MSIG Prestige Healthcare Elite is a basic international health insurance to cover your hospitalisation, kidney dialysis, daycare, home nursing, and land ambulance expenses up to S$900k annually if you are living overseas as an expat or student.
Max Annual Coverage Limit
Area of Coverage

Quick Facts


Affordable premiums from around S$1,000 a year; straightforward premiums listed for you to see in a table in the policy’s brochure online


Relatively lower claim limits of S$300k in total per year for hospitalisation ward, inpatient treatments, doctor’s fees, ICU, cancer treatments, dialysis, accident and emergency, and ambulance services; plan strictly limited to emergency treatments; no pre-existing conditions covered

How To Maximise This Plan

Suitable for someone who is in good health and won’t expect to claim or use the international health plan

Claims Process

If you need to go for a surgery, call MSIG medical hotline (+65) 6323 8388 for a Letter of Guarantee. If you are filing claims, call the MSIG claims hotline at (+65) 6827 7660 or login to the your MSIG online account to fill in your claims form, get your doctor to fill up the “Medical Report” section, and upload supporting documents


Premiums range from S$799 for males age 18 to 29, S$976 for males age 30 to 34, S$996 for males age 35 to 39, and so on

Any Riders Available

No riders

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