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Local Spend
S$1 = 1.2 Miles
All Foreign Currency Spend including Retail and Online
S$1 = 2 Miles
Selected Online Hotel Bookings
S$1 = Up to 10 Miles
Apply Now
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Local Spend
S$1 = 3.25 ThankYou Points (1.3 Miles)
with minimum consecutive four-night stay at any hotel or resort
4th Hotel Night Free
Airport Lounge Access
Apply Now
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Cash Back on Dining, Groceries & Petrol
Up to 8%
Cash Back Cap per category, per month
From Shell & Esso
Up to 20.88% savings
Apply Now
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Cash Back on Eligible Spend
Min. Spend per month
Cash Back Cap
Apply Now
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Online Spend, including Food Delivery and Groceries
S$1= 10X Points
Grab and Gojek
S$1= 10X Points
All Other Spend
S$1 = 1 Point
Apply Now
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No Minimum Spend for Cashback
Cash Back on Eligible Spend
Cash Back Cap per year
Min. Spend per month
Apply Now
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Shipping Rebates on Lazada
on Lazada
10X Reward Points
on Dining, Travel, Entertainment & Commute
5X Reward Points
on Lazada
Up to 4 Free Shipping Rebates per Month
Apply Now

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Citibank Online

If you’re a Citibank credit cardholder, login to Citibank Online with your debit or credit card details to view and redeem your rewards. Alternatively, you can download the Citibank SG mobile app to view your Citi bank credit card statements, and bills at a glance.

Citibank Singapore Hotline

To find out more about Citi credit card application status, features, benefits, rewards, request for overseas use activation or annual fee waiver for your Citi credit card, call the 24-hour Citibank customer service hotline at 6225 5225.

There is no dedicated Citibank credit card hotline, but the general Citibank customer service hotline (as above) operates 24-7. You can expect a reply within 2 business days and an update within 14 business days. If the hotline officer is unable to help you, you may ask (politely, of course!) to speak to a hotline manager and/or be redirected to the Customer Experience Unit.

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Citibank Credit Card Promotion

If you own a Citibank credit card, you will know there are many Citibank credit card promos available. Ongoing promotions and discounts include the Shopee, Lazada, Taobao, Qoo10, RedMart, Zalora, Harvey Norman, Esso, FoodPanda, GrabFood, Agoda, Marina Bay Sands, 1-for-1 Hotel Dining Treats and more. Visit Citi World Privileges online to view all. Visit Citi World Privileges online to view all.

Apply for a Citibank Credit Card

Step 1

How to apply for a Citibank credit card? Visit the Citibank credit card website, click on your credit card of choice, read through the Citibank credit card’s eligibility requirements. Select the “Apply Now” option and you will be guided through a series of questions and online application forms.

Step 2

To check on your Citibank credit card application, call the Citibank customer service hotline at 6225 5225. Once you’ve received your credit card, you will need to follow the instructions on the welcome booklet to activate your new Citibank credit card. Do note that Citibank’s credit card requirements for foreigners may be different from that of Singaporeans’.

Citibank PayNow

Citibank users can use PayNow too. To activate PayNow, login to Citibank Online or the Citi Mobile app to link your mobile number or NRIC/ FIN to your Citibank account. Once that is done, you will be able to receive and send money instantly via QR code or your mobile number.

Citibank Credit Card Interest Rate

How is Citibank’s credit card interest calculated? The interest rate for Citibank credit cards is 26.9% per annum. That means, if you don’t pay your credit card bill in full this month, the amount which you didn’t pay on time will be charged interest for every month that you continue not to pay for it. How much is the interest? Citibank’s credit card interest rate is 26.9% per year, which you can divide by 365 days to get an effective interest rate of 0.074% per day. If there are 31 days this month, you multiply that daily interest rate to get 2.28% per month, which is also what you will be charged.

Citi Rewards Singapore

How to redeem my Citibank ThankYou rewards points? You can use Citibank Instant Rewards to redeem cash rebates, vouchers, discounts, or transfer them to your preferred frequent flyer air miles account.

Citibank Rewards points

You can redeem your Citi Rewards points for cash rebates in blocks of $10, $20 and $50 (conversion rate is 4,200 points or 1,400 miles = $10). SMS the following to 72484: “RWDS last 4 digits of your card number CASH10 or CASH20 or CASH50”. The Citi ThankYou rewards points are separate and different from the Citi SMRT$ cash rebate points.

Citibank Rewards catalogue

You may choose to swap your Citi Rewards points for merchandise, vouchers, travel bookings such as flights and hotels, and even cash rebate credits. Head to the Citibank Rewards Catalogue for redemption and updates on the latest deals and promotions

Citibank miles redemption

You can also redeem your rewards points for air miles, specifically 5 rewards points for 2 air miles. There is an administrative charge of $25 (excluding GST) for each transfer of points to miles though, so make sure you accumulate enough points before you request to transfer them to your frequent flyer account.

Citibank Cash Back

If you’re using a Citibank cash back credit card, you earn bonus cash rebates on eligible purchases from selected merchant categories like dining, petrol and more. This cash back earned will be automatically credited to your credit card account to offset the balance.

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Citibank Credit Card Overseas Activation

Activate your Citibank credit card for overseas use if you are traveling soon. You will be able to make retail purchases (you will be chargedforeign currency exchange rates and transaction fees) and withdraw money at ATMs. By default, all new cards are deactivated for overseas use unless you stated otherwise during application. Activation and deactivation can be done immediately via SMS, the Citi Mobile app and Citibank Online website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate Citibank credit card?

If you have just received a new Citibank credit card in the mail, you will need to activate your credit card via the Citibank SG mobile app from the App Store or Google Play store. Once downloaded, open the app, and you will see an option to “Activate card.” Follow the instructions to activate your credit card with a One Time Pin and the CVV of your card. If you cannot find the Citi Mobile app, you can SMS “CITIMOB” to 72484. Alternatively, you can log on to Citibank Online, log in with your user ID and password, click on “My Profile”, followed by “Card Activation”.

How to check Citibank credit card bill through SMS?

You can SMS Citibank to check your account and credit card information. To check your latest credit card balance, SMS “BAL (space) last 4 digits of your credit card number” to 72484. To check your available credit line and any outstanding bills, SMS “CARDBAL (space) last 4 digits of your credit card number” to 72484.

How to pay Citibank credit card bill?

There are several ways to pay your Citibank credit card bill: Those with Citibank accounts can do so via online banking or the Citi Mobile app. If you don’t have a Citibank account, you can pay your bills via FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) and Citibank SMS Pay. If you’re opting for SMS Pay, you will need to do a one-time application to set up and authorize Citibank to collect payment from your nominated bank account.

How to waive Citibank credit card annual fee?

To get a Citibank annual fee waiver, call Citibank’s customer service hotline at 6225 5225, and the automated voice response service will take you through your request. Alternatively, you can write an email to Citibank online or visit your nearest Citibank branch to submit your annual fee waiver request.

How to redeem Citi Miles?

To convert Citi rewards points to miles, log in to your Citi ThankYou rewards points account online, click on the “Travel” option, followed by “Points Transfer”.

How to redeem Citibank cash back?

If you’re using a Citibank cashback card such as the Citi Cash Back Card or Citi SMRT Card, you don’t have to do anything to redeem the cashback. Once you’ve accumulated sufficient cash back in your credit card account, it will automatically be credited and reflected in the credit card statement.

How to cancel Citibank credit card?

To cancel your credit card, call Citibank customer service at 6225 5225 to request for your card to be canceled. Always pay your credit card bills in full, and redeem your rewards points and air miles first.