AXA International Exclusive is an international health insurance plan offering you routine, inpatient, outpatient, and emergency medical coverage abroad if you are relocating overseas as an expat for work. Premiums cannot be paid via MediSave.
Max Annual Coverage Limit
Area of Coverage

Quick Facts


International emergency evacuation and repatriation; S$3,000 or S$6,000 coverage for pre-existing and congenital conditions; S$13,000 coverage for HIV or AIDS treatments; fertility checks; pregnancy, pre-, and post-natal complications; newborn congenital conditions; routine optical and dental care


High 20% co-insurance; strict claims process and timeline within 90 days; policy valid for 1 year by default and can be terminated by AXA with 30 days notice;

How To Maximise This Plan

Plan for and purchase policy ahead of your relocation to maximise any benefits with waiting periods, e.g. vaccination benefits only kick in after 90 days of your membership

Claims Process

Visit AXA’s “File A Claim” website to download your relevant claims forms, and submit them online within 90 days from treatment’s start date


Depends on the country you are relocating to, plan, and coverage you have chosen. If you are relocating to Australia for example, premiums range from S$15,200 for a 31-year-old to S$21,682 for a 45-year-old with a worldwide Plan A

Any Riders Available

Yes, only for Plan A – Pregnancy and Childbirth Cover (for inpatient and routine pre- and post-natal care) up to S$22,000. Subject to co-insurance and premiums ranging from S$14,260 to S$20,869 depending on the country you’re moving to

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