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Updated November 2019

Compare Sompo Travel Insurance prices on MoneySmart to get the best deal to cover you against lost baggage, medical emergencies, flight delays and more.

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Sompo TravelJoy Vital


Med. Coverage (Overseas)


Trip Cancellation


Loss/Damage of Baggage


Per adult$24.0040% off


$24.0040% offPer adult

Plan Highlights

Trip Cancellation$5,000
Loss/Damage of Personal Baggage$3,000
Death and TPD$150,000
Overseas Medical$150,000
Post Trip Medical Expenses$3,000
Rental Vehicle Excess Cover

Leisure Activities & Covered

Bungee Jumping
Hot Air Balloon Ride
Pre-existing Conditions
Scuba Diving
Sky Diving
Snow/Ice Sports
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Sompo Travel Insurance Plans & Coverage

Sompo Travel Insurance CoverageEliteVital
Trip Cancellation$15,000$5,000
Overseas medical expenses$1,000,000$150,000
Personal accident$500,000$150,000
Travel Delay$2,000$1,000
Baggage loss/damage$8,000$3,000
Adventure activities (Underwater)$350,000NA
Post Trip Medical Expenses$30,000$3,000
Rental Vehicle Excess Cover$2,000NA

3 Reasons To Get Sompo Travel Insurance

Sompo may be a market leading insurance company in its native Japan, but it’s not as popular in Singapore. If you are wondering how it stands out from the competition here, these are 3 key takeaways:

Reasonably Priced Travel Insurance

While not the cheapest on the market, Sompo’s entry-level travel insurance plans are priced quite competitively due to the constant promotions they offer. Pricing is comparable to that of popular travel insurers like NTUC Income and FWD.

Coverage for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Sompo does not offer full-fledged travel insurance plans customised for people with pre-existing medical conditions (e.g. heart disease, asthma). However, its regular travel insurance plans offer an emergency medical evacuation benefit that is applicable even if the policyholder has a pre-existing condition.

Special Travel Insurance for Japan

Apart from its regular travel insurance, Sompo has a separate dedicated plan called Go Japan! for travellers to Japan. It offers cashless services in Japan as well as a free English or Chinese translation and assistance hotline.

Sompo Travel Insurance Claims

For major events such as emergencies, you can call Sompo’s travel assistance hotline +65 6532 2522. To submit a claim normally, the fastest method is to download the Sompo SG app and submit your claim and supporting documents there. You can upload photos of them from your phone. If you have any questions, Claims must be submitted within 30 days of the event, and Sompo will acknowledge your claim within 3 working days.

Sompo Travel Insurance Contact Information

Sompo’s emergency assistance hotline is +65 6532 2522, so if you need any travel or medical assistance during your trip, call this number. If you are calling from overseas, inform the phone operator that you want to call on a reverse charge basis. For general enquiries, you can contact Sompo at +65 6461 6555 during office hours, or submit an enquiry on their website. Alternatively, the Sompo SG app’s chatbot “Sompony” might be able to help with basic requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do if I have a change of travel plans?
    You may contact Sompo to request a change of dates for your travel insurance plan by calling their hotline or office phone line above. You may be requested to provide your credit card details for payment. In the event that your return to Singapore is delayed due to circumstances beyond your control, Sompo may offer a free extension of the insurance coverage.
  • Does Sompo travel insurance cover pre-existing conditions?
    Apart from emergency medical evacuation or repatriation, none of Sompo’s travel insurance benefits are claimable if they arise from pre-existing medical conditions. You will not be able to claim for medical or travel inconvenience benefits due to those conditions.
  • Can I claim Sompo travel insurance if my flight is cancelled due to a natural disaster?
    Yes, if the airline will not provide a refund, you may claim for trip cancellation benefits with Sompo travel insurance as long as the disaster is an insured event.
  • Does Sompo travel insurance cover any adventure activities?
    Yes, Sompo travel insurance covers some leisure sports including hiking, indoor rock climbing, hot air balloons, skiing and scuba diving. It also includes tandem skydiving, hang gliding and paragliding. However, the non-tandem versions of these sports are not covered.
  • Does Sompo offer a family travel insurance plan?
    Yes. For single trip plans, there is a minimum of 1 adult in the group, and the number of children is unlimited. For groups of more than 1 adult, the adults need not be related. If you are travelling with both family and friends, you can apply for a group policy to cover everyone.