claim limits for certain treatments, surgeries, chemotherapy, or transplants. Some IPs may also offer rider plans to lower you co-insurance (a mandatory portion you must legally pay) to the minimum 5% as mandated by the government. There are 3 types of AXA Shield plans with incremental coverage – Plan A for wards and treatments in standard rooms of private hospitals and below, Plan B for class A ward in public hospitals and below, and Standard Plan for class B1 ward in public hospitals and below.

AXA Health Cash Plan

AXA Health Cash Plan is a daily income replacement plan which pays you a guaranteed daily cash benefit for every day you are hospitalised (up to 730 days per medical condition) in both local and overseas hospitals, a one-time payout upon discharge. The daily income replacement you receive depends on the plan you've signed up for – Plan 1 offers up to S$400 per day for daily hospital income and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) admission, and S$200 for daily recuperation. Plan 2 offers up to S$300 for hospitalisation and ICU, and S$150 for recuperation. Plan 3 offers up to S$200 for hospitalisation and ICU, and S$100 for recuperation.

AXA SmartCare Executive

AXA's SmartCare Executive comes in 6 plans – Plans A, B, and C, for private hospital treatments coverage, and Plans D, E, and F for public hospital coverage for you and your family members. The plan is customisable to meet your needs, offering coverage for surgical implants, major organ transplant, daily recovery income benefit, outpatient kidney dialysis of up to S$20,000 per year, 30% discount for co-payments and deductibles, and cashless hospital admission.

AXA SmartCare Optimum Enhanced

The AXA SmartCare Optimum Enhanced is a comprehensive hospitalisation, general practitioner (GP), and specialist health insurance plan, offering coverage up to S$1 million per year for GP or specialist consultations, Accident and Emergency (A&E) treatments, diagnostic and medical tests, major organ transplants, and an optional dental rider.

AXA InternationalExclusive

An overseas international health insurance plan offering up to S$4.5 million in comprehensive coverage around the globe for general and specialist consultations, living organ transplants, pregnancy routine pre-natal care, childbirth, and post-natal up to 42 days post-birth. Other benefits include pre-existing conditions, congenital conditions, and cashless hospital admission.

AXA GlobalCare Health Plan

A local and overseas (excludes the US) health insurance plan for 65-year-olds and below, with an annual limit of up to S$6 million, offering coverage for reimbursement of hospitalisation, pre- and post-hospitalisation treatments, outpatient, hospice, palliative, maternity, pre- and post-natal complication, vaccinations, dental, opticals, health screenings, alternative treatments like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), homeopathy, and pre-existing conditions.

AXA Mum's Advantage

AXA Mum's Advantage is a two-part health insurance plan for expectant mothers aged 18 to 45 years, between 16 and 36 weeks into pregnancy. The plan is made up of the AXA Mum's Care and the regular savings investment plan, AXA Flexi Protection. Benefits of the Mum's Advantage include hospitalisation coverage, 18 congenital illness coverage, and savings for your child. Mother's death benefit coverage offered up to S$5,000, pregnancy complications up to S$5,000, and congenital illness of the newborn up to S$5,000.

AXA Family's Advantage

A termed (3-year-long) health insurance plan for expectant mothers aged 18 to 45, between 16 to 36 weeks into pregnancy, offering coverage for medical treatments in the event of 10 pregnancy complications, daily hospitalisation up to S$100 per day for mother and S$100 per day for the child, and 18 newborn congenital illnesses. Mother's death benefit coverage offered up to S$5,000, pregnancy complications up to S$5,000, and congenital illness of the newborn up to S$5,000.

What types of insurance does AXA offer?

AXA Singapore offers 10 types of personal insurance ranging from life, health, savings, investment, travel, car, home, helper, and even art. AXA also offers insurance policies for small businesses (SMEs), commercial businesses, and employee benefits. Below, you will find an overview of each type of insurance. If you are a Singaporean citizen or Permanent Resident (PR), first look at Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) to supplement your MediShield Life health insurance provided by Singapore’s Ministry of Health when choosing your first health insurance plan.

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Types of Insurance offered by AXA


Travel Insurance

AXA's Wanderlust Travel Insurance offers you coverage of up to S$300,000 in medical expenses while you're still overseas on your trip and S$10,000 post-trip when you're back home. Other benefits include a 24-hour emergency hotline, up to S$6,000 reimbursement for trip cancellation or curtailment, natural disaster benefit, and adventurous activities coverage.


Car Insurance

AXA's SmartDrive car insurance plan offers comprehensive coverage including third-party coverage, repair works at either an AXA Premium workshop or one of your choice, loss, damage, fire, theft, and up to S$500 in towing services.


Home Insurance

If you are a homeowner, landlord, or tenant, the AXA SmartHome Home Insurance offers up to S$3 million in coverage for your home's building structure, standard fixtures, and fittings, including any loss or damage to home improvements, S$15,000 in any loss or rent, S$500,000 in wear and tear, and 24-hour emergency assistance hotline.


Maid Insurance

The AXA SmartHelper Help insurance provides you with up to S$20,000 coverage for your helper's hospitalisation, inpatient, and day surgery bills, S$3,000 for critical illness, S$5,000 for third-party liabilities, and the full cost of repatriation in the event of permanent disablement or death.


Life and Critical Illness Insurance

AXA offers 12 term life, whole life, and critical illness insurance plans – 2 of which can be directly purchased online by you, bypassing any agents. The AXA Direct Life Lite, for instance, offers you coverage between S$50,000 and S$200,000 for terminal illnesses and death up to age 99. The AXA Direct Term Lite, on the other hand, offers you a 5-year or 20-year policy term, or up to age 65 in coverage against death and terminal illnesses for a sum assured between S$50,000 and S$400,000.


Savings and Investments

There are 8 types of AXA savings and investment insurance plans, spanning endowment, education, retirement, and investments. The AXA Early Saver Plus, for instance, is a flexible endowment plan you can customise to your meet your child's life milestones and their financial requirements such as university tuition fees or marriage.


Health Insurance

AXA offers 8 types of health insurance plans, including the AXA Shield, Health Cash Plan, SmartCare Executive, SmartCare Optimum Enhanced, International Exclusive, Global Care Health Plan, Mum's Advantage, and Family's Advantage.


Personal Accident

AXA's SmartPA Protect Plus personal accident insurance plan offers you reimbursement of outpatient medical bills, coverage for hospitalisation, and even overseas hospitalisation at pre-authorised hospitals. Other benefits include home recuperation visits by doctors or nurses in the event you are immobile, home or vehicle modifications in the event of disability, overseas death benefit, free child coverage, and family discount.


Art Insurance

AXA offers 6 types of art insurance plans ranging from the AXA ArtPlus for worldwide transit and storage coverage, the AXA Personal Collectibles All Risks Policy, AXA Corporate Collectibles All Risks Policy, AXA Art Dealer All Risks Policy, AXA Art Exhibition and Transit All Risks Policy, and the AXA Museum All Risks Policy.


AXA Imperial Collection

For elite, wealth, and luxury customers looking for customisable insurance plans, the AXA Imperial Collection allows you to customise your own legacy, wealth, international medical, art, yacht, and performance cars insurance policies.


Small and Commercial Businesses

Designed for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the AXA SmartCare SME covers your employees and their families for hospitalisation, surgeries, outpatient treatments, loss of income due to disability, critical illness, or death, as well as dental and optics. The AXA SmartPlan offers your business coverage for your properties, work injuries, business interruption, and any business liabilities.


Employee Benefits

If you are a business owner or a Human Resource Officer looking to improve your employees' healthcare and benefits, AXA offers the BetterMe customisable health and mental health plan, inpatient SmartCare SME Plus, and the Group International Exclusive plan.

AXA Shield Rider: AXA Enhanced Care

What is an IP rider plan?

What is a hospital rider? A rider in health insurance basically refers to an add-on plan that you can purchase to supplement your current plan with more benefits, extend and boost your existing healthcare and medical coverage, or to bridge any healthcare gaps that you may have in your existing plan. AXA currently only offers 1 Integrated Shield Plan Rider called the AXA Enhanced Care. Below, the benefits of the AXA Enhanced Care rider:

From AXA Basic Care to AXA Enhanced Care

Prior to April 2019, AXA Shield had 3 rider plans, formerly known as AXA Basic Care, AXA General Care, and AXA Home Care. All 3 above mentioned riders have been phased out in part of the Ministry of Health's rehaul on 100% cashless rider plans and have since been replaced with the current AXA Enhanced Care rider which incorporates a 5% co-insurance payment component which policyholders have to pay in cash.

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AXA Enhanced Care


If you hold an AXA Shield health insurance plan and have also added the AXA Enhanced Care rider, your co-insurance per claim will be reduced to the minimum legal requirement of 5% – meaning you will need to foot 5% of your bill out of pocket in cash as part of "sharing" the medical bill with your insurance company. Your total co-insurance and deductible will be capped at S$3,000 per year, meaning you will need to first hit S$3,000 in payments per year before your claims can be submitted.


Benefits of the AXA Enhanced Care rider for Plan A includes up to S$50,000 per policy year for planned overseas medical treatments, S$3,000 for emergency outpatient accident treatments, S$600 for outpatient fractures, dislocations, and sports injuries, S$300 for outpatient dengue, food poisoning, Hand, Foot, Mouth disease, and more.

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How to apply for your Health Insurance plan

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Applying for a Health Insurance plan through MoneySmart

Step 1

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AXA Health Insurance Claims

When you are filing an insurance claim, it basically means that you, the policyholder, is submitting a request to your insurance company to reimburse you for the medical bills you have paid for at the clinic or hospital. What sets a health insurance provider apart from another is the reliability, and convenience of the claims system.

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How Do AXA Health Insurance Claims Work?

Hospitalisation Claims

You can submit your hospitalisation claims online via e-file, along with any necessary supporting documents you might have received from your doctor to support your claim. Before you submit your claim, you may be required to pay a co-insurance (either 10% or the legal minimum 5%) portion or your entire hospital bill. After your claim is successful, you will then be refunded by the hospital.

Other Medical Claims

Other medical claims include pre- and post-hospitalisation, pregnancy complications, alternative medicine treatments, inpatient psychiatric treatments, and more. For such claims, you are to submit the necessary documents along with your original receipts and bills within 90 days of the date the bills are incurred to your insurance agent or advisor, or via the AXA website’s “File A Claim” section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the AXA Shield payable by MediSave?

Yes, like all other Integrated Shield Plans, the AXA Shield insurance plan is payable by MediSave. If you are using your MediSave to pay for your Integrated Shield Plan (IP), do note that there are Additional Withdrawal Limit – you can only use S$300 from your MediSave to pay for your IP if you are 40 years old or younger (on your next birthday), S$600 if you are aged 41 to 70, and S$900 if you are 71 years and above. Also, you can only have 1 Integrated Shield Plan at any one time.

Does the premiums of the AXA health insurance increase with age?

Yes, as with all health insurance plans, your premiums will increase with age due to the increased probability of health conditions and medical services expenses' continual inflation. For AXA Shield, premiums start from S$167 for ages 1 to 18, S$174 for ages 21 to 25, S$221 for ages 26 to 30, S$286 fo ages 31 to 35, S$299 for ages 36 to 40, S$600 for ages 41 to 45, and so on.

Can I get multiple AXA Integrated Shield Plans to increase my coverage?

No, in Singapore, you are only allowed to have 1 Integrated Shield Plan at any given point in time to supplement your MediShield Life plan, regardless of which insurance company you are insured by.

Is the quoted premium an additional amount I have to pay besides my MediShield Life plan?

It depends – some insurers present their Integrated Shield Plan premiums with MediShield Life premiums included to give you an overview of the price. Some insurance companies, however, split up both the premiums of MediShield Life and their Integrated Shield Plans' premiums into separate columns. Do check the fine print of the premiums table to check if MediShield Life's premiums have been included.

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