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Post-Hospitalisation Benefit

365 days

Post-Hospitalisation Benefit
Covers COVID-19
Max. Annual Coverage Limit
Pre-Hospitalisation Benefit
180 days
Post-Hospitalisation Benefit
365 days
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Raffles Health Insurance

Raffles Insurance

Raffles Insurance is provided by Raffles Medical Group – the latter founded 1976 in Singapore and has since expanded to 14 cities, including China, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia. Raffles Medical Group is listed on the Singapore Exchange SGX (SGX: BSL).

Bupa Raffles Health Insurance

Bupa is a London-based health insurance group founded in 1947 with a global presence in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and the US. Raffles Health Insurance partnered with Bupa Global for the Raffles Worldwide Health Options, a customisable international health insurance plan.

Raffles Health Insurance Premiums

The Raffles Shield Integrated Shield Plan (IP) health insurance plan's premiums start from S$218 for ages 21 to 25, S$221 for ages 26 to 30, S$339 for ages 31 to 35, S$342 for ages 36 to 40, and so on for the Raffles Shield Private plan.

Raffles Health Insurance

Raffles Health offers 4 categories of insurance plans for individuals and businesses, spanning health insurance plans such as the Integrated Shield Plan (IP), international health insurance, international medical coverage for your company, oil and gas, maritime industries, customised group insurance, foreign workers' insurance plans, and more.

#1Health Insurance

Raffles Health Insurance offers one health insurance plan, called the Raffles Shield – an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) meant to supplement your MediShield Life health insurance plan provided by Singapore's Ministry of Health for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs). All Raffles Shield plans will grant you coverage when you are hospitalised in public restructured hospitals, Raffles Shield A will offer you access to Raffles Hospital as well, while Raffles Shield Private offers you access to all private hospitals in Singapore.

#2International Health Insurance

If you are relocating abroad as an expat, Raffles Health offers 2 types of international health insurance plans – namely the modular and customisable Raffles Worldwide Health Insurance which allows you to start from a core hospitalisation plan and build your coverage with add-ons, and the Raffles Lifeline which comes in either Essential, Classic, or Gold with incrementally comprehensive medical coverage in Singapore and abroad.

#3International Medical Cover

If you are a business owner, Raffles Health offers international health coverage worldwide for your employees and their family members with the Raffles Company Essential, Classic, Gold, or Gold Superior plans for incremental medical coverage. If you are in the oil and gas industries, Raffles Health's oil and gas international healthcare plan offers you global medical evacuation, in-patient treatment, repatriation, cancer treatments, MRI, and CT scans. If you are in the Maritime business, Raffles offers international health insurance for your crew (from 3 members onwards).

#4Singapore and Regional Medical Cover

If you are a business owner looking for employee healthcare and wellness benefits within Singapore or in the region, Raffles Health offers Customised Group Insurance plans to suit your employees' needs and your budget. Otherwise, there's the Raffles Corporate Care, an employee benefits plan for SMEs (with 2 employees and above) offering hospitalisation, surgical, and other medical coverage. Raffles Health's Foreign Workers Plan meets the Ministry of Manpower's mandatory insurance guidelines for Work Permit and S-Pass holders, offering S$15,000 annual medical or disability coverage. Finally, Raffles Health offers a Third Party Administration plan which is not a traditional health insurance plan but an outsourced healthcare benefits and claims system which helps you to manage your employees' healthcare needs, benefits, and claims.

Raffles Health Insurance

Raffles Shield

Raffles Shield is Raffles Health's flagship health insurance plan in Singapore. Raffles Shield is an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) that is meant to supplement your MediShield Life provided by Singapore's Ministry of Health for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs). You will find Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) provided by most major insurance providers in Singapore and they commonly serve to increase your annual medical claim limits and the range of wards you can receive medical treatments in public restructured and private hospitals. There are 4 types of Raffles Shield plans, namely the Raffles Shield Standard, Raffles Shield B, Raffles Shield A, and the comprehensive Raffles Shield Private for incremental limits on medical coverage and access to a wider range of wards across public restructured and private hospitals.

Raffles Worldwide Health Options

The Raffles Worldwide Health Options is a customisable international health insurance provided by Raffles Health in collaboration with the London-based insurance group, Bupa Global. The plan starts with a core hospitalisation module, and can be built to meet your needs and preferences, such as outpatient benefits, health assessments, worldwide medical coverage which includes specialists' and doctor's fees, worldwide medical evacuation, and worldwide wellbeing which includes health screenings, dental, and optical needs.

Raffles Lifeline

The Raffles Lifeline international health insurance is provided by Raffles Health Insurance in collaboration with the London-based insurance group, Bupa Global. There are 3 types of Raffles Lifeline plans, namely the Essential which provides you with basic emergency or planned hospitalisation stays, inpatient and day surgeries, eligible cancer treatments, and advanced imaging. Raffles Lifeline Classic offers you coverage for specialist medical treatments, inpatient hospital stays, outpatient consultations, treatments, including physiotherapy, and health screenings. The Raffles Lifeline Gold is the most comprehensive of all 3, offering coverage for consultants, specialist, and family doctors, inpatient and outpatient treatments, prescribed medications, preventive health checks, and maternity coverage.

What is Raffles Shield

Raffles Shield is a fairly new Integrated Shield Plan (IP) launched in 2018 by the Singapore-based Raffles Medical Group offering competitive premiums relative to the coverage it provides. Benefits of Raffles Shield includes coverage for hospitalisation, pre- and post-hospitalisation treatments, and additional benefits such as accidental inpatient dental treatments. A key feature of Raffles Shield would be the optional add-on "Raffles Hospital Option" which allows the Raffles Shield A policyholders to extend their hospitalisation and ward access to include private hospital wards in Raffles Hospital – an affordable option for policyholders to enjoy private hospitalisation access.

Raffles Shield Coverage

All 4 Raffles Shield plans offer you coverage for inpatient hospitalisation ward, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), MediShield-approved surgeries, community hospital stays, outpatient chemotherapy, radiotherapy, kidney dialysis, and more.

Raffles Shield Premium

Raffles Shield's premiums start from S$218 for ages 21 to 25, S$221 for ages 26 to 30, S$339 for ages 31 to 35, S$342 for ages 36 to 40, S$537 for ages 41 to 45, and so on for the Raffles Shield Private plan.

Raffles Key Rider

You can choose to add the Raffles Key Rider to your Raffles Shield to reduce your co-payment to the legal minimum of 5%, and you will not need to bear the deductibles.

Raffles Shield Plan Types

Raffles Shield PlansHospital WardsAnnual coverage limit
Raffles Shield PrivateAll private hospitals and wards in public restructured hospitalsS$1,500,000 (for panel hospitals), S$600,000 (for non-panel hospitals)
Raffles Shield AClass A ward in public restructured hospitals and below. Option to add the "Raffles Hospital Option" to your plan to access wards in Raffles HospitalS$600,000
Raffles Shield BClass B1 ward in public restructured hospitals and belowS$300,000
Raffles Shield StandardClass B1 ward in public restructured hospitals and belowS$150,000

Why Raffles Shield?

Raffles Hospital Option

If you hold the Raffles Shield A plan, you can opt to purchase a "Raffles Hospital Option" – an add-on feature that will enable you to be 100% covered when you are warded in Raffles Hospital (considered a private hospital) on top of your current access and coverage for Class A wards in public or restructured hospitals in Singapore. Basically, you will be able to get private hospital treatments in Raffles Hospital while paying the premiums of a public hospital plan (plus the add-on charges). This is a unique feature to the Raffles Shield as Raffles Health Insurance is owned by Raffles Medical Group itself (the group that owns Raffles Hospital).

Lifetime Renewability

Some highlights of Raffles Shield include the high annual coverage limit of up to S$1,500,000, the 180 days pre- and 365 days post-hospitalisation coverage, and lifetime renewability. This means that if you are a Raffles Shield policyholder, you don't have to worry about your plan expiring and being left with no option to renew or continue your hospitalisation coverage – you will definitely be guaranteed policy renewal.

Raffles Medical Group Integrated Shield Plan riders

For the integrated shield plan, you can opt to add-on riders to further reduce your out-of-pocket costs. For Raffles Shield, there is only one rider available that you can add called Raffles Key Rider. The perks of this rider is as follows:

Lower out-of-pocket costs

When you add Raffles Key to your Raffles Shield plan, co-payment is reduced to 5% and capped at $3,000 per year in the event you go for pre-authorised treatment or get treated at a public/restructured hospital or by a specialist on Raffle Medical Group’s panel.

Hospital Cash

The rider also has daily hospital cash benefit when you choose to stay in a ward lower than what your plan entitles you to. For example, when you stay in a class A ward when you have a Raffles Shield Private plan.

Raffles Medical Group health insurance claim process

For Hospital bills

If you are receiving treatment at a medical facility accredited by the Ministry of Health (MOH), you are to submit your hospitalisation claim via the Electronic Claim Submission System upon your discharge. If your treatment is done at a medical facility that is not accredited by MOH, a manual claim must be submitted. Claim form can be obtained from the Raffles Health Insurance website.

For pre and post-hospitalisation

For claims regarding pre or post hospitalisation, you need to file in a claims form along with supporting documents. These supporting documents include any medical reports, inpatient discharge summary, final summary and itemised hospital bills. The list of documents needed are stated on the claim form which can be found on the Raffles Health Insurance website. Alternatively, you can submit the claim online with all supporting documents attached in a zip file.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Raffles Shield payable by medisave?

All integrated shield plans like the Raffles Shield are payable by MediSave.

Do the premiums of the Raffles Shield increase with age?

Yes, the premiums for the Raffles Shield will increase with age.

Can I get more than one Raffles Medical Group integrated shield plans to increase my coverage?

You are only allowed to have one integrated shield plan regardless of which private insurer you are covered under.

Is the quoted premium an additional amount I have to pay besides my MediShield Life plan?

When you pay the premiums for your Raffles Shield, you are paying for both your MediShield Life and the private insurer coverage by Raffles Medical Group.