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PRUShield is Prudential's Integrated Shield Plan (IP), meant to supplement your MediShield Life with an annual limit of S$1.2 million, full coverage for hospitalisation, surgeries, organ transplant, outpatient chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, kidney dialysis treatments, and more.
Max. Annual Coverage Limit
180 days
Pre-Hospitalisation Benefit
365 days
Post-Hospitalisation Benefit

Quick Facts


Affordable premiums with competitive coverage; “As Charged” coverage for surgeries includes day surgeries; claims-based pricing (meaning premiums will only increase if you ever submit a claim); riders lower co-insurance payment to 5%; riders come with a 20% premium discount


Benefits such as coverage for community hospital stays have to be referred in writing by your hospitalisation doctor and related to your hospitalisation stay

How To Maximise This Plan

Opt for a rider to lower your co-insurance payment from 10% to 5%, and to access the PRUPanel Connect medical concierge

Claims Process

Electronically at your hospital of choice, via your Prudential insurance agent or financial advisor, online, or manually in person at the Prudential office


Premiums start from S$245 for ages 26 to 30, S$327 for ages 31 to 40, S$654 for ages 41 to 50, S$1,052 for age 51, and so on for Premier; can be paid by MediSave

Any Riders Available

3 riders for PRUShield Premier: PRUExtra Premier CoPay, PRUExtra Preferred CoPay, and PRUExtra Lite CoPay. 1 rider for PRUShield Plus: PRUExtra Plus CoPay

All Details

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