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AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus II is a whole life insurance offering you coverage for death, total permanent disability, and critical illness (optional) with 2 to 5 times multipliers, cash value, and non-guaranteed returns – up to age 100.
Min. Death and TI Coverage
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Critical Illness Coverage
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Quick Facts


3 multiplier options – 2X, 3X, and 5X to increase your lump-sum payout up to age 65 or 75 for your dependants while they are still financially reliant on you.


Different benefits may cover you up to certain age, e.g. total permanent disability up to age 70, multipliers up to age 65 or 75, critical illnesses (riders) up to age 100, and death up to age 100.

How To Maximise This Plan

Add the multipliers only where necessary, e.g. when your children are still schooling and not working, and remove it after they are financially independent to lower your premiums

Claims Process

Download necessary forms from the AIA website, fill them in, submit all forms and supporting documents via post or to your AIA insurance agent


Premiums for an age 35 non-smoker male with a base coverage of S$100k, 2X multiplier (for a total of S$200k) up to age 65, with an early critical illness rider is S$347 monthly

Any Riders Available

4 riders – Critical Protector Life (II), Early Critical Protector Life (II), Critical Cover Extra, and Early Critical Cover Extra to cover 42 major or 103 multi-stage critical illnesses respectively

All Details

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