AIA HealthShield Gold Max (For Foreigners)

AIA HealthShield Gold Max (For Foreigners)

Covers critical illnesses & COVID-19
AIA offers both the AIA HealthShield Gold Max plan A and the accompanying AIA Max VitalHealth A rider for dependants and non-dependants of Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs) such as their spouses, parents, grandparents, or children with valid residential and work passes in Singapore – payable by either MediSave or cash.
Max. Annual Coverage Limit
100 days
Pre-Hospitalisation Benefit
100 days
Post-Hospitalisation Benefit

Quick Facts


Premiums for dependants of Singaporeans or PRs (with existing AIA HealthShield Gold Max plans) can be paid via the resident’s MediSave


Premiums for non-dependants of Singaporeans or PRs has to be paid in cash

How To Maximise This Plan

Always visit an AIA panel clinic, doctor, or hospital for all your medical needs to qualify for maximum claims

Claims Process

Via your clinic, hospital, AIA agent, or manually via post


S$321 for ages 1-20, S$386 for ages 21-25, S$442 for ages 26-30, S$610 for ages 31-35, and more (for dependants)

Any Riders Available

AIA Max VitalHealth A. Premiums range from S$455 for ages 1-30, S$521 for ages 31-40, S$602 for ages 41-45, and more (for dependants, with emergency and outpatient booster)

All Details

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