The GXS FlexiLoan is a flexible credit line that enables you to draw multiple loans up to your credit limit. The flexibility is not just in getting cash within minutes, but also in choosing your preferred tenure and repayment date, all in just a few taps on the GXS app. Best of all, you get to save on interest when you repay early, with no hidden fees.
From 2.99%
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Best For

Customers who need a flexible personal loan that can be adjusted according to their financial needs as and when required, without incurring any hidden fees. Interest rates start from as low as 2.99% p.a. (EIR from 5.65% p.a), with no fees charged, making it a good option for customers looking for a cost-effective loan.

Loan Approval Time

< 3 Minutes

Loan Disbursement


Guaranteed Interest Rate?

Yes. Customers are able to view the interest rate offered to them upfront before completing the loan submission. The approved application will honour the same interest rate and such rate will apply to all subsequent loans drawn under the same application. T&Cs apply.

Expert Tips

Get paid on the 25th of every month? No worries. Set your preferred repayment date for all your loans for the 26th of the month to ensure you never miss a repayment. If you have extra cash, you may even repay early with no early repayment penalty charges. You'll also get to enjoy interest savings. Need more cash? Draw up to 10 loans from your available credit limit and customise different tenures for each loan, depending on your repayment ability.

When should you get this loan

Anytime. The credit line offered to you serves as a standby credit line, with no interest charged if no loans are drawn.

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