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TD Ameritrade Overview in Singapore

TD Ameritrade is a US-based brokerage that offers a reputable online trading platform, thinkorswim, which allows individual or professional traders and investors to trade financial products such as stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, options, futures, cryptocurrencies, and treasuries.

TD Ameritrade SG Fees and Charges

Commission Fees

TD Ameritrade charges $0 no commission fee if you’re trading online stock, ETFs, and options in US markets. If you are trading options, TDAmeritrade charges US$0.70 per contract with no ticket charges, exercise, or assignment fees. Otherwise, TDAmeritrade charges US$2.41 per contract for futures and futures options, and US$7.44 for online trades of OTC (over the counter) stocks.

Account Transfer Fee

If you are transferring your account to TD Ameritrade via ACAT (automated customer account transfer), you will not be charged a fee unless you hold non-standard assets. If you have a new TD Ameritrade Singapore individual or joint account, above US$3,500 in transfers from another brokerage within 60 calendar days from account opening, and proof of transfer fee charges from another brokerage, you will be qualified for a transfer rebate of up to US$100 with the promo code “ATRANSF100”. If you’re transferring out of your TD Ameritrade account to another brokerage, you will be charged US$75 ACAT fee, along with any other applicable fees such as closing, withdrawal, wire, options contract transfer fees, and more.

Who is TD Ameritrade Best For


TD Ameritrade is good for both beginners and professional investors or traders alike. One, there are no commission fees if you’re trading online stocks, ETFs, and options in US markets. For beginners, TD Ameritrade has a comprehensive online education and learning centre for you to learn the basics of trading. There is also no minimum funding amount required to open individual or joint TD Ameritrade accounts.

Advanced Traders

All users have access to TDAmeritrade’s free trading platform called thinkorswim for charting, screening, and technical analysis –– advanced traders will also be able to sign up for advanced news services, data, or quotes for deeper analysis.

Opening a TD Ameritrade Account

To open a TD Ameritrade trading or investing account, scroll up to apply for an account easily online. Otherwise, visit the TD Ameritrade Singapore website, and select “Open new account”. You will be guided through an online registration form where you will be able to choose the type of account –– individual or joint account –– you would like to open and fill in the necessary details. Once your application has been approved, you will be able to fund or put money into the account via DBS/ POSB electronic transfer, cheque, TT or telegraphic transfer, or via an account transfer from another broker. There is no minimum deposit amount to open a TD Ameritrade account, although the recommended minimum funding is S$3,500.

How to Buy Options on TD Ameritrade

To buy options on TD Ameritrade, login to your paperMoney account on TDAmeritrade’s thinkorswim trading platform. On the top left hand corner of the screen, you will find the “Trade” tab. You will then need to enter your stock of choice’s symbol, see and choose expiration dates, strike prices, and place the trade before you submit your order. If you’re new to TD Ameritrade options trading, there are step by step tutorials and guides on TDAmeritrade’s TickerTape website. Finally, if you are new to options but interested in learning to trade options –– how many shares are there in a standard contract, what is the premium, what is the difference between a call and put option –– you can learn more about trading options on the TD Ameritrade Education website.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How much does it cost to open a TD Ameritrade account?

There is no minimum funding amount to open a TD Ameritrade account. TD Ameritrade, however, recommends that investors and traders fund their accounts with at least US$3,500.

Is TD Ameritrade good for beginners?

TD Ameritrade is a good place for beginners to start their investing or trading journey: there are no commission fees if you’re trading online stocks, ETFs, and options in US markets, access to TDAmeritrade’s trading platform called thinkorswim for charting, screening, and technical analysis, a comprehensive online education and learning centre, and no minimum funding amount to open individual or joint TD Ameritrade accounts.

Does Ameritrade charge a monthly fee?

TD Ameritrade does not charge monthly fees for its individual and joint accounts, nor for access to its thinkorswim trading platform. However, monthly fees may apply if you subscribed to add-on services such as streaming news, data, or quotes.

Is TD Ameritrade free?

TD Ameritrade does not require you to fork out any minimum funding amount to open an individual or joint account. Its free online trading platform, thinkorswim, allows you to chart, scan, and research data. Finally, TD Ameritrade offers $0 commission fee if you are trading online stocks, ETFs, and options in US markets.

What is TD Ameritrade’s margin interest rate?

If you are interested in opening a margin account with TD Ameritrade, your account will be charged an interest fee monthly depending on the amount that you borrow. For amounts under US$10,000, the effective margin interest rate will be 9.50%. For amounts between US$10,000 and US$24,999.99, the effective margin interest rate will be 9.25%, and so on.