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AXA Shield offers a high annual limit of up to S$1 million and provides you protection up to 180 days before hospital admission and 365 days after discharge. AXA Shield also protects you for life with guaranteed renewability.
Max. Annual Coverage Limit
180 days
Pre-Hospitalisation Benefit
365 days
Post-Hospitalisation Benefit
Get 10% First Year Premium Discount for all Public Officers and dependents!
Valid until 30 Apr 2022 - See more details below

Are you eligible?

    • Eligible for new policies issued from 1-May-2020 to 30-Apr-2022
    • Valid for first year AXA Shield basic plan premium excluding MediShield Life premium

Quick Facts


Generous 180 days pre-hospitalisation and 365 days post-hospitalisation treatment coverage; short-stay hospitalisation and ward coverage; fixed consultation and follow-up rates at AXA Panel General Practitioners (GPs), specialist, physiotherapy, and dental clinics


Surgical procedures listed and covered by your AXA Shield policy will not be eligible for the “As Charged” Surgical Procedures coverage

How To Maximise This Plan

Visit AXA Panel clinics, GPs, specialists, physiotherapists, and dentists for preferential fixed consultation rates

Claims Process

Online via your choice of AXA pre-authorised panel clinics or hospitals, or online via the AXA website’s “File A Claim” section


Premiums start from S$167 for ages 1 to 18, S$174 for ages 21 to 25, S$221 for ages 26 to 30, S$286 fo ages 31 to 35, S$299 for ages 36 to 40, S$600 for ages 41 to 45, and so on

Any Riders Available

Pre-2019 riders such as the AXA Basic Care rider has been replaced by the current AXA Enhanced Care rider offering you a lowered 5% co-insurance, and coverage for daily benefits such as outpatient accident, fractures, dislocations, sports injuries, Hand Foot Mouth Disease, dengue, food poisoning treatments

All Details

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